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  1. i have a Wi-Fi pineapple Nano software version 2.7.0 but modules will not install please help
  2. I've started porting Portal Auth from the MKV. I will keep this updated as I progress but it may take some time as there is a lot to this module. Update: Added new screenshots in the spoiler above. I also added the code to my GitHub page so you guys can download and test while I finish development if you want. It's almost done but still missing a couple of features. Let me know if there are any issues (aside from unimplemented features) that need to be fixed if you choose to test the module.
  3. Description With this module you can both traceroute a host and ping all of the hops that the traceroute goes through effectively having traceroute and ping into one simple tool. Features Ping a host and the hops on the way to that host. See packet loss and average ping in ms Traceroute a host and see all the hops it takes to get to that host.
  4. Hi I made a module for HackRF on the WiFi Pineapple. I hope you guys like it.
  5. Hey Fam! I just set up my c2 cloud server on a digitalocean VPS w/ https, domain name and everything with no issues. I also set up my wifi pineapple to reconnect to the c2 web server when it connects to the interwebz. I cannot, however, seem to get the recon module working in the c2 web interface. It just keeps loading and saying there is no recon info yet. I let it run for a good 30-40 minutes before deciding something was wrong. Is this a bug or something on my end? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Much love to Hak5, Ramp115
  6. Hello, I am almost finished a new module for the pineapple aptly titled "Themes". The concept of the module is to let users create and share their own custom stylings for the page! Here are some example screencaps: My goal is to have the model come with a set of themes users can select from if they dont want to select their own. I need your help to design some baseline themes for the module, and give your theme a name as well. You can create a new theme by navigating to the page, selecting Ctrl+Shift+i and modifying the main.css file. Once you are done modifying the file, paste the code here or email me your css stylings @ trashbo4t@protonmail.com. I appreciate any help and can answer any questions below!
  7. Hi, I use a pinapple nano, with the last firmware. I would like to know how to add a code into the Evil Portal module to obtain a meterpreter session when the "victim" tries to authentificate? Someone could help me? Best regards, Michael
  8. Hi guys, Just got the pineapple tetra last week, there are a few issues that I have encountered recently, 1. Module related - Module ettercap has issues where we are unable to install dependencies.- Meterpreter is not functioning as we are unable click start or type anything into the Host and Port.- Sslsplit is unstable as some CSS on the victim's web page are not showing up properly.- HackRF device not found error after installing the module.(We have already tried to do a factory reset and firmware update by following the steps provided in wifipineapple website in LINUX enviroment but its still giving us the same issues) 2. Beginner User GuideAre there any proper WiFi pineapple lab guide or document on how to use each and every module ?3. Unstable InternetOnce the client connects to the internet, they are unable to receive internet connection. However, on the attacker's laptop, there were no connection issues. Is there any way to resolve this?4. Pineapple Association Enquiries I understand that the pineapple WiFi is able to pick up probe request from devices, and the device will automatically connect to the pineapple as long as the signal strength is higher than the original AP. However, it does not seem to work for us in encrypted WiFi such as WEP/WPA/WPA2 etc but only open WiFi. I understand that not only SSID needs to match but also the encryption type in order for the victim to connect to pineapple automatically. Thus, the question is, will the device ONLY automatically connect to pineapple in an open network? Thank you.
  9. I'm wondering if we will ever see support for modules like the lanturle on the packet squirrel. Don't get me wrong, payloads are great but it's not so intuitive to move the payloads via a terminal, and beside, you may want to do multiple things than just one payload. Therefore I think it would be good if we had the options to install modules on the packet squirrel.
