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  1. Hey everyone! How is it going? I wanted to invite all of you but especially all you Android owners to a little event we at the xda-developers Hero forum are holding tomorrow: Links: xda-developers WebOS to HTC Hero Thread Live Stream tomorrow Freenode irc chat #webosport This is a collaboration to get WebOs ported to the HTC Hero, which in turn will enable us to port it to any Android device. You may be wondering why we would want to do such a thing. It's really just for the point of doing it, and the option to choose a different phone operating system if we so choose. It has nothing to do with weather WebOs is better than Android. Many have reaped the benefits of Android on other non-native Android devices, however Android specific devices have yet to have a fully ported O.S. with the exception of Debian. If you have time just come and hang out! If you have questions, we will be more than willing to answer them, and we are looking for a few good linux gurus to help us in our project. We have a built kernel to use, and we are currently working to set up a dual boot system on the hero to bounce the bootloader into mounted ext3 partitions from the memory card to house the install (because webos is much larger than an average Android ROM) I am sure as well a lot of you are wondering why we would do this because it's inevitable that we will receive a C&D (Cease and Desist) from HP, however we have already made the main page of a few geek news related websites, and interest is building. So far we have gotten farther than anyone has in this project and have yet to receive any feedback from HP. We believe it is because HP is looking to open source (or at least outsource) WebOs in the near future to try to compete with Android. Not looking for flames btw, and if no one wants it then just bury the thread, but I am really hoping some of you could attend. Thank you in advance.
  2. Meh. I got 6mbps down, about 768kb up (adsl) and I changed from an ancient Westell Wirespeed modem to a new d-link. Interesting about IP changes though. I have had the same ip address for at least 7 years now :P And even with a new modem, there is no change, but I like it that way for rdp over tunnelling. At&t has gotten stingy with their bandwidth lately though.. Been noticing them throttling down to about 5.5mbps down and around 768kb, but at one point I used to get around 8 down and 3 up.. Sure wish they didn't find that booboo in their network :P
  3. HAHA! And I was waiting for the world to really end :P
  4. That's pretty cool. Now do it in metamorph format :D Sorry bout the double post.
  5. That's pretty cool. Now do it in metamorph format :D
  6. Actually this was made public about a year ago when a good handfull of American internet providers decided to technically can their unlimited services for capped services. However instead of taking the wonderful marketing word "unlimited" from their plans they just slapped the cap in the fine print so it would cause the least bit of a stir. (the largest one being comcast, and the one that made the news the most about it) Just go on your router and find out how much your using. If you have a linksys (and it's a supported model) use dd-wrt, or there are logistics software out there you can slap on a crappy server to keep up with it. Damn dude... That is a lot of bandwidth. The most I have used in one month is around 68gb. And that's with two laptops, two desktops, a server, two android phones, a wii, and my directv+dvr box that I can stream media to/from.
  7. @Okiwan, what rom are you running on your hero there? CM6? Buffed? Something else?
  8. h3%5kr3w


    One more +1. Actually it was probably hacked cause Mitnik tweeted it, not cause it was there, lol but it's fail regardless.
  9. Lol! Who doesn't know the gov knows. I am not actually worried about that. What I am worried about are past friends that turned into theives and crack addicts and getting scammed. The gov scams us openly everyday so it doesn't really matter :P
  10. Not that it's relevant, but have you just tried nat? Honestly I am out of my league on this though. I still haven't ventured very far with vmware. I use virtualbox (though I know you can't do all the advanced setup as your doing)
  11. I am unsearchable, and NO I do not have ANY location aware, or phone number info on it or is it allowed.
  12. Trainsignal is what I use. Unfortunately it's just tough for me to have the courage to go take the exam. I am pretty certain I would pass, but I just get scared man.. But this would be a great place to ask.. Does anyone know of just a good site with an up to date ccna practice exam? I don't need simulators, I can do all that in my head. On hardware I can figure out anything but when on a paper test I get stuck, and everytime I go looking for a free one, half the time it's out of date, or has questions that have absolutely NOTHING to do with CCNA or anything found in the curriculum to the point that you have to ask yourself if it's even relevant and known knowledge even for a working i.t. person.
