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  1. Is it possible to use the Alfa as the main interface for expanding pineapples range?? Since it has the Atheros chip you can even use it for "Karming" ( I guess :P ) WhistleMaster we really, really, REALLY LOVE YOUR WORK!!! Thank you for everything you are doing!!!
  2. Every time i unplug my 4gb SunDisk usb storage (configured with this guide http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/25882-how-to-enable-usb-mass-storage-with-swap-partition/ )from the pineapple while it's on, if i plug it back in, it will be recognized by the pineapple but as empty! after a reboot the files will appear again!
  3. I am guessing that you are connected wireless to your home network an via cable (ethernet) to your pineapple. the interface which is connected to the internet seems to be eth1.So try running wp4.sh script using this interface (eth1 and not the default wlan0) at the part "Interface between PC and Internet:" and the free (i guess) eth0 (via ethernet) as the "Interface between PC and Pineapple". So try if this set up will help you: Pineapple Netmask: Pineapple Network: Interface between PC and Pineapple : eth1 Interface between PC and Internet: eth0 Internet Gateway: (your gateway... IP Address of Host PC :
  4. I thought of that to and have already tried it with out internet to the pineapple. I don't actually think that is because of the upgrade but i don't know what alse it can be :( . When the safari was poping up at the iPhone the dnsspoof.log was saying that the request was coming from "something.apple.com".
  5. Hello to everyone :) :) :) :) I had 2.3.1 frimware installed to my pineapple and i was running a DnsSpoof attack with the config file like this : # * # (so all the traffic was redirecting to the pineapple's ip). Every time a mobile was connecting to the wifi, a browser window was poping up to it with the index.php. Just like when you connect to a hotel's wifi and a disclaimer/login screen pops up by it self's( ;)). Today after an upgrade to 2.4.1 frimware i noticed that the dnsspoof is working correctly, redirecting all the traffic to my pineapple BUT the browser window wont popup every time a mobile connects to it. The index.php is the same and the mobiles i had tested with was iPhone and HTC. Does anyone know how can this been fixed/done ?
  6. @Dazzle So whitch one did you choose? They look the same to me. Both are very similare with the Astro3. I am thinking to buy 2 of them ( http://www.amazon.de...40452123&sr=8-1 ) and connect them in parallel so i can get the same Volts with the duble duration. What do you think?
  7. Thnk you for your replies! Molotof i guess I will have to refresh my knowledge about batteries and how electrical power work's :P Peterfm with 8 AA batteries in serial I guess the voltage is around 9,6V (8x1.2)... How many mA's is your pack and for how long can it power the pineapple?? (also do you have something alse connected to it? E.g. Alfa or USB storage..) So you guys don't think there is a safety issue as long you keep the voltage between 5-12v?
  8. I am considering making 2 battery packs of 6 AA rechargeable, 1.5 (1.2 in real world) volts 2.500ma each and connect them in parallel so the output will be 7.2 volts (6x1.2=7.2) 30.000 ma (12x2.500=30.000) just like Darren did in one of he's projects ... I want to ask how safe for the pineapple is this?? I know it is much less safer than a factory battery pack but in my opinion it is still very safe... Also with this pack I want to power a USB hub which has an in put of 5v 2.5A... Is it going to work?? I know that the cost is much higher but I already have a lot of them...
  9. Is it possible adding a fuction that can let you choose the wireless card you wish for karma? E.g. Using Alfa to built up a network with karma and mk4 for jumming?? Also is it possible to add and a grafical way of connecting Alfa (that is plugged into the pineapple) to a wireless network with Internet and routing this internet to the network which mk4 is creating? (e.g karma..)
  10. Great work!!!! It really gives you a lot of choises of how you can use your pineapple :D I have some questions for you :P Why did you connect the power port from the Y Usb Cable directly to the battery instead of puting it next to the data port at the USB hub? Is there any difference??? Is the Y USB Cable actualy neccesary for powering the Alfa? I have read somewhere tha is not for new USB ports. It only is if the machine with the USB port (e.g. computer) is old and it is not always able to provide the 500ma that a normal USB port provides.
  11. My new pineapple just arrived :D I made the order at Friday 15 of July and it arrived today Monday 25, 10 days only.. I asked Hak5Shop to declare the package with 30$ price so i would't have to pay any extra costums and i did not. The shipping cost was 18$.
  12. Is it possible to make the v 1.1 available again until the release of v 2? I think v 2 will become pineapple's top module ;)
  13. Is there any progress with this module?? WM i am really hoping you are steel working on it because it sounds just PERFECT! Is there any way of installing v. 1.1?? It has all I need ;)
  14. This would be very usefull specialy when you are using your mobile to control the pineapple! +1
  15. Perfect for automaticly capturing WPA handshake's :D
  16. Thank you very much Anton i will follow your advice and let you know for the results :)
  17. I re-edit my previous post, was my mistake. I thought 250Mah=25.000mah dOn't ask why i dont know :P So u suggest using a usb hub with out a power adaptor and then Y usb to mini usb cable for tha alfa??
  18. Would it be be a good idea powering the mk4 with a battery and the 4gb usb storage AND the alfa AWUS036NHA doth attached to MK4 with a usb hub (with power adaptor) aslo powered from the same battery?? Is the idea of the usb hub with power adaptor so the pineapple can support both of the devices at the same time right? Is the part of power adaptor right or is it unecessery?? Thank you very much in advance and sorry for the to many questions!!:)
  19. Hello everybody!!! I am from Greece and yesterday i made an order at the Hak5Shop. A total of 6 items including my first pineapple. I followed Gwod's advice from Netherlands and asked Hak5Shop if was possible to declare the package as a 30$ product so i wont have to Pay any extra costum duties. I will inform you all as soon as the package arrives about how many days the shipment took and how much costums i paid. ++ I have send a couple of emails at hak5shop asking them some questions about the shipment and the package size and i was really Impressed because they answered imideatly at all my stupid questions and i thank them very much for that!! ++sorry for my english but its not my mother language.
  20. I wanted to ask you if there is any module available ( or if it isn't if it's possible to create one ) for wifi pineapple that could automatically capture wpa handshakes from the networks in range even by just waiting for other clients to connect. Something similar i gess it could be done for the wep networks e.g. running the command aircrack-ng -c 1,6,9,11 --ivs -w output mon0 Saving each handshake and output.ivs file with the networks caracteristic's the user could later on find each one's password on his personal computer.
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