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  1. So, it's been a while since I've been here (18 months to be pedantic but 7 years before that so gonna round to 8 years ) and I'm overwhelmed by what I've missed. I was here in what I consider the heyday and it was really my heyday too. There was evil server, the pineapple taking off, running a webserver from a pocket messenger the size of my hand, using php to print off a daily paper, how fast can you drive by a router and connect still and MORE. I still have my signed picture of the group from an order I don't even recall. But now, there's so much. That said, whats the MUST watch episodes? What are your top.... 3? lets say. Whats the funniest, geekiest, hackiest ones you suggest I check out. Thanks! And it's good to be back.
  2. Hi... it's a been awhile <_< I miss this place
  3. I dont have any spare Db-9 cables I did ask my father to see if he can bum one off a tech guy from work, so lets hope for the best
  4. Well I have an IBM laptop with a serial port. But until I order and receive a serial cable, I was just looking to make a console to usb by hand if possible.
  5. I'm looking to get one or two from newegg along with some other stuff otherwise I'd probably order from there, thanks though. I've googled but cant seem to find something, I'll still order one, but in the mean time can somebody tell me how to make a rj-45 to usb for console? I know that with this going analog to digital some Commands may not be possible (so I've read) but until I get the real thing, this should do for now. Plox help
  6. Thanks for the replies! I've been playing with the packet tracer, and when I get my paycheck this week I'm going to see if I can pick up some Console cables and play around a bit that and a stand alone rack off newegg.com
  7. So I have quite a few cisco items laying around and I want to go for network administration. I'm starting my pre-reqs in college for Computer Science and plan to get my N+ and CCNA. Currently here at home I have a few Cisco 1600s, 4 cisco 2501 routers and 1 cisco catalyst 1900 router as well as a cisco vpn pix 501 router. I don't have any console cables but been meaning to pick a few up and use a left over laptop I have to access them. I am just wondering a few things. 1) Is this enough for a decent lab? 2) what more do you suggest? (NOTE: I jsut paid for college so my budgets really tight) 3) what sites do you suggests for learning about running and using one properly? Thanks for your help!
  8. So, something I've been thinking of getting is a small tablet for referencing things from, usually images like CAT5 cables, Computer repair things like http://www.fixingmycomputer.com/ and such as I know my stuff, but memory can be tricky and so can computers. What I'm looking for is a tablet at least 5-7 inches like the new Samsung Tab, but the thing is my price range is MAYBE 200dollars, and I can get a student discount if necessary. I might be able to go higher after the holidays but that's unlikely. What do you suggest for something like this? I currently have a netbook and iphone, but those might be a bit tedious on repair trips and such. If nothing comes to mind, what do you use or reference when needed? I don't have mobile internet due to where I live and if I did it'd probably be too slow to work with. Thanks
  9. Ok, first thing first, I am allowing any moderator to lock at first sign of warring. This is my thread and I want NONE of that. Second. I am finally going to college and am planning on majoring in IT, i know this is a broad field but for now I am getting my gen ed and such out of the way before major. One class though I chose for fun and can help is Web design. Another thing is I am getting (I hope) a grant to pay for it, and of course will have left over money, so I am MAYBE thinking of getting a new computer (currently running a gaming gateway from 08, still good, mainly for a desktop). I was looking at a Mac, both for the web design, and because I am going to get a Wacom tablet as I picked up drawing as a hobby years ago and finally want to star doing some computer art with all my black and white photos. Web design on a Mac is easier but since many people use IE 6, I can use a PC to see my sites better. The final reason I was looking at a Mac was, as stated earlier, I'm going into IT, but I haven't used a mac seriously since grade 6 (8 years ago) and really think I should sharpen my skills on OSX. I've dabbled in linux and know I can dual/triple boot a Mac with Mac/Linux or Mac/Linux/Windows So, what do you think, should I get a Mac or stick with a PC? I can get a discount (a measly one) from the apple store as I've looked at the prices already and AcademicSuperstore.com doesn't carry it so I gotta go through apple.com AGAIN, no wars, if somebody has a point that you don't think is right, explain why NICELY Thank you
  10. in my shed, upside down is an Apple IIe (iirc) with no power source. Just sitter there doing nothing. Also, i used to have a tangerine clamshell but traded it for a Wallstreet. Then I bought the gov't lot of computers with an old dell lat. other than that nothing really.
