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  1. Commodore 64. Parents bought it new. Granted I was only 2, but used it a lot through life. The first one bought for ME was the Tandy CC 3.
  2. Side Stand Up Unpersons Twisted Wrist This one is on a hiatus due to Tim having other obligations. Sounds like he'll be back this summer though. At least that was the last I heard.
  3. Rush, Dragonforce, Dream Theater. All good bands.
  4. Representin' tha 715! Yey Yay!
  5. I had to go troubleshoot a problem with a guy who had gotten a new wireless keyboard for his laptop. He couldn't figure out why he couldn't get it to work. I got there and he was trying to find the keyboard in his wireless networks list. Properly installed it, and all was well.
  6. I'm looking for a low-cost thin client management. We are investigating the use of thin clients on our network vs. desktop PC's. So far, I've found a couple options. The 2X software seems to be the one with the best features. This needs to allow remote management of thin clients across the network. Management, flash-capable, and not manufacturer specific. We have a mix of both Neoware and HP thin clients in our current inventory, as well as a few from Wyse. Anyone using Thin clients on a production environment, and have experience?
  7. At work At home, I have a 3mb/512kb plan through AT&T/SBC Yahoo. It was the fastest in my area aside from Charter, and Charter can't get a solid signal to my house.
  8. I'm looking at virtualizing my home network and getting down to 2 physical servers from a total of 5 right now. I tore my whole network down, with the exception of the basic DSL router, 1 pc, and my laptop, while I configure all of this. What I'd like to know is if I can move my smoothwall from a physical box, which is currently an AMD 500mhz processor and 128mb RAM, with 2 100m nics, to one of my servers. The 2 I'm going to run full-time are multi-processor, 3gb RAM each, and are Gigabit compliant. Not that the Gig is a big deal since the Smoothwall is basically the internet pipe only, but it would be nice to eliminate one more physical machine. Has anyone tried this?
  9. Nophix

    Windows 7 rc

    I have it installed on my spare work laptop, running beautifully, and I also have it on a VMware just to test it out there, and it also works.
  10. SC: Conviction for sure, HL Ep 3, and Prototype.
  11. I've had great luck with the Acer Aspire series. Light, built like tanks, and they use an Atheros wireless chipset, so Linux hasnt been an issue. They also tend to hover below the $700 price point.
  12. We're going to have to test the release version and see, but i know we had too many headaches with Vista. Mostly the cost of upgrading a lot of older systems that are still in use. We'll have to do something since eventually they are going to fully stop supporting XP.
  13. Thanks guys! I wound up buying the eeePC 1000he. I'm liking it a lot so far. I do have some wireless issues too work through. For some reason it doesn't like WPA, so I'm running my home network on WEP with MAC filtering until I figure it out.
  14. I'm going shopping for a Netbook and need some advice. I've basically limited it down to the MSI Wind, Acer Aspire One, or the eeePC. All 3 of these fall in under the $350 price point, have 10" screens, and 120gb+ hard drives with Windows XP. I believe they all have the Atom processor as well. I've also found some with the Celeron over the Atom for a little less. Is there any major advantage? Basic uses for this will be Windows administration(active directory, and remote Citrix apps). I will also be using it for web and watching videos while traveling(standard def and web primarily). I need to have Windows for work. I have some apps that don't run under Linux without much headache. I also want a clear screen, and I have heard this is where the Asus eeePC falls short. This is going to turn into my semi-primary machine. I still have machines at home for larger tasks and gaming, and I do have 3 laptops for work, but this will fit in the tank bag on my motorcycle so it will get the most use. Its going to replace my current Acer laptop. So, anyone have experience with all 3 and have any recommendations?
  15. Mine is HotRodLincoln,although it changes regularly. I also run WPA2 and MAC filtering. So far this has kept the local skidies at bay. We have a bunch of them here. I do set up a honeypot for them every once in a while, and they aren't smart enough to have figured i out yet. I'd reduce the signal strength, but I need it to reach out to the garage for when i'm working on the bike.
  16. Looks like a ghetto Boss Hoss
  17. She rips pretty good. I"m having some clutch issues now, but converting to the centrifugal clutching should take care of it. Then she's getting sprayed down with Nitrous. I do a lot of twisty road riding, but she'l be seeing the drag track regularly this year as well. Hoping for some high 8 second passes on the bottle. Not any bikes/riders can do that on a stock wheelbase machine. I should probably add, my number one love aside from my family is motorcycles. I'm a junkie!!
  18. 1994 GSXR-1100w 1277 big bore kit, star racing ported head, custom cams, built trans, 42mm carbs, Hindle 4-2-1 exhaust, and a butltoad of other stuff done. 183hp at the wheel, no Nitrous. Was a fun winter project.
  19. They are at a remote site and we can only run images from our IT office.
  20. Well, I came in this morning and out of a few thousand running machines, only 2 of them so far are reporting back an infection. Now, let me explain THESE machines. They were just imaged by a desktop engineer, and taken over to a training facility, UNFUCKINGPATCHED!!! He knows better, and got friggin lazy! Grrr.... There are 8 total machines, but only 2 of them so far are infected. I'm in the process of updating the other 6 and scanning them to make sure.
  21. Not with me, but when I get home from work I'll take some.
  22. I grabbed our recently replaced IBM Netfinity 7100 from work. I want to get it up and running to play with at home, but somewhere I lost the acbles that go from the server to the storage bays. I can't seem to find the part# or description for what these are. Looks like a scsi cable of some kind, maybe? This is the Xenon 700mhz version. Thanks guys!
  23. Nophix

    Locked Out

    It's company equipment, and your boss has every right to monitor it's use. To be honest, if I had you as an employee, and found out you were disabling things such as the domain admin access, you would be terminated on site. Btw, if they really wanted to get into your machine and do something of the sort, nothing you have done could stop them. They just wait until you leave and get physical access to the box. The simple answer is to treat people decent, and don't make enemies. Sometimes it means swallowing a good bit of pride, but they usually get there's in the end.
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