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  1. Oh i had some punctuation errors too.... Got it working. I did not (and do not) have any means to really use this.... That would not be a good idea. I wont bother these forums again with phishing attacks, sorry. Didnt want to mess with anybody.
  2. Yeah i checked that one out... however i think that the documentation (on phishing inparticullar) is pretty poor.... evil portal made me look into php and javascript more, which i think is essential in order to use it properly. Does someone have an idea about what "evil portals" actually is? Are they pre configured ones for evil portal? Best Regards,
  3. Well, i hope you dont think that i want to use this for illegal activities, as that would really be somewhat stupid. I accept what your saying but i just want to make this clear: i dont want to steal anyones account illegaly. The only targets i would use are obviously my own devices and thos of which people wanted to see how something like this works. Isnt social Engineering equal to penentrationtesting, by finding vunerabilities and giving advice on how to patch them up or stay away from them? I really understand you point, but could you then atleast tell me if it was possible to set a password on the fake ap? Thank you.
  4. So i bought the wifipineapple TETRA, and ive been experimenting with modules and such. Now i have 2 questions which i couldent really figure out my self, thus im asking here. (Im also not sure into which subforum to post this but hey...) - i thought about creating a "fake ap" which, when you connect to it, asks you to login w/ your gmail or facebook account. If someone could suggest me a module that enables me to do this (with a reasonable tutorial), i would be very greatfull. - 2cnd question is probably simple but yet indid not find this option... How do i protect my fake ap with a password encryption (wpa/wpa2) ? It should really work with modules enabled..... is this possible? huge thanks in advance ;)
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