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  1. maybe abit crude but they say a single pass is enough fsutil file createnew <filename> <bytes>
  2. do you have more details on the switch, cisco 12.x is pretty open in terms of versions and they implement protection againest arp poisoning, so i would elimitate this as a point of failure, maybe just arping to other local devices on your local subnet rather than an (assumed) on another subnet proxy.
  3. Hi All, ages since i posted, I have an idea running through my head and can only assume that because i'm not cutting edge someone has been here before me. I have been burgled (well attempted) and have since installed an IR sensor and alarm to my property but thought about something alittle extra. Bluetooth logging, most people have smart phones these days, criminals included, well if fingerprinting and foot prints are enough to send crimbo's to the slammer then bluetooth mac addresses have to be closley followed right ? I mean most bluetooth devices have the owners name on them like bob or jim (no offence to law abiding bob's & jims ) but this gives you a name of who was snooping nearby and the unique ID of there phone. I know i could get something like thepineapple to capture wifi and maybe assiocate to an accesspoint but think bluetooth is of a lesser range and as a result wouldn't give so many false positives. ideally based on low power consumption as it will be 12 volts powered.
  4. I have always thought about water cooling, never actually done it but I thought about using an old fridge rad (the meshed pipework on the rear) that i always thought would be super .....
  5. Hiya I'm actually working on a project just the same, I will post the info I have when I'm back home
  6. Private Sub Command1_click() Dim S As String S = RndCrypt(Text1.Text, "pass") Text2.Text = S End Sub Public Function RndCrypt(ByVal Str As String, ByVal Password As String) As String Dim SK As Long, K As Long Rnd -1 Randomize Len(Password) For K = 1 To Len(Password) SK = SK + (((K Mod 256) Xor Asc(Mid$(Password, K, 1))) Xor Fix(256 * Rnd)) Next K Rnd -1 Randomize SK For K = 1 To Len(Str) Mid$(Str, K, 1) = Chr(Fix(256 * Rnd) Xor Asc(Mid$(Str, K, 1))) Next K RndCrypt = Str End Function
  7. https://cybersecuritychallenge.org.uk/cipher.html tada get stuck in people
  8. while snoozing this morning i heard something on the TV about a hacking challenge to find the best security persons out there , they are setting up a website that is to be hacked and information gained in order to get to the next step, anyone heard about this, like i say i was snoozing so can't remember much about what i heard but i think this is right ?
  9. is there a way of preventing the app from being shudown, disabling the X in the top right or alike ?
  10. assuming you have an internal disk and a usb caddy setup, just run through mounting it via the web page the create a cron job todo it nightly or alike then just cp -R from dir A to dir B a being the data source and B the caddy if that isnt quick enough the its doing it through usb 1 or the server isnt upto spec for what u want course rsync is best no cp as that willcopy all not just newer files
  11. gtkdialog its pretty stright forward once you play with a few samples for a bit
  12. vlan'ing also gives the option of deploying applications and alike by subnet / eg sites and services a good switch will do routing of vlans learn to subnet . com i think its called has a nice powerpoint run through with speech guide
  13. i have an old "well not that old" interflex usb receiver, i found that swiping my id card across input a sting of asci into notepad, it is at risk of a replay attack for sure, and the best bit is the id's between my card and others are just 3 numbers , this means that with pot luck you will be able to use anybody elses id. i will find the model as i have two and could post one in , with a blank card
  14. 3w`Sparky


    retain them for 12 months incase it breaks ! but make sure it's in a cool dark place as they are normally thermal and react badly to heat light and moisture
  15. which leads to the next question, what's best ? I have to conform to CESG Governance ideally but wondered what might be best but also fast , although the two work against each other !
  16. if your wifi is secure then what will it matter ! well unless your managing across the internet of course
  17. OK So the PGP Disk encryption is not breakable "currently" , but when you "REBUILD" you system then install pgp desktop which you can then turn your hdd into encrypted, what about all the leftover space that hasn't been written to yet eg 80 gig hdd 4 gig xp install 1 gig office install 3 - 4 gig of other apps what about the remaining space, does pgp write across the whole disk ? eg can a disk that has been used already be securely erased if you just run a bare install then install pgp ontop of it ?
  18. just learn unix this will give you the skills you need for solaris and linux disto's alike except for the way they each handle package management differently but otherwise it's all much of a muchness
  19. Providing your sniffing pc is the default gateway to the internet then you can do what you like reverse images anything, all traffic dest for the internet will go through you from the users wlan connection.
  20. I think all schools should have firefox as an option to use along with office.org as this help children make a choice of the software they can use and also allows children without bottomless pockets to produce the same quality documents from there home pc by installing office org that way they can bring into class and know that it is fully computable and supported by the school staff. why must schools live the microsoft way ! classic example microsoft works , I mean who and why ! yeah your be able to save it as a .txt file no problem there but to be honest if the school wont play ball then your have to stick with your memory stick option.
  21. merastersys allows you to create a custom disto but im not sure of anything to repackage your blown os maybe DD it ?
  22. isn't this just NAT with some PAT both domains are pointing to the same real IP Address but the domain redirection needs to be per port basis, 80 is to www server - and 8080 to something else. or have i not understood a bloody word of everything above ?
  23. ssh, i have a webserver that also holds many of my shares (freenas) and if there is something i need while not at home , i just cp it to the web share i have no great demand for stuff at home when im not there, for support i install vncviewer on my friends pc's
  24. Sorry but i would just like to note "catcyanow" your the one with the banner stating "APPLE HATER" & "VISTA HATER" I was infact creating alittle banter as in a pub . . . . . . Sorry to all i insulted in other news welldone on getting ubuntu installed, the best thing i find with ubuntu is the package management apt-get install "here put the application" and it will grab everything needed and install it.
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