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  1. i like ronnie roll your own uranium rods lol most people look down on rolling your own but if i smoke a filtered cig i want another five mins later
  2. Malaysia looks like its going to be a fun race i hope it rains to mix it up again oh and that webber goes to spec savers or atleast keeps his eyes open while cornering this race
  3. yep you called that one pierre unlucky for vettel though he deserved a win. Jenson really needs to up his game but it was nice to see lewis up there
  4. so the f1 season is upon us once again whats peoples predictions / favourite tems / thoughts on shuey comming back ??
  5. i miss my old sgi 320 with dual PIII-1000Mhz runnning advance server. with the onboard video hardware it was great for editing and looked really cool compared to friends bland boxes also may i add my first comp was a vic 20 i used to love that machine
  6. just had the same message from Dersterman
  7. hope you have a good time at the ace bud its been years since ive been down there i really need to get myself back on 2 wheels well once i get out of this apartment and have space to build another custom chop that is (s&s vtwin ftw give me american torque over jap bhp any day ) nothing beats blowing the days cares away with the wind in your face (i would say hair but as you know the uk has a skid lid policy ) and bugs in your teeth
  8. any biker that comes to the uk must goto the ace even if its just for a coffee and to say you have been http://www.ace-cafe-london.com/default.aspx 21st meet is Meet Name: Super Moto + XJR O.C. + N.A.B.D. + Scooters Start Time: 18:00 PM End Time: 23:00 PM XJR O.C = The yamaha XJR owners club N.A.B.D = National Association for Bikers with a Disability ( respect to fallen riders )
  9. just setup my smp and gpu2 client again as havent really folded for some time
  10. its a pitty that the flash player in my archos 605 is so crappy ( ver 9 ) and isnt upgradeable ( damn you archos for your crappy opera implementation £20 odd for a part working browser ) so i cant load the page now i wonder how hard it would be for me to serve my own virtual desktop over my network to my player
  11. now now no need for fanboy console cock waving competitions
  12. tactix

    R4 for Nitendo DS

    i have a r4 a m3 simply and a couple of dstt's all are good if you keep there software updated
  13. if your a racer get the ms steering wheel and wait with baited breath for when dirt 2 comes out
  14. apps i cant live without: putty tftpd32 usbjtagnt Schwartz catze softjtag Console_Unlocker_v1.1b firefox spotify media player classic vlc winserv fdm
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