  10. hey guys..! i have just bought a Wifi Pineapple Nano for my studying.. When i install Modules, I can't install them.. Error : You do not have enough free space to install this module. Please insert an SD card and ensure that it is formatted correctly. i see storage, it used 100%, and i don't know remove any file or folder in system.! Somebody help me..! :(
  11. Hello I made a simple module that lets the user run commands without having to use ssh. I am pretty new to php/js and web development in general so the codes isn't the greatest, but it works. I made it because there are certain things I cant do from the webpanel, like running mana or the bettercap script, but this module lets me run these scripts directly from the webpanel. https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/39096-mana-attack-for-the-pineapple/ https://www.evilsocket.net/2016/09/15/WiFi-Pineapple-NANO-OS-X-and-BetterCap-setup/ The module is simple to use. Just save a command under settings, module.php will save it in a csv file. When you run a command it will be executed like this. "command > /dev/null 2>/dev/null &" so you wont get any output. When you delete a command be patient because I used python to delete commands, and python takes a few seconds to start on the pineapple. !!LINK TO THE MODULE!! https://github.com/L0rd-Kam0S/Alias
  12. is there anyway to download karma on wifi pineapple nano ? or is there any module that does the same function ? i tried PineAp , but it's not working the way that Karma works .
  13. Hi Everyone, I am trying to put together a demo with pineapple nano using three modules (DWall, RandomRoll, Evil Portal). I noticed that these modules don’t work consistently. This issue is very easy to reproduce. Try using all three modules starting with DWall, then RandomRool, and Evil Portal at the end. During the first iteration most likely all three modules would work. But try a second iteration and you will find that only DWall works and the remaining two modules fail to work. Is anybody else experiencing this? Thanks in advance for any ideas/pointers on resolving this!
  14. Hi, This is a module that allows you to control your WiFi Pineapple over IRC. It uses a custom configuration file that you can edit in the Web Interface. The configuration file contains four sections, "Network", "Security", "Commands" and "Other". Firstly, "Network" contains the network information such as the server, port, nickname and channel to join. The new "Security" block contains the name of the Master and the trigger. "Commands" contains your commands in the format of "phrase: command to execute". Finally the "Other" block is for other options such as debugging. For more information on the config file format, see here. Heres some screenshots: Thanks! -Foxtrot
  15. Hello again! I have now gotten my sdcard to work and are able to install modules. But when it says it needs to download dependencies it doesn't do that. with some modules it starts installing and then it just go back to the "not installed" button. I have tried a few and no one seem to work. What am i doing wrong? I got 8 GB of storage on the sdcard.
  16. Nbt Scan is a UI Front End for the nbtscan tool which performs netbios name scanning. Change Log: 1.1 Added ability to clear results Added ability to view routing table Added a link to forum support topic Small tile no longer checks for internet connection A few UI changes Fixed a command injection vulnerability 1.0 - Initial Release ​Ability to use NBT Scan from the web interface Ability to install dependencies from the webinterface Ability to scan other networks rather than just the pineapples network Ability to review and delete previous nbt scans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoUEACISRpw
  17. Hi there ! I wanted to share with you my last module for the pineapple: a WiFi Jammer ;) Features - Using deauth with aireplay - Whitelist / Blacklist based on regexp - Autostart Screenshots Simplified Usage - Select the interface to be used from WLAN interface drop-down list (e.g. wlan1). - Click on Start Monitor. - Monitor interface drop-down list will be refreshed (e.g. mon0). - Click on Whitelist tab and click on Refresh link to show APs around and click on APs to be added to your whitelist which will be NOT DeAuth'ed. - Click on Start link next to WiFi Jammer disabled Troubleshooting procedure 1. No APs are found in the Whitelist or Blacklist Select the interface from WLAN interface drop-down list (e.g. wlan1) and click on Auto to disable and re-enable the interface. Then try again. 2. No APs are DeAuth'ed Select the interface from WLAN interface drop-down list (e.g. wlan1) and click on Auto to disable and re-enable the interface. Then try again.
