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  1. Battery Tester/CPU Stress For the SharkJack I keep seeing people talk about how the battery lasts less then 10 minutes, etc etc etc.. I made a script to test and prove the Battery Drains incredibly fast under load. Further more... The Script.. (NOTE: This Script should be ran on the SharkJack itself!) battery-tester.sh #!/bin/bash # Title : Battery Tester/CPU Stress # Author : REDD of Private-Locker # Version : 1.1 # Description : The script uses a simple log system to pull the # batteries status, date, and time into a log file for Hak5 # to help diagnose the issues. Also uses "sha256sum" to verify # a null file leaving it to stress the CPU. # # Log File : /root/battery.log # Set to YES to stress the CPU during Battery Test. MAX_LOAD=YES STRESS="sha256sum" # Time in seconds to report in log. (20 mins = 1200) TIME=600 # Initial Script Variables - DO NOT CHANGE UNDER_LOAD=0 DATE_NOW=$(date +'%r') START_TIME=$(date) CPU_USAGE=$(grep 'cpu ' /proc/stat | awk '{usage=($2+$4)*100/($2+$4+$5)} END {print usage "%"}') BATTERY_STATUS=$(BATTERY) LOG_FILE="/root/battery.log" function DISPLAY_TIME () { MINS=$((TIME / 60)) SECS=$((TIME % 60)) if [ "$TIME" -ge "60" ]; then printf "$MINS minutes and $SECS seconds" else printf "$SECS seconds" fi } TOTAL_TIME=$(DISPLAY_TIME "$TIME") if [ ! -f "$LOG_FILE" ]; then touch "$LOG_FILE" fi if [ -f "$LOG_FILE" ]; then echo -e "" >> "$LOG_FILE" echo -e " Battery Test Date: $START_TIME" >> "$LOG_FILE" echo -e "==================================================" >> "$LOG_FILE" echo -e "" >> "$LOG_FILE" echo -e "" echo -e " Battery Test Date: $START_TIME" echo -e "\n Battery Test running for $TOTAL_TIME." echo -e " Battery Test running for $TOTAL_TIME." >> "$LOG_FILE" echo -e " Battery Status: $BATTERY_STATUS" echo -e " Battery Status: $BATTERY_STATUS" >> "$LOG_FILE" echo -e "" if [ "$MAX_LOAD" == "YES" ]; then echo -e "\n\n -> LOAD created by $STRESS." echo -e " -> LOAD created by $STRESS." >> "$LOG_FILE" echo -e "" >> "$LOG_FILE" echo -e "==================================================" >> "$LOG_FILE" echo -e "" >> "$LOG_FILE" fi echo -e "" >> "$LOG_FILE" fi echo -e "[${DATE_NOW}] -> LOAD: $MAX_LOAD - CPU Load: ${CPU_USAGE} [Battery Status: ${BATTERY_STATUS}]" >> "$LOG_FILE" for ((i=0; i<=TIME; i++)); do if [ "$MAX_LOAD" == "YES" ]; then if [ "$UNDER_LOAD" == "0" ]; then UNDER_LOAD=1 $STRESS /dev/zero & fi fi DATE_NOW=$(date +'%r') CPU_USAGE=$(grep 'cpu ' /proc/stat | awk '{usage=($2+$4)*100/($2+$4+$5)} END {print usage "%"}') BATTERY_STATUS=$(BATTERY) printf "[%s%s] -> LOAD: %s - CPU Load: %s [Battery Status: %s]\r" $DATE_NOW $MAX_LOAD $CPU_USAGE $BATTERY_STATUS echo -e "[${DATE_NOW}] -> LOAD: $MAX_LOAD - CPU Load: ${CPU_USAGE} [Battery Status: ${BATTERY_STATUS}]" >> "$LOG_FILE" sleep 1; done if [ "$UNDER_LOAD" == "1" ]; then killall -9 $STRESS fi echo -e "" >> "$LOG_FILE" echo -e "==================================================" >> "$LOG_FILE" echo -e "" >> "$LOG_FILE" # Blank line for running in Terminal. printf " \n" printf "Finished.\n" Output Example: Battery Test Date: Tue Jan 28 13:47:30 UTC 2020 ================================================== Battery Test running for 10 seconds. Battery Status: full [01:47:30 PM] -> LOAD: NO - CPU Load: 18.0325% [Battery Status: full] [01:47:30 PM] -> LOAD: NO - CPU Load: 18.0437% [Battery Status: full] [01:47:31 PM] -> LOAD: NO - CPU Load: 18.0428% [Battery Status: full] [01:47:32 PM] -> LOAD: NO - CPU Load: 18.0432% [Battery Status: full] [01:47:33 PM] -> LOAD: NO - CPU Load: 18.0469% [Battery Status: full] [01:47:34 PM] -> LOAD: NO - CPU Load: 18.0515% [Battery Status: full] [01:47:35 PM] -> LOAD: NO - CPU Load: 18.0556% [Battery Status: full] [01:47:37 PM] -> LOAD: NO - CPU Load: 18.0596% [Battery Status: full] [01:47:38 PM] -> LOAD: NO - CPU Load: 18.0641% [Battery Status: full] [01:47:39 PM] -> LOAD: NO - CPU Load: 18.0678% [Battery Status: full] [01:47:40 PM] -> LOAD: NO - CPU Load: 18.0718% [Battery Status: full] [01:47:41 PM] -> LOAD: NO - CPU Load: 18.0759% [Battery Status: full] ================================================== I really hope this helps everyone else in their troubles in finding out if their Battery is just defective or it's just "Under Load" that makes it so short.
