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  1. That's just cool..and the statement about the popularity of jasager being owed to Darren is so true :D
  2. HI!! Have you tried EA's first free game ??? What's the name of your soldier and what are your comments about the game ?? I personally think IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi, I was just wondering how does converting avi or other video files to mkv (sometimes rmvb, mp4) reduces the file size but without loss of quality. Is there loss of quality ??, which I don't notice because my monitor is small (15").
  4. From What we can see at E3 AC2 and SC:C look great !! I wonder when will they show prototype on E3
  5. I'm on a 2Mbps line for 10 bucks per month.
  6. Typing the lyrics into google did the trick!! But I still wish there was some kinda app to do that. ;)
  7. Hi.... I have a song but I don't know its artist or title.All I have is the mp3 file.Is there any software which analyzes the song and gives me the song info? Please suggest me a app to do that.
  8. There are loads of great games coming out this year what are the games you are anticipating ?? I am anticipating Splinter Cell:Conviction, Assassin's Creed II, Prototype and Bioshock 2.
  9. Hi People. I'm becoming a forum junkie and I enjoy being a part of forums which interest me.How many forums do u participate in ?If possible suggest some.
  10. Whatever game it may be..It doesn't look like a seventh generation game. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_video_game_consoles_(seventh_generation)
  11. There is a lot of great stuff in sourceforge. FOSS ROCKS !!
  12. It was supposed to be only 19 kB.What could have messed it up??
  13. Take a look at this 4 GB add-on.
  14. Hi. I was wondering if there are any 3D/2D graphic designers over here.I'm sure there are!Can some one suggest some really nice[i.e. Hak5 forum like ].? Sorry if this post was way off topic.I wasn't able to find much using googlefu <_<
  15. Hi.How many feeds are you subscribing to? I am actually subscribing to 63 feeds!!Post some feeds which you think are worth subscribing to.
  16. Hi, I'm using Joomla and I'm loving it.I just wanted to if there's anything better than it. What's the CMS you are using and please tell about its pros and cons.
  17. Well..I've decided to go with bluehost.What I've learnt in my hunt for the best (also cheap) webhost is that no one is 100% perfect.Even the so called best webhosts have customers who flame about their service.
  18. Hi,I'm planning to host my website at bluehost.Is anyone here using bluehost ?Is their service good ? Please gimme some feedback.
  19. Yeah CRTs are useless for use as computer monitor.You cannot read the text displayed because the resolution is too low..But still you can watch movies and play games on the TV.I've done that a lot of times.
  20. Yes, You are right.All the iPhone apps should work with the iPod Touch.The only apps that won't work are the ones which use the phone feature.
  21. That sounds scary!By data you mean the software and other things I have got in the windows folders right?I don't wanna lose my music collection.
  22. I'm running Windows 7 Beta as the primary OS and there have been no problems.But what will happen after August 1 Lockdown ? Will there be any data loss ?
  23. is it really faster than XP with the aero effects on ? I'm asking this because I'm gonna install Windows 7 and dual boot it with XP.
  24. Whoa !! Quite a console collection.It's really sad you don't have a gaming rig.The reason you have mentioned for not having a gaming rig is agreaable ;)
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