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  1. Now I can use it like my travel personal router!
  2. Hi, I got a problem. I connect the pineapple to my laptop and configure for example a dnsspoof. All works fine with my laptop and the pineapple ICS via. When I disconnect only the network cable from my laptop and connect the pineapple directly to my router I have this: I can connect from my laptop to the pineapple and get internet connection, but the dns spoof doesnt works- Any help?
  3. Yes, some infusions need to be changed manual I think.
  4. The wp4.sh script has Inputs, there you have to enter you config.
  5. But can make some post private, only for memebers that reach a number of posts.
  6. Is there a way to install it on the pineapple, not in the usb? When I triy it, give me error and back me to the install page. I really see the pineapple useless whitout a usb hub, but this and the extra battery make it a big package.
  7. I use the one that comes with the pineapple juice.
  8. Yes, the pineapple works fine and secure with 5V 1mah. It can works with 12V too. I use a Anker Astro3 (USB 5V 2.0 mah / 9V / 12)
  9. Thanks, let me check my pineapple.
  10. Yes, really nice config. A question. When you use usb hub, you connect all: usb hub to pineapple, usb pendrive, 3g bundle, and start the energy? The usb pendrive swap partition always mount as sda2? I got a proble, I dont know why, all runs ok, but later the swap partition desappear. I dont know if is a energy problem (i dont think so, I use a Ankor3 Astro) or if is the pendrive, but when I use the pendrive alone in the pineapple usb works fine.
  11. And nevere get installed? I have to wait like 10 minutes but get installed at least. Working fine.
  12. What kind of data this retrieve? I tested and always get no data...
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