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  1. It's better than rapidshit.
  2. Craigslist. Cash in hand, no shipping costs, no eBay fees, etc.
  3. Thanks, the 1005HA seems like the better choice for me although it's definitely more expensive.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions about the laptops, but I really am looking at netbooks for their battery life. The more I research though, it seems almost all netbooks ship with shitty broadcom chips now so the question is: what's a good usb wifi adapter that works with BSD?
  5. Ok, I'm looking for a cheap netbook that's open-source friendly preferably one that comes with a wifi chipset that plays nice with modern BSD distributions (I'm looking at FreeBSD or OpenBSD). I don't need excessive storage, a lot of ram, or anything like that. Oh, and long battery life would be nice too. Anyone here have any suggestions? Edit: I'm also open to a cheap USB wifi adapter as well if needed to go along with the cheap netbook.
  6. No, you're right digip. There is no audio only version of the show.
  7. Yeah, currently Intel is kicking the hell out of AMD in the high-end processor market. ATI is still competing well with nVidia though.
  8. Clipse your taskbar is so full o_O Also, I already did a radical update that I like a lot more
  9. lazerfish -- My high school's IT admin's password for everything.
  10. http://iamfreeman.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2odg1e
  11. Alright everybody, time to show off your desktops again :] Clean Busy
  12. Anonymous used to do shit just for the lulz, now there some shitty hypocritical political group of l33t h4x0rz.
  13. Ehh, I started off with Ubuntu. I found it a lot like Windows, which is what I was trying to get away from and I went back to Windows for a year or so until a friend suggested I try Arch. I liked Arch, being able to configure every bit of the system as you go (even though it probably took me a good 5 fresh installs before I got Xorg running), and once I discovered tiling window managers it was game over. I honestly don't understand the appeal of Ubuntu.
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