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  1. Hello All, Anyone interested or have invites to share for this phone? http://oneplus.net/ Just not satisfied with the all of the carriers having their bootloaders locked. This phone already has CyanogenMod installed. Also, CDMA is out. I'm on Verizon now and haven't renewed contract yet. I might not seeing that the S5 and the Note 3 are all way too complicated to bootloader/root/recovery. Ideas and suggestions welcomed. Thanks for your time and attention,
  2. Hello All, I was attempting to set a user account to standard from Admin. I re-enabled the built-in admin account and setup a password. I didn't want to lock myself out. I restarted and logged in as the standard user. I tried to do something that required elevated permissions. Got a box that told me that I wasn't in the admin group. I was expecting to see a box that asked for the admin password instead. I confirmed that the "User Profile service" was running and on auto. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your time & attention,
  3. Hello All, Lately,I've been interested in monitoring infrastructure outages, BGP, ASNs, internet storm center. Here is a list of ppl that I follow on Twitter for info. @SgGrc - Steve Gibson @BPGMONe - BGP Alerts @ThinkUmbrella - OpenDNS @schneirblog - Bruce Schneier @TheHackersNews - Hacker News @DarkReading - Dark Reading @attackresearch - Attack Research @Dakami - Dan Kaminsky @teamcymru - Team Cymru @CoreSecurity - Core Security @Shadowserver - Shadow Server @sans_isc - Sans ISC arbornetworks - Arbor Networks Who do you guys follow for information like the above? Cheers,
  4. I have a Asus N66u flashed with DD-WRT. But, I have a hardware firewall before the router anyways.
  5. Hello All, Everyone knows of the backdoors and the recent port 32764. I'd like to know how to scan and confirm my router is vulnerable. Maybe Nmap. Now, I've always flashed my routers with DD-WRT. Thanks,
  6. Hello All, I read the below article and thought... Why not implement a search filter on my network. http://news.yahoo.com/-police-and-fbi-deny-alleged-search-of-new-york-home-stemming-from-journalist%E2%80%99s-web-searches--200309173.html Is there a way to put something in place that would block keywords from leaving my network. I know OpenDNS blocks a lot of stuff but not this. Maybe there is something I can put in DD-WRT to accomplish the job. I have kids and sometimes kids don't always use their heads. Thanks for your time & attention,
  7. rlocone


    I was checking out APO. They look promising. I already have a N66U and can just set it up for APO. Thanks again!
  8. rlocone


    Hello All, At current I have ProXPN for my VPN solution. I'm just not happy with it's failed attempt at DD-WRT integration. Does anyone here have suggestions for a service that will provide VPN, mask DNS queries and play nice with DD-WRT. Thanks for your time and attention,
  9. Hello All, I'm thinking of getting a Galaxy Nexus phone from Sprint when it becomes available. This phone has an NFC chip in it. What I'd like to do is put a NFC chip on my desktop. Once my phone comes into range of my desktop it will unlock it. Is this possible? Haven't found anything about this on Google. Open your door locks with NFC http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2011/09/yale-lock-opens-doors-with-nfc-phones/
  10. rlocone


    Hello All, I have 3 websites all with their own domain. Right now I have them on Google Sites and I really don't like the way Google Sites operate. What I need is the following: 1. In Google Reader they changed the way RSS Feeds work with TAGS. I need an alternative. 2. With the generated TAGS I'd pipe that output to RSS feeds (FeedBurner). 3. I need to display those RSS Feeds on a website. 4. Is there a way that the RSS feeds can be archived and searched for "keywords" 5. What webhost and/or software will allow this (e.g., XOOPS) I hate the way Google Sites allows you to do this. It totally looks cheesy all of those gadgets. What do you guys recommend. Thanks for time & attention,
  11. Thanks guys for all of your help. This setup has worked for years. Then all of sudden no more. Yeah, never expect anything to last forever. What I had to do was reset the printer to factory defaults and update the drivers. The drivers went a few years without updating that is why I never bothered to check or to upgrade them since everything worked. And, Yes, The Dell printers work the same way, you can't have both wired and wireless connections. This printer is weird it requires a wireless dongle which I have but don't use. It doesn't play nice with WPA2. Thanks again,
  12. Hello All, I'm by no means a Printer Expert. I'd appreciate some help here. I don't know even where to start. For the past few weeks I've been having printer issues. I have a Dell 2130cn printer and it's connected to my network via ethernet to my router. All clients connect to the printer wirelessly. The printer has a dedicated IP. There aren't any other wireless issues currently. Everyone in my household gets printer offline when inspecting the documents that are present in queue. However, I'm able to ping it and visit it's admin page. To temporary correct the problem I'd have to restart the print spooler on the machine at that time when you want to print. Today for some reason this fix isn't working. I've had the printer send to printer directly not spool the job. Does anyone know how to correct this issue? I've Googled not much luck. Thanks for your time and attention,
  13. I'll be only using Android for the mobile side of things.
  14. Hello All, I know that there are many QR Code readers and generators. What I need is a way to generate QR Codes for all of my members. When member show up for meetings I'd like them to present this QR Code as proof of them attending, (Roll Call) Next, I'd like to be able to use the same code in a database. Lastly, is there a way to do all of this via mobile app except the DB part of it. I need to be able to print off a list of members after the meeting. Thanks for your time & attention,
  15. Hello All, OnStar is doing some tracking of your vehicle. Even if you don't have a plan you can call them to opt out. I just got off the phone and they claim that the data connection is deactivated. Is there a way to check that it's off and see what it's transmitting if it's still on? Talked to the guys at the dealership and told me that the only thing they could do is remove the module. The dealership claims that they weren't aware of the new privacy statement release and information gathering.
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