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  1. Some mate of mine are going to start an Aussie podcast for WoW and other tech stuff. Should be prettty cool. Start following them on twitter and let us know what your wanting to hear about. I'm not a WoW player but will be covering other tech stuff we enjoy. http://twitter.com/aussiewowcast all support is greatly appreciated. Mention this post in first tweet so we can see where you are all coming from! All Wow players and general nerd welcome. We want good community involvement from the start!
  2. paying to pirate lol, defeats the prupose
  3. You do realise the nuclear testing was in response to the no LAN in SC2 announcement.
  4. I liked the "Michael will be recycled into plastic toys so he can play with kids even after death"
  5. Who the hell uses IE anyway? Damn I hope this conficker doesn't ravage my *NIX lol.
  6. I agree the broken was shit. I could have been good, but wasn't. everytime fanbois gon how good it is I vomit onmyself and go to sleep.
  7. OTH and OTW aren't as good as they used to be. I mainly listen to hear bernie as imo he is the one who knows and tries to pass on what he can in their limited format.
  8. Lol nah sorry dude that's my ipod. I'm not sure what to do with iphones, but if you listen to the linux outlaws podcast, fab (one of rhte presenters) has an iphone and uses Linux exclusively. Hit him up on the forums, he's a top bloke. www.linuxoutlaws.com/forums
  9. Have left windows forever so new desktop
  10. Linux Outlaws. Linus Link Tech show Dragonlance canticle Unpersons The command line podcast Linux Basement
  11. People bag Microsoft (myself included) but imo Apple is alot worse. They just maintain support through innovation(Ipods, even i like them) and more importantly the trendiness factor with beatnik wannabes. I feel as copyright etcis concerned they are the worst of the lot, and that Steve Jobs cancer is a direct result of Karma.
  12. I work one an IT service /help desk for 10000 internal staff for two energy providers in Autralia. I have some beauties to post up on here later on.
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