  2. Hi everyone, I bought a wifi pineapple about a couple of years ago. I've been searching for a battering thin enough to fit the case and be plugged using the U shaped usb connector. I know about the anker and pineapple juince models.. however, I can't find them online (shipping to belgium). Has anyone else found another battery that fits?? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hello, I've been playing with a small circuit for my Bunny... I've put three USB connectors on a small board, 1 for the Bunny, 1 for the Target PC, and a switched one for a small battery bank (I use a cylinder type). I have just run power from the battery bank connector to the Bunny and did not hook up power from the Target at all. With this setup, I can run attacks on USB 2 only devices; and, more importantly pre-boot the Bunny before the attack... Flip switch, wait for Bunny to boot, then plug into Target... I don't use the Bunny for keyboard injection, btw - I still prefer my Rubber Ducky for that. This kind of setup could easily be added to the base Bunny, or as an alternative hardware version - with a single usb jack on the back to accept the battery bank connector. A more sophisticated circuit could be setup to detect if power was available at the Target and allow the battery bank to be removed. Pre-boot Bunny, plug into Target, pull and palm battery. The only complication is that it would be a lot of torque on the Bunny's main connector if the battery had to be left connected for a USB 2 Target...
  4. I plan to connect a battery to my bash bunny when I receive it. Hoping that this will keep the bash bunny running before plugging the device into a target to speed up attacks. Any reason why this wouldn't work?
  5. Hi all, I would like to ask two questions, I apologize if they are already answered, but time passes and some info may have changed especially with these two questions: 1. Is there data about the battery life. e.g. idle work - 20h, Using the third radio simple client connections - 10h. Active monitoring all on - 2h? 2. How about EU delivery? Thank you all in advance.
  6. I've received a defective Pineapple Juice 4000 battery with a recent order. Contacted the hak5 shop, but have not gotten any response yet. I am wondering if I am doing it right. I've filled out the contact form at the shop website and sent an e-mail to support@hak5.org. The battery is not charging, swelling up and getting very hot with charging. Should I contact the shop in a different way?
  7. Hello World, Ive had the Mark V for some time now and finally got around to picking up an external batt for mobile deployments. When I first booted it up I noted that the modules I have installed on the SD card are not displayed in the Web GUI. It shows up in the resources page as being mounted yet none of the modules installed on said card are displayed in the modules drop down menu. The only thing I am assuming is happening is that even though the battery is providing power to the pineapple, it may not be enough power to have the card display the modules? When its plugged into the wall, they show up. That being said the external batt is an Amazon Power Bank (16,100 mAh) which provides 5V output (10 watts). The DC barrel - USB cable I picked up from amazon as well. Any help troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Can we do that without damage the battery or the nano? I have the Pineapple juice 4000
  9. So my Pineapple Juice 4000 finally started to burst at the seams: http://imgur.com/a/eRMZ6 I've had it since launch and been running it pretty hard and long hours and had started to notice it swell, but now it's to the point I don't think it's safe to continue to operate. So I went on a search to find a replacement that: A. I trusted the battery company reputation (edit* not saying I don't trust the hak5 batteries, I fully do. It's batteries that I can purchase elsewhere I normally don't trust because they lie about mAh and amp output regularly.l) B. would still fit in the nano tactical case C. would still use the nice usb adapter After a lengthy search on Amazon looking at various slim battery packs and trying to find one that met those needs, I found this: Anker PowerCore 5000 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01EKXR67M It took a week for them to even start to ship it to me, but arrived day after they finally did. I must say it's awesome!! http://imgur.com/a/pgmaE Claims 5000mAh so extra 1000mAH (which anker is pretty good about being legit on those numbers but i'll have to wait to full charge to test that portion) Claims up to 2amp output (PortPilot detects as 2.1amp) The curved back actually seems to make it fit even nicer into the tactical case (but my memory maybe jaded because of the time I've spent with the swelling on the Pineapple Juice 4000) Hak5 team don't worry about a replacement Pineapple Juice 4000 but if you want to I never say no to extra battery packs ;). I'm not that concerned about it and don't think it's really defective honestly (it does still work and charges fine). I think (purely IMO) that's just what happens to batteries when you used them in enclosed spaces for long periods of time and expose them to high heat (both using the nano and charging which almost 100% of the time was in the tactical case).
