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  1. I Almost was planning on going to a babymetal gig, but found it was too expensive for just a laugh. But yes some kind of typical japan gig is on the list as of now. Thanks!
  2. I've got about three weeks to spend there, what do you guys think I really shouldn't miss out on? Never been there before, so pretty oblivious to what is coming to me... Booked a few nights of Tokyo, Osaka, visiting the island Okinawa... Also have a JR rail pass to get around... Is Kyoto any good? Or should I go for an extra round of Tokyo? Arrigato!
  3. You're looking pretty fit! Did you loose weight? Looking good, keep it going! That was all, thanks!
  4. A beautiful example why investing in a good antenna is worth the money/effort. Make sure you buy/make one for the right frequency of course!
  5. Just bought a new toy to put on my van and thought this picture would interest others. A little info on the Nagoya UT-308UV taken from the website: Frequency: 144-148/430-440 MHz Gain: 3.0 dBi Length: 56 cm Connector: BNC/SMA Male/SMA Female/PL-259 Cable: RG-58, RG-174 (3m)
  6. To all those that are whining about "customer service" and/or the "we want value for money" boys; you're not only giving your money for the hardware, you're also supporting innovation. You're supporting a good cause, see it as a way you can make Unicef keep doing what they do. But without the CEO that fills his pockets with $1000000 a year. Besides that, they have given us more updates for the hardware then Linksys, Netgear and Belkin did combined for all of their stuff in the past year... And not only you get the best piece of hardware you yourself never could come up with, they also are giving you a weekly dose of technolust, and everything that surrounds that. Have you ever seen a company that gave you as much bang for buck than these bunch? No you haven't. It's absurd how much heart they put into their product, it is pure love and dedication. You can't even compare it to another company, these are the people we need more of in the world, make sure they can keep doing what they do.
  7. You couldn't have picked a worse time to come up with a new goody... I'm in over my head in bills already! I wish I had a big money growing tree... I really hope next year will be a little better for me so I can join you all in the fun. Thanks for being awesome!
  8. So your parents said something like, "Computers are a bad influence, you should do something with beer!"
  9. I came across something I think is really awesome and I'm sure there are some of you you also are freaked out by this little gem. http://www.rtl-sdr.com/receiving-dead-satellites-rtl-sdr/ So there are sattelites up there that should have been crashed, but somehow didn't (because of comm failures and such) and are still beaming stuff around. Some more interesting stuff: http://mdkenny.customer.netspace.net.au/emitters.html So this 50 year old piece of space "scrap" can still be heard! Hoping to see some more results coming in from other RF enthousiasts. ADS-B is for pussies!
  10. The router I was doing this with was nowhere to be found a few days after posting this, so I completely forgot about it. Good to see it was picked up by others for testing, love you guys xxx. (Better late than never!)
  11. -edit- Just checked if my book was still right, unfortunately dedected isn't in the repository anymore. I have some kind of .iso stacked somewhere, but don't know where. I'll check it out for you and try to share as soon as I find it.
  12. Afaik it's all included in the Kali Linux distro. Haven't used it for a while, so I'm not completely sure.
  13. What's the maximum capacity on the duck?
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