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  1. I own the domain iptv-torrents.com. I wanted to set something up where people could go to get their favorite shows with a single click without having to download episode by episode. I started setting it up a couple years ago with some help from a couple buddies but they ended up walking out before the setup was finished. I would like to get the site back up and running and populated with content. I have a NAS system that I built myself when I started the project and started saving shows to it from the Rev3 Archive. I ended up with about 15 different shows with all episodes downloaded. I am looking for a few people that are interested in the this to join me in getting it going. I think it would be a great place for all of us to share the great content of the past, present, and future. For those that have been around since the beginning, you might remember Darren giving me a shout-out for hosting past episodes on my own server as torrents for people to do a one-stop-download. I unfortunately stopped that at Season 5 when I was injured in the military. IPTV-Torrents has become my new project and I am willing to setup access for a couple of admins for FTP access to help get it running. The site would not be just for IPTV, but also for any OpenSource material such as NAS4Free, custom Linux distros, tools, etc. If you are interested, drop me a message and maybe we can get a good community based project going. Again, I have the domain name and the hosting service. I am just looking for some assistance in operating the site and sharing content via torrent.
  2. Ok. So I've been watching Hak.5 since S01E01. I just started downloading the episodes again for a repository I have been working on, with Darren's approval from a couple years ago when I first started it. While getting all the episodes since S12E14 I noticed that Season 13 is missing. Just wondering if that was intentional of if there was a reason behind it.
  3. Great new site run by myself and a couple other well known guys. For all your IPTV show needs, including old Hak.5 starting with Season 1 Episode 1, check out http://www.iptvtorrents.com And yes, the Hak.5 torrents are authorized by Darren as they were on kacomps.com
  4. As far as the torrents hosted on my site kacomps.com, I contacted Darren about this before creating the site. If you've watched Season 5 Episode 4, you'll notice that Hak.5 even gave a shout out to me and put my site up on the screen. I respect what Darren and the crew do. I've been following them since Season 1 Episode 1 (1x01). I've downloaded a copy of every episode in the formats listed on the site. I also wait until a season is 8 episodes in before releasing the previous season. As far as tracking the torrents, I now have a tracker running to keep metrics. As far as the advertising on the bottom of the site, that's strictly my choice. As I'm sure Darren and everyone else knows, running a server and seed boxes isn't cheap. If Darren, Rev3, or any of the Hak.5 crew have any issues with the torrents being created or hosted on my site, they are free to contact me with a removal request which will be promptly acknowledged. I only did this so that fans would have a one-stop-shop for getting the episodes instead of downloading them one-by-one. So please, if you want to complain about my site and the service I'm offering, contact me directly. My info is at the bottom of the website.
  5. so essentially it "tricks" programs into thinking it's running on a single computer when it's actually spread out?
  6. Ok. Just read about Kerrighed. Looks promising. Just one question, what's single system image?
  7. Unfortunatley I'm not willing to dish out what Microsoft wants for Compute Cluster Server 2003 or HPC Server 2008. Just needing a way to do rendering on a cluster. Doesn't have to be Windows based. I do have some experience with Linux too. Also any programs that would benefit Hak.5 that can be run on a cluster.
  8. I recently came across some old computers that a friend was about to toss in the dumpster. They're P3's and P4's. I was thinking of building my own small cluster for F@H but thought about maybe using it for converting DivX to DVD. I was wondering if there's anything like ConverXtoDVD that can be run on a cluster either in Linux or Windows. I've used ConvertX before and like the interface. Help is greatly appreciated and I'd definitely be willing to open it up to the Hak.5 community for use too.
  9. I've been working with computers since my dad let me use his old IBM laptop that was the size of a suitcase. No joke there. I've worked with everything from DOS 5 to Windows 7 now. I have no certs no degree. I spent 3 years in college at ITT Tech (yeah, bad choice) studying Computer Networking Systems and Web Design. I've applied for basic entry-level positions that require use of MS Office. Only thing I've been able to get with my experience is a "Sorry, we feel that you are not qualified enough for this position". After hearing that, I've passed on getting a degree and am currently studying for my Net+, Security+, A+, and Linux+ certifications. Currently, I'm working as Information Assurance Security Officer for the Army while working a primary job in a boot factory. Everyone has to start somewhere. The more real-world experience you have, the better asset you will be. You will have the hands-on true-tested knowledge instead of the "I read that in a book once in school".
  10. I just checked their site, and I'd have to allow it to link to roughly 120 other sites that they work with. This is a problem for a kiosk as it would have to allow other pages to be opened and closed. Any ideas?
  11. My wife's boss asked me today if there's a way they can set up a computer with a web browser that can only browse their business site and nothing outside of it. Something similar to a Kiosk system. Anyone know how to do it? Was thinking of using Fedora Linux for it.
  12. why not just creat a project to use the BOINC program and distribute it over the internet to millions of computers? that would probably offer more than creating your own cluster. plus it'd be more cost effective.
  13. I recently joined the SETI@home and DistRTgen@Home projects. Currently I'm part of the Hak.5 teams on both, but not many members. SETI@Home team: Hak.5 DistRTgen@Home team: Hak.5
  14. If you want to see just how secure apple products are, check out this news report: http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/video?id=6996090 23 MacBook Pros, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPods
  15. First computer ever was an old IBM 5140 Convertible. http://www.old-computers.com/museum/comput...st=1&c=1182 That was sold in 1992. Moved on up to a Tandy 386 upgraded to 486 a few years later. Still works. Currently running something between DOS and Windows 3.1. After that I moved to a PackBell running Windows 95B. Next computer was a Gateway bought just after the release of Windows XP. Currently I'm running a computer I built back in 2004. Bought all the parts in 2003 when they were the latest and greatest. Now the only parts you can still get for it are hard drive (SATA I) and memory (DDR PC3200), another custom built one running XP with outdated yet still great parts, a custom built server running FreeNAS 0.69, and a Dell Inspiron 1200 running Windows 7 Beta. Technology has certainly changed, but I won't change until I absolutely have to. Thinking of buying a Mac Mini just to say I've used all the major OSes (Windows, Linux, DOS, and Mac).
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