  10. Hey all I've been playing around with my new USB power meter, and I wanted to run my math past you to see if I am thinking right. Attached are some pictures, but in general, my NANO seems to draw .50 amps or less. Usually its in the .40 range with a dongle plugged into WLAN2. if my math is right, .40 amp converts to 400milliamps. if we take a 15000mAh battery, we would get appx 26 hours of runtime? (15000 / 350 x 0.7* = 26.25) Does this sound about right? The pineapple juice battery is rated at 4000mAh which is good for about 7 hours. Overall I've been shocked at how little the NANO consumes. I have run PineAP, DNSspood, and evilportal with clients connected and it was consuming around .70amps (700 milliamps) I did notice it goes way up depending on the dongle your using for WLAN2 obviously. If my math is wrong let me know!
  11. Newbie so didn't know but someone said not to and that you cant use a battery pack connected to the usb on the pineapple. I have a powergen powerbank used for charging phones etc, the output has 5v/2a I've plugged in the usb in the battery to the usb of the pineapple and it powered it no problem. Will this damage the pineapple then.
  12. I have this Anker battery pack, and want to make sure I can use it with my Pineapple before I plug it in. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00N2T7U90 Thanks!
  13. Hello! I just received my Mark V yesterday and I'm excited to begin my journey. I pushed the button to check battery life and had just one out of four lights. So, I plugged in the DC5V adapter and plugged the other end into a USB/outlet charger. When I woke up this morning, it was still charging - it has 2 solid lights and is working on the third, which is still flashing. Is this normal? How long should it take to charge the Pineapple Juice 15000? I did search for this answer before posting - sorry if it's out there and I couldn't find it. -F
  14. I've been playing with my pineapple for a little while now. I'm mainly a hardware guy,but after much fiddling I've got kismet running on both radios via a boot mode dip-switch,and all seems to be mostly working okay..mostly. #1 Recon mode seems to randomly break.(firmware 2.3.0) "AP scan" usually always works fine,but "AP+Client scan" will appear to start scanning,but the pineapple icon never stops spinning,and nothing ever appears in the list. It will sit like that for hours,if you let it. Reflashing the firmware (2.3.0),and starting over from scratch seems to be the only fix I've found,for this. I'm not sure what causes it yet. (in one case I even had to downgrade back to 2.2.0,and re-upgrade to 2.3.0 to fix it. See- https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/35131-recon-mode-ap-client/ ) #2 The SMA to RP-SMA adapters I got from the hakshop didn't quite seat on the connectors all the way,as the pineapple case is a bit too thick. So the center-pin never really makes contact. Luckily I discovered this issue before I used the pineapple to transmit anything,since that may have damaged the transmitter(s). The fix for this was to take the pineapple apart,and drill out the antenna port holes in the case with a uni-bit (love those). Now everything seats tightly,and all is well. Which reminds me of a question I have. Why SMA? Darren has mentioned in a couple of videos that it's because they would 'rather have a cheap antenna break,over the expensive pineapple' But I don't get it. The connectors are pretty much identical,apart from having a little dimple in the center versus a little nipple. Seems like (most) everything else I have is RP-SMA,so the adapters are needed to use the pile of stuff in the junk box. Not a big deal,I'm just not following the reasoning. #3 Power. I've run my pineapple on the original 9V power supply,a 3S Li-ion pack(~11-12V range),and a 13.25V bench supply. All work fine. I have seen some reports of pineapples frying while being used in a car,so I'm curious to investigate that. Since I had my pineapple apart to drill out the antenna port holes,I decided to pop the shield off of the PSU section,and take a peek. I'm mostly interested in knowing what the main controller chip for the SMPS supply is. Looking at some naked pineapple pictures,I was able to glean the part numbers of the two sub-supplies for the 1.8V and 3.3V rails,but not the main controller for the 5V rail,until now. (I'm not sure how Darren and crew feel about someone posting the IC part numbers,etc. for their product/IP,so I will refrain from that,for now. Unless I hear differently,from them.) It _should_ be okay up to 15-16V input voltage. The chip is rated for much higher,depending on application,but I'm not sure what the other components (capacitors,mainly) are rated for. I will _assume_ 16V rated capacitors on the input,so that's probably the limit. Heck,I've got a variable bench supply right here,BRB. /says a quick piece to the Gods Of The Magic Smoke./ Yep,working great at 15.5V. This is a clean,regulated,bench power supply though. An automobile is an electrically noisy,nightmareish,situation with lots of voltage spikes,and brown-outs,so that might cause issues. At the least,some noise filtering would be good. Better yet might be a 9V adapter for an old cellphone/radar detector/CD player/etc. Voltage regulation is a good thing. Smoked pineapples are a bad thing. Current draw when the pineapple is idle,no clients connected,and a 12.0V input,is around 150-175ma,or so. . When running kismet on both radios,and logging to the SD card,it's a bit higher,around 270ma,or so. Of course,if you have clients connected,data flowing,and are transmitting at higher power,etc. current draw will be higher. I've seen 400ma drain on several occasions. With my approx 3.0AH Li-Ion battery pack,I have powered the pineapple,running kismet,for 6-8 hours on a full charge. It could probably even go a bit longer. This might be handy info,for someone trying to calculate a rough run-time,when running from battery power. I was doing really well at fighting my technolust,and not taking my pineapple apart...until the antenna port issue. It was bound to happen,eventually. Curiosity,something,something,cat. At least I learned what I wanted to know about the SMPS controllers used in the pineapple,so I'm happy. Next up is to get a GPS dongle,and do some good old war-walking,for fun. Hopefully I can get that working,and maybe pulling the time from GPS. Though,I do have a DS3231 RTC module I could try to hook up. Fun stuff! Ohh,I'll throw this in here too,one of my favorite dip switch settings is something I have dubbed 'silent mode' or 'stealth mode'. Really simple,It takes down all the radio interfaces/AP's,etc.so nothing is transmitting. Handy for staying hidden,while doing config/setup stuffs on the pineapple,until you're ready to be seen! It does require a physical connection to the ethernet jack on the pineapple though,since,obviously,the managment AP is down too. ifconfig wlan0 down && ifconfig wlan1 down && ifconfig wlan0-1 down I think that's it,for now. I might post some more thoughts/rambles later. Happy Pineapple-ing!
  15. Hey guys, New to the forum, recently purchased a Pineapple and I was hoping to get some advice on batteries. Which of the below would work best with the Pineapple MKV: http://www.amazon.co.uk/6400mAh-Portable-External-Technology-Motorola-Black/dp/B005NFOA0S/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1427133901&sr=8-16&keywords=Anker http://www.amazon.co.uk/16000mAh-Portable-External-Technology-Motorola-Black/dp/B00D5T3QK4/ref=sr_1_4?s=telephone&ie=UTF8&qid=1427134169&sr=1-4&keywords=Anker http://www.amazon.co.uk/10000mAh-Portable-PowerIQTM-Technology-USB-charged-Black/dp/B0063AAIRG/ref=sr_1_9?s=telephone&ie=UTF8&qid=1427134169&sr=1-9&keywords=Anker I'm also going to get this cable with it as I've read it's not wise to use USB to USB: http://www.amazon.co.uk/StarTech-Type-Barrel-Power-Cable/dp/B009JXJITS/ref=pd_sim_computers_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=0FYPV9KN9CW1DR9YTB4N Please note I have gone through other threads on this forum in regards to this and the batteries recommended are either no longer available or not sold in the UK. Feel free to recommend anything else besdies the above. Thanks in advance.
  16. battery issue can i know how much time it will take to fully charge each model of the list MODLE TIME TAKEN TO CHARGE COMPLETELY DC 12120 -------------------------------------------- HBJ 12180 -------------------------------------------- HBJ 12380 -------------------------------------------- HBJ 12680 -------------------------------------------- HBJ 12980 -------------------------------------------- DC 12380 -------------------------------------------- DC 12680 -------------------------------------------- DC 12980 -------------------------------------------- DC12-120 -------------------------------------------- DC12-1150 -------------------------------------------- will the power bank had any problem with 240v power supply? Should i Turn one power bank while charging ?
  17. Hi, I have a Wifi Pineapple V that came with the Pineapple Juice 7800 and I'd like to get another batter of the same or comparable features that would work with the Wifi Pineapple V. I couldn't find any batteries sold in the store. Also, I'd like to know what I can get in order to charge these batteries using a vehicle's cigarette adapter.
