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Found 10 results

  1. Hope someone can help me....... I used CVE-2017-0785 to exploit my neighbours SmartTV...... It gave me this out ---> sudo python CVE-2017-0785.py TARGET=CC:B1:1A:F6:D7:76 [!] Pwntools does not support 32-bit Python. Use a 64-bit release. [+] Exploit: Done 00000000 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 │····│····│····│····│ * 00000020 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 01 │····│····│····│····│ 00000030 b5 69 01 00 b4 8f e9 c0 00 00 00 00 b5 54 fe a3 │·i··│····│····│·T··│ 00000040 00 00 00 06 b5 69 39 70 b4 8f e9 e0 b5 60 61 38 │····│·i9p
  2. Does anyone have any fun Raspberry Pi or Pi zero projects they recommend? i have a few of each laying around looking for new Ideas
  3. Hi all, I was recently talking with someone regarding Private Investigator work, and the discussion included ways in which one could tell which direction a tailed vehicle/person had turned when you get to a junction and are not certain whether they turned left or right etc. This has given me an idea regarding using the Station MAC of their mobile phone to determine which direction they went. Kind of like a poor-mans GSM Directional Finder, but using the target's WiFi signal instead of the actual phone signal. I would like your thoughts on the following, whether you think this wo
  4. Hi all, A relative is a farmer and has a Raspberry Pi set up in a field, that monitors various stuff. He would like to be able to connect to the RPi from the farmhouse, rather than travel down to the field just to get the data from it. The distance is around 1.5 miles from farmhouse to RPi, with a fairly clear line-of-sight (a few sparse trees and potentially the very edge of someone's house). What would be the best way to connect to it? I've considered using a 3G dongle on the RPi and using SSH over the net, or bridging the 2 with a Yagi on each end (pointed at each o
  5. Hi All! I'm currently busy with a project in witch i want to use man in the middle attacks to show the vulnerabilities of networking and explicitly phones who automatically connect to a known wifi network. I'm doing this for a school graduation project at an art school in the Netherlands, so i'm not an expert at hacking but i have a bit of experience programming. I want to use this tread to showcase the work i'm going to do, and to gather feedback from people (you boys and girls) far more experienced then me! So, my planning thus far is to set up an development/ possible final set up that ca
  6. hi im working on a rig to use on my security demonstrations without having to drag my laptop to every customer... my thaugths are: Internett -> pineapple wlan1 pineapple wlan0 -> phone pineapple eth0 T V Raspberry pi eth0 So i want to ssh from my phone to the raspberry running linux... This is p
  7. Hey everyone! Shadowblade72 and I are proud to present a project we've been working on for months; Hax0rBl0x! This framework is designed to have a central menu that allows you to pick and choose which attacks you want to use in a pentest. These tools are also being designed to function on Backtrack 5 R3 for use with a computer, or for use on a (Pi)neapple attack platform. We also want the ability to add new tools as we produce them. We will be updating this thread from time to time to announce new updates and new capabilities. If you guys have any suggestions, requests, bugs, or anything else
  8. I was watching the router episode and was wondering about doing the same thing with a raspberry pi. I figured i could install a usb nic and a usb wifi dongle. possibly also hooking up a powered usb hub and adding a hard drive I also didn't understand what the issue was that Darren had with making his router an access point. I am over all just wondering what the thoughts and concerns for doing this. would the 512 ram and 700 mhz processor be good enough for the performance they were trying to create in the episode?
  9. The Interceptor has long been kind of a dead project. It makes sense too. The fon+, the hardware Robin Wood originally wrote his interceptor code for is way past EOL, hard to find, and under-featured given the current landscape of embedded/SOC offerings. By borrowing some of irongeek's raspberry pi recipes, and adding in some pi-point, I was able to get very similar functionality out of my raspberry pi. Heres how. Hardware: Raspberry Pi Model B 32GB SD Card Belkin 4 port powered USB hub Alfa wifi card (NHA, from the hakshop) USB Ethernet adapter (also from the hakshop) OS: Latest im
  10. Hi everyone, PwnPi 3.0 The Pen Test Drop Box distro for the Raspberry Pi has been released! Now packing 200+ pentest tools and added easy setup of reverse connections. PwnPi Website : http://pwnpi.net/ SourceForge page : http://sourceforge.net/projects/pwnpi/ Screenshot 1 : http://s16.postimage...088ud/image.png Screenshot 2 : http://s10.postimage...xui2h/image.png Screenshot 3 : http://s16.postimage...p7bgl/image.png Direct Download : http://sourceforge.n...img.7z/download md5:5d0f146557def874b34ba0a5568d6c32:pwnpi-3.0.img.7z username:password:root:toor Let me know if you have any qu
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