  11. Actually, this is beginning to become rather common among them. On the 11th (or 12th early morning) I decided to go to 4chan (as it kinda scares me lol) and I came upon a post that they had initiated against the muslim website that the protesting muslims had set up. I lold as I read through it but it appeared for a minute or two that they did take down the site. I left after a couple minutes so I dont know if they fully succeeded. As it goes though, they seem to think that they have become all powerful because people feel accepted when they do "group activities".
  12. gcninja

    Black Ops

    I thought this was resolved as a memory leak issue, i saw something like this on kotaku and had thought they released a patch for this
  13. well as said before the 2wires by default are WEP and have the key posted on the side of the router. Its so easy to setup people dont bother to change the passphrase either so yay on him
  14. Alright. Also :( AZ – ArizonaArizona Revised Statutes – Section 13-1505. Possession of burglary tools; master key; manipulation key; classification.A. A person commits possession of burglary tools by:1. Possessing any explosive, tool, instrument or other article adapted or commonly used for committing any form of burglary as defined in sections 13-1506, 13-1507 and 13-1508 and intending to use or permit the use of such an item in the commission of a burglary.C. Possession of burglary tools is a class 6 felony. Not to mention, I'm on federal property meaning it'd be a federal offense
  15. you tend to be violent on the lock though, I'd be afraid of damaging it and/or the pick itself. I've always wanted a set of them, but I have to look up state and federal laws (federal due to where I live), still be fun to use it. Also, I've built shims, they are fun
  16. No, the 2wires are issued by qwest and the passphrase (by default) is the homeowners phone number in some sort of hex (i forget). So you dont have access, youre SOL. You have a laptop, go to a cafe The good news is it is WEP so have fun and know that nothing illegal is condoned here
  17. Captions... not captures anybody know any free open source programs fro it?
  18. WOW i came back to this? Actually, I was looking at verizon, as where i work I get no service from the tower a mile a while on ATT. I called to see what it would be to cancel now and altogether itd be 210, ive been weighing options because i want the droid X(or 2) and the rate plans would be the same as I pay now so its not biggy. But while talking to att the guy "james" transferred me to some american dude who said theyd be turning on a tower here but doesnt know when, so i'm still indecisive.. I'll take another look at the palm pre but that droid is beautiful.
  19. Alright Ill look at the palm pre. I thought you mentioned you had this issue with needing to use fast reply/ edit. Also, I'm really looking at Verizon. Where I am, I am off network, but verizon get 3g here and itll be cheaper. :D
  20. So I know this is popular and all but I just want an opinion on this situation. I currently have an Iphone 3G, I got for free a year and some months ago that my father found (and turned in). Its been good, but I was looking at a new phone. I really wanted the iphone 4 (as money on apps and all but I think I got my moneys worth out of them) but the restrictions on it are a pain. So what do you suggest? heres the thing; I'm on ATT I need a camera, good quality and if possible video I was hoping for either android or windows mobile as i know the app selection is good Under 250 if possible the last thing is customization, the one thing I hate about the iphone, I WANT my own ringtones! For voicemail, each contact, new message, new mail, etc. I'm going to find some links for phones I like but for some reason, I can't post links or ANYTHING in this box. I'm basically typing blindly (plox fix this)
  21. hey ya that works. could you hold it til the third? thats payday..
  22. I know that they did a segment on this in the beggining (season one) and I found it but I suck at HTML, PHP, etc. I also don't want to download all 4 programs if they are still available. I will as a last resort but before that I was wondering if you guys knew of any programs like it? I just want something that will automate a semi looking newspaper for me so i can have some RSS and news feeds. Even if it cant print it I can do it myself.. Thanks for the help
  23. would that 1gb ram work in an AAO? could you tell me what it is specificall? PCX-XXXX? thanks!
  24. no, its really simple and funny. at least give it a shop for volume 1, theres only like 5 of them and theyre less than 30pages IIRC
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