  18. Introducing RandomRoll a MK4 module to automate rolling clients via a randomizing php landing page that displays links like "www.example.com" and not "www.example.com/randomroll/rickroll/index.html" So far rolls that are included are Rick roll, Nyan cat, Rainbow-chicken, PBJ time, Afro circus, Trololo, Tubes, BSOD with annoying sound and a real bad version of Rick roll I call Rick roll trap. USB install only, USB install only, too big for internal storage. Features included, Install, Un-Install, Autostart, Start/Stop DNSSpoof, Pick the rolls you want to use and view them by clicking on there thumbnail. The module also keeps a backup of what it changes. Includes log viewer for redirected clients with IP, roll page and page they were expecting;-) [note] you can find a copy of every log in logs/RandomRoll-XX.log for every start of dnsspoof through this module. also please know that not all devices/web browsers are the same and may not play sound or flash at all. Idea from gsuberland New Feature: Add your own Rolls and RandomRoll will do most of the work, minus changing the links and adding metadata, Instructions in /usb/Modules/RandomRoll/randomroll/How to create your own roll.txt
  19. Hi guys ! I wanted to share my current module project for the pineapple: a "man-in-the-middle" module :) Features: - based on mitmdump and extendable through python scripts - log history - helpers to install javascript - editor to edit scripts Scripts Sample: - Simple_Alert.py -> Will trigger an alert to the user. - BeEF.py -> This would actually replace the BeEF Helper module ^_^ - Upsidedown.py -> Will reverse all web page, nice for April fool day - Snow_storm.py -> Will insert snow on all web page.
  20. Hi ! I wanted to share with the community my new module: Occupineapple :) (Sounds familiar, isn't it :P) This is indeed based on Darren’s idea (Darren, if you pass through, I'm interested to have your feedback / thoughts ;) ) Features: - based on mdk3 - autostart - Configuration (speed, channel) - Choose SSID list to broadcast (if no list is specified, random SSIDs are broadcasted) - SSID lists editor - List can be with (*.mlist extension) or without MAC addresses (*.list extension)
  21. Hi ! Petertfm suggested to make a module for DNSSpoof to be able to keep logs history, etc. So, here it is You should be able to find it in your pineapple bar very soon
  22. Hey everyone ! Based on D4rkOperat0r idea, I made a new version of the trapcookies for the last version of the firmware. For those interested to test it before release, just send me a PM.
  23. Hi everyone ! My new module: a network manager for our pineapple. Features This module give the ability to manage all wifi interfaces (e.g. connect to hotspot), internet sharing, etc. Simplified Usage Scenario: Connect to an external AP to provide internet access to the Pineapple. - Connect your external WiFi card on your pineapple. - Launch the Network Manager infusion. - Make sure your external WiFi card is detected in the Physical Interfaces section (e.g. wlan1) and is enabled. - Click on [Auto Detect] link to automatically prepare the default configuration for the new interface. An addition section will appear at the bottom Physical Interface radio1 [wlan1] - HWAddr [XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX]. - In this section: - Tick Enable. - Select WAN in Network drop-down list. - Select Client in Mode drop-down list. - Enter your AP SSID in Wireless Network Name (SSID) field. You can click on [Available AP] to view a list of AP available around. - Select the correct AP channel in the Channel drop-down list. - Broadcast SSID is Enable. - Select the appropriate security in Security drop-down list. - Select the appropriate encryption in Encryption drop-down list. - Enter the appropriate Key / Shared Key in the Key / Shared Key field. - Click on [save] - Click on [submit] - Click on [DHCP Request] Troubleshooting procedure 1. Connected to AP. View pineapple log and search for: wlan1: associated wlan1: RX AssocResp from XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX (capab=0x1431 status=0 aid=4) wlan1: associate with XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX (try 1/3) wlan1: authenticated wlan1: send auth to XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX (try 1/3) XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX is AP's MAC address (BSSID). 2. DHCP. View pineapple log and search for: DHCP packet received on wlan1 which has no address Screenshots
  24. Hi everyone ! I'm currently working on a site survey add-on for our pineapple. To be able to list APs, you have to switch down / up the wireless interface and to list clients you hate to switch down / up the monitor interface. Can be done through the interface. Module is available through module system. Screenshot
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