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  1. The BBTPS I wrote has a means for you to report back to it from your payload to grab additional jobs/payloads. Good for cases where you want to check if it is safe to pull down possible detectable code if it is safe..like no AV. Also to check if a victim meets conditions before pulling down a larger script to run. I been sidetracked and done very little with newer version converted from nodejs to golang for the server and the update the SMB part for file exfiltrations but that should give you some ideas for what to do with it. Also wanted to add quack back for smarter Admin dete
  2. Welp, it checks to make sure you are in the local administrators group. Now, I can see an issue ensuing in the way I am checking this since I am directly checking the local group, If you are added to Administrators group via another group, it may not see you. You can remark out the check if you want to test for yourself, the code is commented. Anyway, if your name is not in the local administrators group, it will just exit. Also, it checks for a specific version number of Windows. Will run if Win10 or greater or if version 8.1...specifically major version 6.3 it looks like. I was goi
  3. Just retested. It works. You have to be a local admin on the machine first before you run this. It will not warn you or do absolutely anything if you are not. This is not a priv escalation from a unprivileged user to admin. This is to bypass UAC. UAC is that prompt you get when you are on as an admin and need to run something that requires elevated rights so it greys out the screen with that "are you sure" message. It is Windows version of sudo. For automated tasks where keyboard access is not there this is very helpful since you will not be able to click "yes" via code.
  4. Sounds like a simple masquerading NAT rule except for the forwarding part you set the default policy to drop and then set rules to allow your specific IPs through. As long as the outgoing interface is on that 10.10.10.x network, masquerade will assign it the IP of that interface. If you are blocking incoming from that outside interface by default then you will need a rule to allow the status mode of ESTABLISHED,RELATED to get through. Lookup iptables and masquerading or setting up a linux machine as a router with iptables. If you have not played with iptables to that extent.
  5. Lol, this isn't a Darren issue. It is MS doing their due diligence and fixing an issue. If you want to get hashes from locked machines, you will need to come up with a new method....not Darren. He has given you the tool to use whatever you come up with. Use it damnit.
  6. Welp, I mentioned awhile back on the correct way to create Powershell payloads/scripts that are easily transportable. That method is to make them as functions. This is a function. When you ran that, it created the function and stored it in memory. To run it, you have to run the function name with the parameters. The file method needs to local location of the ps1 file to be ran. The encoded way needs the powershell commands you want to run encoded as base64 unicode encoded (like if you were going to run the encoded powershell commands with the "powershell /E" way). So, if you
  7. Don't know or remember what I added but ok.
  8. "\$" escapes question mark. "\\" escapes back slash. "\\\$" escapes back slash and question mark.
  9. I do know if the BB comes up as a new device, Windows 10 will attempt to locate drivers for it. This can include looking up on Windows update which can take some time. After the drivers are install if you do the same combo attack again, it should be faster since now the machine as the drivers. There isn't way around this unless you preload the required drives before inserting the BB. HID is is normally fast but I noticed on machines I have not inserted the BB in yet if I use the dual HID Ethernet or ethernet it will take some time to find drivers for it before it is available for use.
  10. Try deleting the reponder folder under "/tools/" on the root of the BB system drive and then try reinstalling the responder.deb tool again by copying to the tools folder on the BB arming mode partition, safely ejecting and reinserting the bunny. File should vanish from the tools folder there an end up install in the tools folder on the BB system drive. See if that works.
  11. The P4wnpi is running raspian also so it is a general arm distro and has all the deps available for meta and stuff in their repo.
  12. Exactly. Anything you cannot do by hand on that machine cannot be magically done by the BB on the machine. Now, if you can remotely hit it with a domain account to run commands then there is a chance you may be able to do it with impacket from the bunny using the psexec module or wmiexec module. Issue you are going to run into in 2020 is two fold though. One, last year we had issued getting the latest impacket installed that supports SMB3. I was going to try it again a different way but then issue 2 comes up....python 2 is deprecated and I do not know if Hak5 has plans to drop python2 als
  13. Can you run your payload manually from that machine? If not, the BB is not magic. If you can, that is your path to execution. The same manual path you took will be the automated path. Like if you have the ability to open file explorer then file explorer will be your path.
  14. If I intent on doing a proc dump of lsass, I usually use another program or script to do a minidump of lsass so well known malicious bins (like mimikatz) don't have to be loaded on the victim. I copy that off and then use the non-powershell mimikatz to process or pypykatz or any of the other dump file processors out there. If I am on the box, I have high privilege and I intent on using mimikatz, might as well just process the memory in place rather than leave artifacts writing to disk.
  15. ?? The one for BC security worked fine for me. Used it with no parameters. Logged in to full updated Win10 VM as administrator, UAC bypassed, Defender turned all off.
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