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  1. Very nice xeloader, thank you!! I will give it a rty :)
  2. Thank you Seb. A second pineapple i think would not fit, not with their cases on. But it's all i need for my testing. I am running karma on the pineapple and the jammer infusion on the nha. I could use a much smaller battery ( the anker gives me 13-14 hours with this setup, i only need 3-4).
  3. Hey guys :) Here i have: 2x 5dbi Antennas (HakShop) 2x RP-SMA male to female Right Angle RF Connector Adapter (Ebay) 2x DC Power Plug Connector 90 Degree Right Angle 5.5X2.1mm (Ebay) 1x Mini USB 5P Left Angle Male Cord to USB A Male Right Angle (Ebay) 1x Alfa Usb WiFi AWUS036NHA (HakShop) 1x WiFi Pineapple Mark IV (HakShop) 1x Anker 10000mah Battery (UK Amazon) The setup goes like this: And all goes in here : Sorry for the long post
  4. Great news Crypiehef :D Thank you for sharing this!! I hope you find a way for android devices too :P
  5. are you sure it's about cookies? after a quick look i think it's simply about credential harvesting... :/ EDIT: sorry i only saw the first two links :P
  6. i can only get 20 dbm for both pineapple and Alfa NHA :/
  7. The default gateway at your ethernet connection with the pineapple should be Otherwise leave it empty. This is an image from the WiFi Pineapple Booklet http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28610-read-me-collection-of-important-posts/
  8. try using Petertfm's script.. http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/26363-mark-4-setup-script/ you can configure the time zone along with many other things! of course the pineapple must connect to the internet after booting up to get the correct time and it will "hold it" until the poweroff and that because it does not have a built in battery
  9. thanks Aranadin :D i will try it when i'll get back to my pineapple :D
  10. hello WM and thanks for your infusion :) but i am running into some problems. I have a fresh install of the 2.8.0 firmware, i installed the infusion, started the monitor mode on wlan0 and started the jammer. Everything works fine. But with the autostart feature ON, after rebooting, the WPS led keeps flashing and all the others are off until i go to the jammer's page and press stop, then everything turns back to normal. At all this time jamming is not working and wifi is down. Tha same thing is happening wlan1 (NHA). So basicly the autostart feature is not working for me :(
  11. I remember it before the 2.5.0 release i think in which the infusion devs had to update their infusions in order to work.. it had i feauter to work along with the evil*something* infusion made from the same person.... Many people including be will be happy to see it again :)
  12. nice job :D i wil try it when i get the time :D Thnk you for your work :D
  13. Only the phish log and the built in dnsspoof's log are showing at the web interface. None of them are showing up? Are they readable throught SSH?
  14. First of all the items for sale in the link you gave are only the 2 antennas, the ROUTER IS NOT INCLUDED, i hope you know that :P Now, if you already have i device like the router you are showing as and you want to use it you can use WhistelMatser's infusion "Network Manager" to configure your pineapple sharing internet access to from PoE LAN to WAN/LAN in no time ;). http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/27113-network-manager/ If you where planning to buy a router just for this purpose, even though an extra router is always good to have :P i would go with Foxtrot's suggestion on using the NHA. With it there is no need for any configuration, the pineapple it will use both, internal and external (NHA) antenna to broadcast the same network or you can use it for deauthenticating, something that you couldn't do with the router. NHA's output is 20dbi and it comes with 5dbi omni-directional antenna. If that is not enough for you you can increase NHA's output by reading this topic : http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28921-do-not-use-the-afla-awus036nha-with-your-pineapple/ or by using a bigger antenna like the ones in your link :P
  15. Are you using a swap partition? if not use this guide : http://forums.hak5.o...tition/?hl=swap to configure your usb. Then you can use a symlink to save the logs to your usb. :)
  16. or maybe airdrop-ng.... B) the possibilities are endless
  17. Thank you Foxtrot :) It looks great :)
  18. Is this going to be built in in 2.8.0? Sounds good ;) I'll give it a shot when i'll get back to my pineapple :D
  19. sorry, i ment the second one :P as Mr-Protocol pointed you can see here http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/index.php?changes that is a bug fixed in 2.7.1 :)
  20. I think that this is a stated bug on 2.7.0 (wrong file path). Bug section is no longer available so i can't be sure :/ try to upgrade to 2.7.7 and try it again :)
  21. actualy i think it +- 2
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