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  1. Im looking for something relatively inexpensive 500-900. Good power and decent performance for running linux in a dual boot with windows 7. Any suggestions? I know Darren uses the timeline x but its hard not to get an asus when their related the most reliable. Also if you have any info on the wireless cards let me know.
  2. anyone been keeping track of the iso stick? http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/elegantinvention/isostick-the-optical-drive-in-a-usb-stick?ref=discover_pop any thoughts or opinions why and iso stick vs using grub?
  3. So i have the red super mario anniversary edition wii and i decided to homebrew it, all directions i find end up coming up with the corrupt data error, but it does not brick the system. I trust the hak5 forums more than these sites.. can anyone offer some good directions they have found or help?
  4. How about physical hardware firewalls that are ready to go? Im running comodo right now.
  5. I need help finding one to get for my home network..... at least something that would slow someone down ... hahaha btw i miss the old forum look ....
  6. Anyone know of any good tutorials for HDR with a Cannon T2i 550d also is it worth putting magic lantern on it, and can you reload the default firmware?
  7. anyone on here use it? got any tips or tricks ? and do you use the magic lantern firmware?
  8. the one Darren and Shannon were talking about in the most recent ep, is it hackers wanted?
  9. with just a few clients, i like the webroot spysweeper and antivirus suite. I used it at previous jobs and it always found everything that norton did, didnt slow down the computer as much and found the things that slipped through the cracks at work we use Forefront... ;) i find myself using malwarebytes allot to tidy up as well
  10. What was the dslr that Darren and Jason were talking about recently, i cant seem to find my video file to see what model it was?
  11. about the bite the bullet on this bad boy http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...mp;Sku=B69-1221 or build a unit.. what do you guys/gals think?
  12. The injection for that has to be icing on the cake... Ive worked in IT for a long time... and trying to get out of the field engineering ranks ive been sitting on an unfinished degree since 07 so im going back to finish that IT management degree get a second in Security or Systems Engineering and then an MBA... so thats good to know
  13. Yes ill still be dual booting windows even though im a linux and mac guy, but im looking for a good asus that i can get the most compatibility features with Ubuntu or one of the more mainstreams distro. I was looking at the 13.3" ASUS U35Jc Notebook, and found a few articles about it, but they were mainly talking about its instant on linux os it ships with. Anyone have this guy or played with it? If you have other suggestions im willing to take advice as well.
  14. Any suggestions on a new distro to try out? What is Darren currently running on the show? ..
  15. Red Guy, The Blue Guy was sitting there shot at a guy, i hopped in and started shooting people and he never tried to kill me or anything...
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