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  1. It don't matter with the OTA updates, just a final blessing firmware like when the MK4 ended as i have it also with the final 2.8.1 which is good no problems.
  2. WOW i finally can enjoy my MK5 that i bought almost two years ago and was not able to make it work like this version, Seb please please please put some more effort and take it out of BETA as a final gift to us long time supporters who did not whine about a broken project ....
  3. Well i sure hope this will calm down as i have invested a lot in the quadcopter and don't want to be a victim of being a scape goat for someone else's mischief. We will see what happens since most long range "disasters" tests of drones will start happening when the weather warms up, so it will be all over the news and they might think it over and try different ways of identifying these UFO/UAS.
  4. I have been a ham radio operator for a million years now but no one used my call sign in a bad way that would get the FCC running after me with a big fine. I also contacted the globe with my ham radio call sign and been heard all over, and people who are listening could use my call sign to call it there own, but that never happened. I think the same would go with registration numbers for drone flyers and both databases are public on the FAA and on the FCC, don't get worried too much as life is short anyways. Meanwhile go and enjoy my youtube channel where i have filmed a lot last year with my drone : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9hsEPTAgnYOy_rkkepv68w
  5. These are government boxes to track large groups in demonstrations and such without profiling or check points. IMEI is your electronic biometric, since apple started randomizing MAC addresses so big Bro had to find another way to put a PIN on your movement.
  6. Hey guys and gals, i am not sure what to do but i have got to be at a new low..... I am BEGGING ! Here is my dilema and reason for begging : https://begslist.org/help-pay-bills/open-heart-surgery-and-financial-trouble All i ask is help but not sure how i can make it public or make it spread, i have exhausted all my resources so i am now at the stage of on the brink of being out on the street. It does happen to the best of us, i feel ashamed to ask for help but my family is on the line here, so if anyone got pointers or can help me in any way i am all ears.
  7. Just save yourself from the grief and misery of getting a dell and go for a macbook air, I myself sold my MSI GTX780 and my sager NP6110 and went for a macbook pro retina maxed out as i am a heavy duty gamer and everything else, running windows side by side with mavericks and never been happier. Windows is just for games, MAC OS is for getting work done, and i have the best of both worlds in one masterpiece that has a battery that lasts a FULL day of work and play. Nuf said..... Oh i made a test on my panasonic tough book i got from ebay a couple of weeks ago for 150$ http://youtu.be/jeYFsdrfuMI
  8. did you mean the weight is 12 jiga pound ? so funny i LMAO .... But seriously 1.4.1 ROCKS man super smooth web ui and no more dead main page, so far so good .... as always me love you long time :)
  9. Sitwon, since you experienced the firmware and i guess you tested it, i wanted to know if i have things right or not as i tried it on my phone and i get garbage for one second on the speaker then i get ALSA has stopped on your modification and apparently the dumping in the pcap also stops in the original dedected, any possibilities of answers ?
  10. Hmm interesting, will head over there and see what's up with it.
  11. Is that an access point antenna or you are happy to see me LOL
  12. Sure thing why not as this has too many loose ends to tie up, where to ?
  13. I don't clearly understand why and what to forward from the ubuntu server. Let me recap on what i did from point A which is aquiring the LTS server iso to point Z where you seen the last tail of the log and finding the web ui credentials : - installed the LTS server 12.04. - logged in as user. - changed root password - logged in as root. - installed git. - git clone snoopy. - installed snoopy as root. - verified the password is there in the location of the web ui under the user created. - ran snoopy from the directory of the user created. - went in config and entered wigle credentials. - everything works as far as wigle and web interface except the google maps api gave me the middle finger and said it ain't gonna work, so that needs reworked as in going to open street maps perhaps. So far i did not touch the area where it has to do with maltego transforms. Any details on your side please post them :)
  14. Non-mac like what ? if the mac runs windows via bootcamp and now we have vmware to do the job too, unless you want to access express card, pcmcia or any other legacy connections. I see that now panasonic tough books are all over the place on ebay now since the gov spit out there stock of police car mounted ones and upgraded to the new world order terminator style systems with integrated everything from a to z, what i am trying to say that you can get one of these 2ghz core 2 duo rugged in good shape for around 150 max and new battery for 40 and a new power adapter for another 35 all for less than 250 and you get a nice windows machine and linux that you can use as a weapon or a chair or a door stop if your not using it for computing lol
  15. Yeah thats right for only $250 bucks, well i have an asus eeepc and its a nice little beast but not much real estate of a screen, laptops aside what other goodies there is to get i am in on finding something else to get lol.....
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