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  1. I have it running on most of my computers.
  2. So you don't want to set-up a myspace account. Why not? Are you just attepting to this stalk this person? I usually just create account if i'm curious and keep them or forget them. Your going through all the hassle of skirting the forum rules in which your problem could easily be solved by creating an account and befriending them. I know in facebook you can send a message to discover if you want to be friends.
  3. most of the time i trouble-shoot computers, i just listen and see/hear what doesn't spin-up. The post codes can usually help too. If the PSU is bad the whole computer will not turn on, this has been my experience, depending upon your rig. For the cost of buying a new PSU versus buying new parts, because of a PSU short/blow-up, I'd rather spend the money on a new PSU that's more efficient and has a warranty.
  4. Disconnect your 2nd router from the 1st. Unplug your computer from the 1st router (wired or wireless). Connect the 2nd router and the disconnected computer via ethernet cable. Configure the 2nd router as needed ie: disable DHCP, change local router IP to say, etc. Once settings are applied reconnect the computer and second router to the 1st. Your may need to adjust the DHCP server IP pool on the first router. That way the 1st router does not hand out the duplicate address, or change the 2nd router ip to something outside of the IP pool.
  5. I have mine set-up to piggy back. Internet side IP: *.*.*.* Internet comes into the dsl router and gets a IP from the ISP. The router then assigns an ip of to itself and assigns to clients. Internal network IP DHCP IP pool - Network IP Linksys router then grabs IP from dsl and sets it's local network address to and DHCP server inside the next network. Internal network IP DHCP IP pool - Computers My computers grab IPs from the Linksys router and surf the Internet and network. Internal network IP DHCP IP pool - I use this setup to attain the extra features from the linksys router instead of the cheap dsl modem. This is also the oversimplified version of my network. I have a few more routers and switches setup to Client Bridge using a DD-WRT firmware.
  6. do you have the pptp server set to forward http traffic onto the server isp? I tried to do the same thing but i could not get the remote conection to get http traffic to pass though the pptp connection. I gave up and came back later and discovered a great feature in DD-WRT pptp server. Sorry i can't help you more with setting up the ubuntu server (i assume) to be you pptp gateway.
  7. I have not setup a windows vpn server but have done a dd-wrt vpn access. Setting up the dd-wrt and connecting while at college proved to be the easiest process i tried. The only caveat would be that my internet traffic would transverse my home DSL uplink of 600KBits/s (Not slow but slower than the college internet). So if many employees are connecting to a small uplink, file transfer may be slow. But from the users stand point there will probably be less help desk requests from it, as the setup of a vpn inside windows is fairly straight forward.
  8. are you looking for peer to peer sharing between the 15 employees inside a firewall or server based that the employees connect into from outside the firewall?
  9. I saw this awhile back. Neat concept. I'll have to check this out further when i'm not in classes.
  10. Thats if the theifs are smart enough to find such techniques.
  11. In a workgroup this would be possible. Looks like you already have this set-up. Only thing that will prevent you from going with a Active directory is that Vista home premium (correct me if i'm wrong) and xp Home will not connect or rather benefit from an Active Dir domain controller. Much of what your asking about will require some money to accomplish. Buy hardware and license for MS Server 200X. Then buy license for XP pro, Vista Business, Win7 ???, etc... unless you become a student and join https://www.dreamspark.com which you could Win Server 2003/2008 for free. Or get into a IT/CIS degree program at a college that is part of the student technet (i think). This is were they will give you temp licenses for learning stuff in computers
  12. Spiceworks may be another solution for you. It's free last time i tried it. I tried it a few times but really did not have a need for such a tool. http://spiceworks.com/
  13. have you checked the past episodes.
  14. no experience but would like to try. Live to far from neighbors for them to try to leech.
  15. As i remember ntpassword will only reset the local password not the domain. So if you are attepting to login using domain administrator then you are entering the wrong PW. check to see if you can login to the local machine.
  16. It's amazing how some people post without reading previous posts. They get so Pisst that this could happen that they just have to post their two cents. (wait why am i writing this your not going to read it) Come on I know this is a fairly diverse crowd but look for the authoritative posters that will be able to give the most accurate info. Especially on a matter pertaining to site/forum security. Do as the email encourages change your password and adjust passwords on other sites. This is the normal info you would be getting if your financial info was stolen or security breached. they are doing the responsible thing. Matt, just wondering did you contact any law enforcement regarding the virtual break-in? or planning on doing so later with evidence?
  17. looks like we will be able to purchase in October. they just want to announce. fon blog I'm poor in October - going to school. Just have to wait.
  18. so what is you first project or mod?
  19. setting a static ip via opendns? DHCP does not equal DNS Set the ip via the computer itself. Go to the properties of the network connection go to the properties of the "Internet Protocol" Fill out the relevant info and apply. This is how you can set the static ip Your computer can not get to the internet if it does not have a ip. or know where the router ip is. Also check to see if the router has a menu showing "connected devices" look for the mac address of the flaky computer. this will tell you if the computer is being stopped at wifi auth or just can not talking to the DHCP server (router)
  20. so you are offering or just need help. Title is wierd
  21. Well done. Tech support is so nice and to the point.
  22. if you internet connection has wifi access. check to see if your router will support dd-wrt firmware. the following link gives the supported routers http://dd-wrt.com/dd-wrtv3/dd-wrt/hardware.html. Also when you download the software verify which version will fit on the memory of the router. All routers are not created equal. The reouter i use is the WRT54GL, i have two of these. I am using this setup to connect to the internet along with having a switch (more or less) where i can possibly plug in ethernet enabled devices (ie. test PC, PS2, Media extender, Client computers). In the attached pic my computer is I use the Netgear (108Mbps) to stream media from the internet. As others have said the speed over wifi will be slower. Depending upon distance between wifi antennas, speed of the wifi connection and signal strength (the normal disclaimer on the box of WIFI products). If you need help with set-up let me know. My two cents Chance
  23. where i work they use Dameware and start and stop the service when needed to complete a remote help desk session. For many of the simple printer/ software doesn't work etc... remotely these issues can be remedied. If you are attempting to adjust physical connection or such then locking can be troublesome. Another idea could be to schedule a time in which the user will be at the desk. allowing the user to find time that computer work can be halted for your attention.
  24. have you tried to adjust the authentication mode to SHA1? Did you add a user? Allow tunneling local and remote?
  25. Embarq DSL $40.00 per month
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