  18. Hello, so I am working on my bachelors in network security and I have started messing around with electronics as a hobby. I was looking online for anyone that has added a usb port to the Pineapple Juice 1800, and could not find anything so I decided to give it a try myself. The little board with the usb port is from one of those car usb adapters that plugs into the cig lighter. I bought it for 99 cents with free shipping off ebay a while back. It takes 12v from the vehicle and converts it into 5v for usb, so I figured it would work just fine with this battery pack. The first thing I did was take off the led that was on the board since there is already one on the PJ1800. I then soldered (very poorly) the positive and ground wires to the appropriate connectors on the board. I used a multi-meter to figure out which terminals to solder the wires from the usb board to. I crammed everything in the box. There is not a lot of room so the usb port sticks out from the case. It’s not very pretty, but it works.
  19. Hey all! Ok so I've come up with a crazy contraption concept that I'm getting ready to try and solder together. Wanted to colaboate with you all. I'm not sure if this exists: But I'm wanting to make a tiny little circuit the size of ones Thumb that basically enables constant circuit from a USB Pineapple Juice, then when you get home and notice your Pineapple Juice is almost dead, plug in the Mark V wall adapter and flip a switch to switch from USB Battery to the Wall AC outlet. Basically a constant flow from ether a DC or AC power source to have your Pineapple. I know it's intense voltage regulation, but I wanted to post this into the wild and see if anyone experienced can chime in on if this is completely doable or I'm just a dope and shouldn't bother.
  20. Can anyone suggest a single infusions solution or perhaps a set of infusions that would create a solution to what I thought would be a simple fix but alas, I'm missing something. I want to do the following on a pentest: - Warwalk my client's campus - full packet capture with radio spinning on channels 1-11 - ability to save the full packet, multiple channel, survey to a dump, or cap file for review in Wireshark **************************** I tried Wifi Survey - doesn't allow channel spinning and writing to a file like Kismet or airodump I tried tcpdump - it seems to work intermittently, but when I choose the monitor mode option it says it doesn't support monitor mode which seemed strange to me I tried Karma - hoping that maybe the same data would basically be in the log files but the radio doesn't spin on the various channels and do full packet capture resulting in a dump file unless I just missing something obvious ****************************** Basically, I need Kismet with GPS, full packet capture on channels 1-11 and save it to a dump/cap file. I'm hoping to set everything up, unplug, stick in my bag and warwalk.
  21. We are thinking about doing a few permanent installations in remote locations. There is no power and no way to get power to them. So, we are looking to using a 50W solar panel (we also want to run a camera) and a deep cycle battery with a charge controller. Has anyone else done this? In the end we may want to do multiple nodes. And it is looking like our cost on just the solar electrics will be around $240 per unit. This doesn’t include the Mark V or any housing. So it will probably be around $500 all said and done with the camera. Any recommendations? Your thoughts?
  22. I purchased a MKV Travel Bundle about a week or 2 ago and it arrived a few days ago, I left the battery on charge overnight (making sure to leave the switch in the OFF position) and I woke up this morning to find out that the battery lasted about 5 seconds when I plugged it into the Pineapple, I though maybe it didn't charge properly so I left it again for a few hours just to see if it wasn't faulty but I took it off charge and it didn't even turn on, I think it might be dead. Anyone have any ideas? Has anyone else's battery not been working?
  23. Hi , i bought two sets of pineapples , one for me and the other for a friend. We got the elite package because we expected all the hardware would work well together. But we have both found that when using the Pineapple with the juice battery pack there isn't enough power to keep the SanDisk USB working. After looking around on the forums we have found many people complaining about this and recommending the Anker instead. If i had known there was a problem I would have just bought the basic unit and put the extra towards an Anker.
  24. I was recently given a USB battery (it can power the raspberry pi or arduino) from a friend who thought I can use it more than him and I found the usb to barrel wire on amazon. Before I plug it into the Pineapple I just wanted to check with some smarter people than me so I don't damage it(I suck with all matters electricity). The battery outputs 5V at 1A is this ok to power the pineapple mark IV? (If you need more info on the battery its on amazon http://www.amazon.com/PowerGen-External-Blackberry-Sensation-Thunderbolt/dp/B005VBNYDS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1363982136&sr=8-1&keywords=power+gen+5200 ) Also I don't want to pollute the board with my dumb power questions so I'll ask it here, I just a found a few wallplugs that fit and don't remember what one is for the pineapple so what is the power output volts and current they are all different?
  25. Anker Astro3 10 000mAh 5V/9V/12V or Catclaw 5V/9V/12V mAh depends on capacity Annd, does Anker Astro 3 have 10 000mAh at 9V capacity?
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