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  1. Good morning for the team of hak5, Im in the las Firmware Upgrade (Current version: 2.6.1) this new upgrade help me to solve the problem of the sd card, thanks for that. Now i have the problem that the unique moduel that works is evil portal. Im trying to install the dependences of DNSMasq Spoof v1.2 , DNSspoof v1.5, SSLsplit 1.4, RandmoRoll but it is on red color, Not installed. thanks for this great device
  2. pati

    Android APK Install

    hello Shadowharvy im trying to execute a payload with a samsung galaxy s3, i have been working with the payload for android url_open but only can download my apk, im interesting in this part of your code adb install /root/udisk/payloads/${SWITCH_POSITION}/payload.apk, i think it is more easy for just insert the usb bash bunny and it will search our payload and execute it automaticly. how can i install this requires ? # Requires android-tools-adb installed on the Bash Bunny Thanks
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