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  1. Hi all, Can a Ubertooth One be used to impersonate a BT device? lock, speaker, headset, etc.? Spoofing the MAC should be trivial, I'm just wondering about if it can present itself as the above devices/services. It doesn't have to do the job, just claim to for the pairing. TIA
  2. anode

    Quirks and Qs

    Just got one in. Thought it would be a good device to run bsside-ng with. Found you NEED to use absolute path to any binary called in payloads.txt/sh besside-ng is dumping its cap files in /overlay/upper/ -- any way to change this to /root/loot ? Really needs a second USB port or SD card slot. Internal space is rather limited. (i guess its meant to be used with the C2? kinda limiting, no?) If its a signal intel device, its going to produce logs. 30MB is tight. Multi color LED would have been nice too.
  3. anode


    Have issues with exfil. Copying about 450 files totaling 150MB *always* fails. Wether by script/payload or just mass storage drag-n-drop. When by payload it it does a self eject with the typical OS warning. When by D-n-D, it just hangs after abut 15MB. (have to yank out) Bunny gets rather warm too. (Mac OSX is the host PC)
  4. Yup that was it. Saw another post, but it didn't sink in as to why. Makes sense now. Thanks!
  5. For some reason when I quack a ~/ it is played back as /root/ ~/ works fine manually typed in a terminal I tried a simple just quack it into text editor and same results; /root/ MAC OSX 10.9 Mavericks. edit: Just tried on a Kali laptop same results. Both machine bare iron, not VMs.
  6. Not if lipo. They need special charging. Plenty of chips out there that do it.
  7. This was one of my first thoughts. I was thinking just a coin cell battery to boot it, then plug in/attack. Doesn't need to run it for long. But for v2.0, how about a usb port out the back for battery, wifi, ethernet, etc? And the battery could/should be pass through.
  8. Actually it is updated, if you use opkg. (but problem still is there) And it has a working besside-ng! Made a *very* crude/kludgey alpha module for it. (is there anything before alpha?)
  9. Kinda minor, but on network page, an option to save AP names with a drop down. And option to hide management SSID.
  10. Been playing with Site Survey module and pop over on SSH and run aircrack-ng <capfile> -J <hccap> And it seems to run OK. But over on the hashcat rig (3.20 Ubuntu server 16.04.1) fails with a incorrect epol length. Copying the cap file over the the hashcat rig and using AC (v 1.2 beta 3) there works perfectly. The Nano's AC version is 1.2 rc2 (my kali box is 1.2 rc3, which also works)
  11. I started looking at this. I Think it possible, but not as simple as a apt-get or git clone. The git is too big to fit on the turtle (and thats without the dependancies ) You have to chop off all the un-needed/wanted features/modules, and tweak the main python a bit I'd think. Though also not to sure how you would trigger the target machine to try to connect to your share.
  12. Nice when things work as expected and described huh? I shot my self in the foot applying MK4/5 methods. (I don't change gears well after months away along with being a 'man' and refusing to RTFM)
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