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  1. Nothing big or bad, but there is a bug with Recon / PineAP which we are releasing a fix for tomorrow. Until then, I want to prevent people updating to a bugged update, just to update again.
  2. korang

    Modules Requests Discussion

    Not sure the viability to run hascat on a pineapple. If you just meant to capture the PMKID, then this would be interesting to see.
  3. korang

    TCPDump printer

    OK, please do not take the wrong way. But why would you take a tool on site that you had not vetted yet? While I agree the the PS is a good option for what your trying to do. While you are in the PS can you see the USB drive mounted? Have you tried a small capture without the drive inserted to verify the drive isn't causing some issue? When trying the firmware upgrade, is it connected locally to the laptop/desktop you are using? Have you tried a factory reset to clear everything?
  4. korang

    Payload sometimes not working...

    So this is hard to troubleshoot because you are using the BB in 2 different machines. What rights does your shell require to execute? Can you run the text in a dos/powershell box and get them to execute manually. What policies are set on the target device? Are there policies that may be preventing execution and/or copying files to a storage. How are you getting the files to the BB? As mentioned previously, if policies prevent mass storage, this may be blocking you. What defensive items are on the device itself, AV, IDS, HIPS, NETWORK MONITORING, etc? And a final thought, if it does execute, are you trying to connect back internally or externally? There are many variables introduced in this scenario.
  5. korang

    Defense against

    So how do use use a keyboard or mouse if you disable USB ports? This is where this device gets around this. Most will disable mass storage, but since the ducky acts as a HID device, you can bypass this. Now you could disable USB totally and go old school with PS2 mice and keyboards. But in most environments, the vendors only provide USB devices. There are ways to get restrictive on HID devices but it is a management nightmare.
  6. korang

    Code Execution while locked

    I know I could search for this, but being a bit lazy, apologies. But are there any payloads that execute on target device while it is locked? Or is there any way to make a payload execute on a locked device? TIA
  7. korang

    Firmware upgrade

    I am not sure how that package would help with the squirrel as it is generally used on a hard line and does not have a wifi interface.
  8. korang

    I have to vent

    I for one, have had many discussions for use of the packet squirrel here at my job. Along with that, it has also been discussed developing payloads for it's usage. I , for one, do not depend solely on payloads posted. I also tailor and create payloads for the needs I have for the tools. And that is what they are exactly, tools. it is up to you to use them as you needs. Now that is just my 2 cents, take it as you will.
  9. korang

    Packet Squirrel + Responder?

    I have gotten responder working on the PS. But you have to be in any other mode but not transparent. I haven't had a chance to experiment further yet. Here is where I was discussing and found out you cannot use transparent mode for responder.
  10. korang


    OK, so looked at the TCPDUMP payload and saw it is using NETMODE TRANSPARENT and capturing on br-lan interface. I have tried to do this with responder and seem to not get any working results. In TRANSPARENT mode i tried the br-lan, eth0, and eth1 interfaces and did not capture any traffic. Has anyone done any testing with responder and using a br-lan interface?
  11. korang

    [PAYLOAD] HoppEye - 8x Mobile Payload Chooser

    This looks very interesting...
  12. korang


    Ok so I can download responder from github and run it on a USB storage. it is just python. The question is, if I run in NETMODE TRANSPARENT, are there interfaces that show up to bind responder to? If I am in TRANSPARENT mode, can I still SSH into the squirrel?
  13. To be honest, I have sat at a table at a local coffee shop, 2 laptops, and my tetra sitting on table and no one has ever asked any questions...
  14. korang


    Has anyone installed any additional packages? And how do you install them?
  15. korang


    Well, I can see where a few hours in my future will be spent...lol