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  1. Thank you Dear Audrick I try to connect to my turtle from my VPS with this command : ssh root@localhost -p 2222 -I ~/.ssh/rsa but nothing hapend and I couldn't connect to my turtle. But with port 22 I can Connect to my VPs not Turtle!!! these are the step by step work that I did : 1- In key Manager I generate the key and copy that to my VPS with port 22 and administrator user 2- then in autossh module : administrator@my vps Ip and set the ports. 3- I disconnect the lan turtle and connect it again 4- I go to my VPS and Try to SSH to my turtle 5- I try this commands : ssh administrator@localhost -p 22 -I ~/.ssh/rsa the enter my VPS Password and ssh is complete to my VPS 6 - Then I use this command in the turtle terminal to connect to my server : ssh administrator@xxx.xxx.xxx.135 -i ~/.ssh/rsa the result is okay and I can able to connect my VPS from turtle terminal ***maybe the problem is using ~ in this command : ssh administrator@xxx.xxx.xxx.135 -i ~/.ssh/rsa 7- But I cant connect to my Turtle from my VPS!!!! Is that Clear that what is my problem? My VPS is windows server 2012 **what is the command of SSH that I should type in my cmd of win VPS?(which Ip should I use, the local Ip of lan that i try to ssh to it or the VPS Ip?what about the user?should I use root or administrator ?) *****I have the same problem to run the OpenVPN module too*** I will appreciate you to help me to run it too. Thanks i use my password But nothing happend.
  2. Ict

    Internet Accounting

    Yes Dear Do you know Internet Accounting software of service?! Like ccproxy and etc I have an Internet network that when user want to have an Internet they must have username and password to login then have an access to Internet know I want to use packet squuirrel , lan turtle or etc. but there is no Internet that I want to connect my hack tools over the internet because as an havker I don’t have the user name and password. Is it clear?
  3. Hello Dear Hackers I have a question about Hak5 gears: What should I do For a network that the Internet is Accounting and To use the Internet You should Have an account. In this situation When i use the Hak5 Gears i can't use the Internet!!! I will appreciate You To help.
  4. Thanks I did it (dropping out of the Turtle and getting to a shell) alot but No response !!! But I have some Problem That I mentioned . 1- My Key manager current status don't Change to start!!! 2 - Could you please explain the -vvv that you mentioned? 3- Did you see the Attachments files? I can't select the modules that I saw in the videos (I mean I can't check mark them with x)
  5. I use My VMs and My PC and Other Computer to ssh to Lanturtle But I can't.. I use this command: ssh administrator@My VPS IP -p 2222.
  6. Hi I want to run AutoSSH but I encounter a few problems : * The Lan turtle is updated. version 6.2 1- I cant select the Autossh module after configuration of it!!!that a * marker singe should be select that!!!but nothing Happend...what should I do? (I have this problem for selecting all of my modules) 2- and Also I cant Stop the status of that , It is always enable.what should I do? 2 - about key manager module : look at the photo named key manager 1. what is that error mean?and the other key manager photos, what should I do to run this module? * I use the Lan turtle key manager and commands to gen the key and copy that but I didn't have any success to access it over Autossh module. thanks
  7. Hi it’s good for an air-gap system and network that doesn’t have any primary security solution like port security!!! because it doesn’t let to capture the packets like packet squirrel That’s like a toy , it is good to have a fun time in an un-secure networks
  8. I tested in my network that has a port security And it causes that that port of my network go to the error disable mode because of violation!!!and in the log I can see the MAC address of packet squirrel! if We can’t Capture the net traffic of this kind of network then this tool is not a good tools, even my friends in their small internet center use port security and dot1x this kind problem is exists in lan turtles too!! Any idea and any solution!? dose the Frimware should be change!?
  9. Hi I wanted to capture the Pcap File Of a Network with Packet Squirrel But It Was Failed That network Has a Port security in the network Nowdays a lot of Networks have a security configuration like Port security what should I do? Is there any way to bypass this features?thanks
  10. Dear I have that book it is a simple guide It is not for andvance use!!! I search but I can’t find any thing!!! have you ever search?! Or can you search and give me a link!? thanks
  11. Thanks Dear, For Example: 1-UAC: to disable it 2- disable Antivirus 3- inject Our Code I am an administrator of a big network; I want to test it and check my Network I configure my network: High UAC, antivirus, DLP and Some other GPO when I connect the Rubber Ducky to one of the Pc of my network, nothing happened and the code didn’t execute what should I do!? what are the best string code to do that!?
  12. I heard that it is possible to do a good thing with rubber ducky for example enable the cmd when the os is lock and them enable administrators and then login and atc but you said something public, as you know that is a hack tools that can able to bypass a security features
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