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  1. sud0nick

    [Official] Portal Auth

    @PoSHMagiC0de dude are you sure you're in the right thread? This is a thread dedicated to PortalAuth support only and not issues with the rest of the Pineapple. If you need to store portals on the sd card you can do so by changing the setting in the GUI. It defaults to /root/portals but you can change it to /sd/portals if you'd like. However EP looks for portals isn't my business as I'm not the author of that module and I won't tell newbi3 how to write his own software. No one has had to fix my modules "on the back end out of the box" that I'm aware of.
  2. sud0nick

    [Official] CursedScreech

    My guess is the payload is crashing on the target system. It could be related to .NET. Can you check event viewer for logs or task manager to see if the payload is still running after the connection closes? Also use netstat to check if the port the payload uses is still listening.
  3. sud0nick

    [Official] Portal Auth

    @N30blu3 that error means it can't find the urllib3 module for Python. It's included with PortalAuth at /pineapple/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/libs/requests/packages/urllib3. I just downloaded the module on my NANO and cloned a portal successfully so I'm not sure why you're getting that error. Did you happen to bork your python installation somehow? What firmware version are you running? Have you tried factory resetting your pineapple?
  4. sud0nick

    [Official] nmap

    I'm not sure which module you meant by "keyring" (maybe Key Manager?) but I just booted up my NANO for the first time in a long time, installed the latest version of Papers from the Module Manager and everything worked just fine. I then upgraded to the latest firmware and installed all modules mentioned above (Key Manager in place of keyring) and everything seems to work just fine. @Just_a_User are you having trouble only with nmap or other modules, too?
  5. sud0nick

    [Official] Portal Auth

    @onion2346 I updated the module with the requested changes. You can pull the latest here or wait for the PR to be merged into the modules repo.
  6. sud0nick

    [Official] Portal Auth

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It never even crossed my mind that someone might download a batch script and run it. I guess anything is possible. I definitely see it being more useful in CursedScreech so I'll make the change in both modules.
  7. sud0nick

    [Official] Portal Auth

    It's probably because you're uploading a .bat file. The module expects a .exe for Windows payloads. I should have included a response for unsupported file types but I can also include support for .bat files.
  8. sud0nick

    [Official] CursedScreech

    Yep, I did. Was just saying here that I wasn't ready to make an actual release yet so anyone who ran into a problem with the current version could still get it from my repo until I was ready to release the next version. Luckily I found some time tonight to get it done and submitted the PR.
  9. sud0nick

    [Official] CursedScreech

    I'm working on an update to this module that will add functionality to work with a new module I'm planning to write. However, with the latest release of Papers I needed to update how this module interacts with the SSL store so I've pushed those minor changes to GitHub without changing the version number. If you have the latest version of Papers please reinstall this module from my GitHub repo. If you're cool with waiting a couple days I should have a pull request in to the pineapple modules repo by then that includes this update.
  10. sud0nick

    [Official] Papers

    Version 1.5 is available on GitHub and will soon be available in the module manager. Here is the changelog: - Added option to include SANs in certificates - Changed key output from .pem to .key - Added default Certificate Info if none is included in the build request - Fixed a bug where the Certificate Info fields remained after switching to SSH key build mode With this latest release you won't be able to simply import your old keys if you exported them because the filenames for keys are now .key instead of .pem. What you should do is first SSH into the Pineapple, cd to /pineapple/modules/Papers/includes/ssl and ../ssh to rename all .pem files to .key files. Once you've done this, copy everything within the ssl and ssh directories to another location on the Pineapple (outside of the module). After you update the module move the keys/certs back into the ssl and ssh directories.
  11. sud0nick

    [Official] Papers

    @R00tMe I'm not having that problem on my Tetra. Would you mind sharing your nginx.conf file? You can find it at /etc/nginx/nginx.conf if you SSH into your Pineapple. Also, let me know which Pineapple you're using (nano/tetra).
  12. sud0nick

    [Official] Papers

    @R00tMe I'll try to find some time this weekend to see if I can reproduce the problem.
  13. sud0nick

    [Official] CursedScreech

    You only need VS if you want to create a Windows executable with an embedded PFX. There may be other ways to create one but VS certainly makes it easy.
  14. sud0nick

    Attach Ubuntu workstation to AD Domain

    I use VAS (Vintela Authentication Services) which is also known as QAS (Quest Authentication Services) which now appears to be owned by OneIdentity. It works really well for AD authentication on Linux hosts. I'm not sure where you can get the version that I use but you can check OneIdentity's trial downloads for something similar (https://www.oneidentity.com/trials). Edit: I should mention I use it on RHEL and haven't tried on Ubuntu but I'm sure they provide an appropriate package for your system.