  13. Well, though the N900 is in fact a full fledged linux device, it's pretty expensive compaired to the Hero (but also I like my carrier and they are not sim-based, so I had to pick from my choices). Also I love me some android :)
  14. Well... You pretty much look at what your downloading and you'll be ok. There are also antispyware/malware software for free you can use, but anytime any software does anything that would usually not be able to happen because of permissions (like when you use a program like shootme) the root app will ask you if you want to run the program, and give it permissions. Think of it as Android's version of Windows UAC. The only real risk you run from rooting is losing your warranty, but if there is an RUU for your specific phone/carrier then just run that and it will take out everything including root so you can take the phone back for warranty. If it doesn't come on.. They are not going to check. HOWEVER! You will notice people about enabling S-on/off. This is something you can't come back from, and what it is, is an embedded way of enabling root to your device so no matter what, an RUU cant take it away, HOWEVER if you flash it and it's bad the phone is bricked. Also make sure if you flash a radio that you verify the hash first because that can also brick the phone. Everything else is pretty well smooth, and even if there is no RUU for the phone to unroot it, there has been great strides in scripting that can do this without even wiping the phone. I will say this though. With 2.2 came some serious freedom that 2.1 doesn't have. Native Apps2sd-like functionality (not the same thing but pretty close) A2SD has support for enabling swap and automatically copies downloaded apps to the sdcard ext partition, whereas native 2.2 has an option you can enable and you can manually move the apps to the sdcard. Also all phones with 2.2 have support for live wallpapers, and even wireless tethering (though paid service) and wired tethering, therefore most of the reasons to root are null if you get a phone with 2.2 unless you want to run AOSP or custom roms which unless your on a more popular carrier for your phone, may be a hit or miss.. Or maybe you end up like me. On a very popular phone on a small time carrier and you end up becoming a rom dev/chef :) One last big reason to root is android's terminal with bash, busybox, and scripting. How cool is that?!
  15. Android is set up in a way that makes it near impossible to make screenshots from the phone itself (without root) specifically for security. You folks need Android Commander. Get it here: http://androidcommander.com/ -Take screen shots -Windows Explorer like view of folders on phone -App manager -Automated flashing of files -Apk signing
  16. That's everything that comes with CM6 Blackmod. I think the guy that did it is also doing it for droid x as well.
  17. Hello again all you hak folk! I have decided to drop by from xda and give you a little somethin' neat. I have found if you are running an AOSP (Android Open Source Project) build of Android on your phone, you can change the name of your shown phone provider. Here's the pix! And here's the file! http://www.mediafire.com/?267pg4c6p3g18x4 Instructions included in file. There are also other pre-packed phrases you can replace the carrier with: -BrownCom -CellSouth -CM6Mobile -CSSucks -Darknet -DarthCell -DntFcWDis -FTW -F*ck Me -F*ck You -Hak5 -Hak5.org -MadCow -Pimpin' -Revision3 -RomMaker -Verizon -Xda-Dev And in a minute I will have a how to for any AOSP rom. (Android Open Source Project) Loading......./-\- #Done.sh (((Prerequisites))) 1. Android Device (doesn't have to necessarily be a phone) 2. Root 3. Working adb connection to phone 4. 7zip 5. HxD or another hex editor (((How To))) 1. Connect your phone and mount your it with adb. 2. use adb to pull the framework-res.apk file from the phone 3. open the framework-res.apk file with 7zip 4. go into the res/xml folder 5. pull eri.xml from the zip file and open with HxD or your favorite hex editor 6. scroll down until you find the provider name (usually sprint) 7. Change the name to whatever you want. WARNING! Depending on your phone you can have as little as 9 characters available all the way to 16. It depends on the phone. I have found that the Hero CDMA only has 9. 8. Save eri.xml, and copy it back into the zip file via drag and drop into 7zip. 9. Using adb, push the file back onto the phone. You may have to reset it to get it to show up.
  18. Damn.. Well. Thats messed up. Get better dude. Also I got something interesting for you to see (and everyone else) in my post in the main thread. Hope it makes ya feel better (and jo as well)
  19. You can always just: 1. Become the secretary at some decent sized place 2. Sabatoge one of the shitty IT workers 3. Sabatoge again (preferrably to make them late) 4. At the opportune moment, come out that your good in I.T. skills and take the bastards job! :D 5. SCORE! j/k..
  20. Reminds me of the time that someone wanted me to gather forensics on their "soon to be ex's" desktop/family computer to check for saved emails and etc. I stayed away. Moral of the story? Don't gang with the back of someone who is in the rage of passion. You never know later down the road if it can hinder you in some way. Now that's a legal right AND a moral way to go.
  21. Tis true, but you got the 5K1LL5 like that. Everytime I tried my hand at non-gnomish linux, I would customize it so hard and crazy I would screw something up and ending up borking it :X
  22. What the Double Postage?! Sry bout that.
  23. Lol, it's funny reading about the UK. Here in the states it's the total opposite. The south has almost zero for tech jobs (better here than elsewhere though) and the north is where they all are. However just like the UK, central USA has NOTHING.
  24. +1 to all of you. I have YET to find a job posting lately that doesn't have... And these aren't even for high positions. I have put in anyway but have yet to hear one call or get one email back besides the automated 'thank you for posting for our position, blah,blah,blah.. And I have a double associates in programming and networking, but no experience better than a tech job I had about 9 years ago, so it's rather worthless right now. Hoping getting my Cisco and A+ certs improves the situation.
  25. Just got my associates but still have not found a tech job. I currently work for a department store... slim pickin's
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