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  1. Thanks a bunch! that looks great, I'll take a look at it and maybe try it this coming thanks giving off although I saw that it's for WinNT would it be the same with Win7 and Win Svr 2008 R2?
  2. Hi, can anyone help me on how to setup a user domain with mapped network drives on their account so I don't have to go to their computer and do it every time.
  3. I'm looking for an Inventory system that could easily integrate with quickbooks and one of the option I got is DBA manufacturing, does anyone of you guys already tried this software? any inputs and other recommendation would also greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  4. The Insurance only paid around 1k so it's basically a lot of lost for him, any other ideas aside from placing a camera system?
  5. Hi there guys, needs some tips on setting up a home camera system for my friend. He recently got robbed they took his 50" HDTV, PS3, XBOX 360 some games and jewelry's so his asking for help on setting up a camera system so in case this thing happens again he have some thing to use to to find the robbers. It's pretty sad because I saw him work really hard to buy those stuff. Any help would greatly appreciated also if you have any ideas aside from a home camera system. Thanks in advance.
  6. jenken

    Qqest V800IP

    Thanks guys, it works perfectly now
  7. jenken

    Qqest V800IP

    I don't have the FM! that's why I'm asking for someone and unfortunately the the company that sells those stuff doesn't want to help unless we renew our support.
  8. jenken

    Qqest V800IP

    Hi guys, did anyone of you had experience on changing the IP address of this fingerprint scanner? http://www.mytimeforce.com/time-clocks/mod...0-biometric.php
  9. Yep offcourse not, I only need the Anti-virus for clients that always plugs flash drive for to have a copy of their work and possibly to do their work at home
  10. jenken


    Yeah I know, it's just that whenever I stumble some issues that I really don't want to do or not interested to do I just get lazy and also as I've told you I have zero knowledge in SQL. I'm trying to install the software in a MS 2008 server in virtual but I can't change the password settings it's just grayed out, I'll try installing it to a XP box later to see if I'll encounter the same problem. Thanks a lot Sparda! I really appreciate your help
  11. jenken


    Forgot to tell that it happens on the setup process of MS SQL SERVER 2005 setup, on configuring components of SQL Server Database Services
  12. jenken


    The error is "The sa password must meet SQL Server password policy requirements. For strong password guidelines, see Authentication Mode, in SQL Server Books Online" then choices are "Retry or Cancel"
  13. jenken


    The software comes with a win2005express that's what I'm installing but after the installation there's an error showing. I'm also not sure if the SQL2008 is supported
  14. jenken


    It needs SQL but to be honest i have zero knowledge on it. I'm reading some stuffs in wikipedia right now
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