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  1. I just saw this same exact thread on Blackhat forums....like 2 seconds ago...
  2. When I get a better cam (next week) I will take some pics of the bullets and my Mosin.
  3. I am a gun collector. Only gun I have atm is a 1943 M91/30 Mosin-Nagant. Need to get ammo for it so I can go shooting. I have a clip of 8mm Kar98K bullets too. 1938 Walhfen Nazi rounds. :D friend gave them to me for $5 when the bullets go for about $20 a pop and the clip is about $5-$15 depending on condition. I like WWII stuff if you can see.
  4. My laptop running Super Ubuntu (Ubuntu with alot of drivers/plugins etc etc pre-installed)
  5. Laptop thats in Sig running Windows 7 RC 7100. Pic is of the Castle Bravo Hydrogen Bomb. March 1st 1954 Bikini Atoll Island. Took most of the island with it, killed all vegitation and life on what wasn't vaporized and gave all the other atoll islanders radiation poisoning 300 miles east and poisoning a Japanese fishing boat all but 1 out of 6 died. needless to say we made a boo boo. They thought the bomb would be about 5-6MGT (Megaton) tops and cause of atmospheric conditions and the speeder they used it was 15MGT's. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castle_Bravo info on it if you wana look and yes I know..I have an odd thing about nukes.
  6. I am on a Docsis 3 line at 22MBs and I get "PowerBoost" and most I have gotten is 35ish and thats cable backed on a fiber line. Never seen copper lines hit those speeds.
  7. TY! Inssider was the app I was looking for >_<
  8. I know Netstumbler hasn't been updated since 05 and wont work on Vista/Windows 7. My question is I know theres a program similar to Netstumbler for windows vista/7 but for the life of me I CAN NOT remember the name and its annoying the hell out of me <_< and after googling I am not finding what I am looking for just stuff like Google Earth wifi maps. I am looking for Wardriving stuff. Any help?
  9. http://www.zegeniestudios.net/ldc/ this is a test that will help you pick a distro and give you links and info on the ones that would suit you.
  10. I miss the old days of the net.
  11. I LOVE Out of This World! OMG game was so fun! another game was ' Denis Hopper as the devil If you don't know this game you need to be hung Virtua Cop :D
  12. Mortal Kombat II 1993 (Arcade, Sega Gensis "Mega Drive", Sega 32X, Playstation, PSN, Sega Game Gear, Nintento GameBoy, Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn, Atari Lynx "never left prototype" Pirated to NES, Xbox, PS2 probably more)
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