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  1. Payload

    Heh, made you look! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
  2. Change out USB to USB-C for LAN Turtle

    Pretentious Mac users...
  3. Wireless Outdoor Camera Suggestions

    I really like most of Ubiquiti's stuff, their routers, not so much. Put one in the same house as above, it works, but I don't like it. I would have preferred a pfsense box.
  4. Wireless Outdoor Camera Suggestions

    We did this at a client's house. They have a mother in law house on the property and wanted a camera looking down at the garage doors. We used two nanostation M5's to bridge to the house, then attached the camera directly to the nanostation. We've since added a UAP pro to the mix, so it now goes nanostation - uap - camera. Luckily the uap has a secondary port so we didn't have to add a switch. I really like the image from these cameras. The biggest issue you're going to have is power. I think the new nanostations have poe passthrough on the secondary port, so you should be able to run a camera off it, which is pretty cool. You'll just need to put the injector in a weatherproof box.
  5. Same as truecrypt. The biggest problem is you need admin rights on the machine you're opening the file on. I suppose you could use the bashbunny and make a luks container on the usb partition. Would be kind of a pain in the ass though. See, there's what you need. One of the newer solid state based usb drives, a small usb hub, and a raspberry pi. Set up the pi to power off usb and ndis. DMCrypt the ssd and have it shared over the local usb network. That way it's os agnostic. 3D print an nice enclosure for it.
  6. https://veracrypt.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Portable Mode
  7. I still use truecrypt on a flash drive. It still works plenty good enough for this purpose. Will it keep the NSA out? Probably not. Will it keep 99% of the rest of the people who would find it if you lost it? Sure. Also @digip I've raided a bunch of usb floppy drives on a mac once. It worked, wasn't really useful though.
  8. Lost Tetra Antenna!!

    There's no difference in signal between sma and rp-sma. The reason we have both is way back when, commercial antennas had non-reverse connectors, and they didn't want Joe Anybody hooking up a 10 watt amp, or a 50db antenna to his home router. So they made the consumer versions with non-compatible connectors. Now we can get parts from flea-bay so it's all moot, but we're stuck with both connectors.
  9. Kali on Nexus vs Android

    I have a nfc sticker on my dash that fires up wigle then waze. Sits right next to my phone mount. I'm sure I'm missing a few hidden networks now and then, but the convenience is better than firing up my laptop and running kismet.
  10. Good wardriving GPS small enough to fit with the NANO?

    That's weird. Running kismet_server on my nano my gps just works in serial mode, no gpsd needed. It's an older model, like 14 years old, but it works great. https://www.amazon.com/GPS-Receiver-Cables-Microsoft-GPS-360/dp/B005JZX8T6
  11. Interesting sector with iffy response to secuirty...

    But how am I to find my dick pills???!!!
  12. Why so many Apples

    Every one of those was a socially engineered password, guessed password, or reused from another hacked site password. None of them were locally "hacked" hardware/software.
  13. Wifi Pineapple Rant

    What's wrong with your nano? Other than the heat thing, which isn't an issue.
  14. Hack5shop no more supporting clients ?

    Yea, I've seen Darren, Shannon, Sarah in twitter pictures, and Seb was mentioned speaking at defcon. Though he doesn't live in the US anyway. That's 99% of the crew. They're not the fastest store support, but they're one of the best online support group I've ever worked with.
  15. That's more of a kismet thing than a pineapple thing.