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  1. When you are using DNS Spoofing for Phishing for a long time logs at the "Logs" section are getting to big and it's not very friendly to the user. Some ways that i thought that will "fix" it: 1) Clear option. It could save e.g. phish.log as phish-$date.log and create a new, empty phish.log (like WM's dnsspoof module "History" feature) 2) Show All option. Only the tail of each log will be displayed and if the user choose the Show All option the hall log displayed in a new window Of course this options conserns each log separately..
  2. thank you :) i didn't want to start a new topic because i thought it was a quick one and it's something that concerns a new frimware feature EDIT: Found the solution! As you suggested i took a look at the error.php.. Phishing log displays the " /pineapple/logs/phish.log" file.
  3. How do we use the "Phishing log" at the "Logs" section? Thank you in advance :)
  4. A2) Try petertfm's script http://forums.hak5.o...4-setup-script/ , but make sure you read all the comments regarding the newtimezone (i guess thats why you want to change the date). Also what version are you using? If not 2.7.0 try to upgrade, i think there was a bugfix for time/date/timezone problems. 3) A POWERED one!
  5. 1) I am not a mac user but maybe this topic will help you connect to your pineapple through OS X :http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/27808-mac-ics-works/ 2) Are you able to connect wirelles to your pineapple? If so navigate to: (i guess pineapples are still shipping with an old firmware version or if you running 2.6.4 or above) 3) As you can read at the Wifi Pineapple Book at the: "Ethernet to PC" connect your pineapple to your pc through PoE/LAN port. 4) From a quick search i found this topic where a user had the same problem (output) with the wp4.sh script: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28157-issues-with-wp4sh-in-linux-mint/ just try to run the script as root I hope i have helped you.
  6. Thnk you for keeping as updated digininja :) there are a lot of people waitng for this module months now, including me! :)
  7. did you try to format your usb according to this guide? is your pineapple powered with 12v?
  8. Take some time and read the change log http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/index.php?changes After 2.5.0 home page is :)
  9. It's very possible to be in the next version which will be released very soon as seb mentioned :)
  10. http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28005-suggestionnetwork-connection-status-indicator/ I think this is a necessary feature ;)
  11. http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28005-suggestionnetwork-connection-status-indicator/ Is this actually possible?
  12. --nick-- calm down, it's not available anymore. We all hope WM one day releases it. It's also "a high demand feature" ;)
  13. Very good work :D Maybe an option of adding a logo or a background image in a feature release ? :)
  14. Is this similar to how apple devices check for internet connection? If so i guess it can be easily fixed :D
  15. @petertfm, @zettaquark, @mondrianaire are you thinking/working on something like mondirianaire mentioned in his previous post? I am very excited about that and just want to put 2-3 ideas together :) . So a module that will have o "welcome page" with links wich will be downloaded and modified so we can log emails/passwords pages and let you choose: # SSID # the title of the main page (landing page) # background image or logo on top of the page # a welcome message, e.g. "Welcome, due to limited internet access only the links bellow are available" I used this method but manualy, with out a module. I made my "welcome" page at wix.com and i downloaded through my iphone(iSaveWeb was the name of the app i used) the modile version of it (because i think most of the victims in an attack like this, taking place in a coffee shop or an airport or a train will be smartphones/tablets). I removed wix advertisment that was on the top of the page and with the rest of the links that i had also dowlnloaded through my modile and modifed them for logging the passwords an emails i put them all together at with dns spoof running. Here is my "welcome page": yialo.rar. It looks prety good on a mobile ;)
  16. Mondrianaire that's perfect!!!! I am using exactly the same idea but manualy and it's a mess with the links and all that! I am very happy you are working on a module like this!! Because my knowledge in php is minimal I used wix.com to make my own "website" but for mobiles. It had the official logo of a local cafe on top and a message that was saying that only the pages in the links bellow are available. I Downloaded it and put it in i also downloaded the modile versions of the links my webpage had (Facebook,twitter, Youtube, Google, hotmail) and put them all together. And then logging passwords and emails ;) Maybe in your module you can add the option of choosing the title of the main page the SSID the message saying that they will have a "limited" ;) internet access and also a background image or a logo :D
  17. I think a feature like this will take pineapple to a new level ;) I really hope you give it a try :D
  18. I guess you just need to buy a new RP-SMA to U.FL cable. You will find all the answers in this topic regarding wich and where you can buy it from :) http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/26636-poor-wifi-signal-range/page__st__20
  19. My knowledge in this part is very limited but here is something that could help :) http://www.backtrack...light=av script http://funoverip.net/category/hacking-cat/
  20. Just an idea i had this morning... Lets say for example i am using a MITM attack with out providing internet to my pineapple. So everyone gets redirect to where i have put my phishing page logging emails and passwords victims type. Wouldn't be nice after the victim type in his password and try to connect the phishing page redirect him to a page like the one the particular website use when you are typing a wrong password? This can be done 3 times and after that a message saying "You have try to many times, try again in 10 minutes." with the official logo of the website on top. All the passwords can be compared and if they are the same just log it once alse log the ones that doesn't match. This way we can be sure that the victim is typing the right password/email and that he gets less suspicious about not connecting to the website.
  21. Can someone suggest me a tutorial on how i can use those gpio pins?? Thank you.
  22. Thank you both for your replay. I will get into it :)
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