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  1. barry99705

    new TETRA Bricked wtf

    I know, that's why I said make sure it's actually using com 3.
  2. barry99705

    new TETRA Bricked wtf

    Also make sure it's actually com3. Might be using a different com port now.
  3. barry99705

    Types of Hackers?

    #2 is just the Fox News definition(kind of like every gun is an AR-15). We old school guys call them criminals, not hackers. That's not the definition of hack either...
  4. barry99705

    Types of Hackers?

    Uhh, what?? That's being a criminal, not being a hacker, there's a difference!
  5. barry99705

    Range - AWUSO36NH vs AWUSO36ACH ?

    5ghz doesn't even pass through the walls of my house(yaaay, 200 year old house), I currently have 5 access points mounted to get coverage everywhere. Though honestly, the 2.4ghz doesn't like the walls that much either, but I can connect to the 2.4 out in my barn from the access point in my living room. There's about 10 neighboring access points visible at any one time. I do agree, 5 gig is soooo much better for throughput though. My point to point reference is in a residential area, they are rooftop mounted though. From those radios I could see about 60 neighboring access points. The radios really need to be about twenty feet higher, they shoot over a metal roof between the buildings, but like I said, the throughput is pretty much maxed out on them, so we didn't bother.
  6. barry99705

    Tetra broken micro usb outlet.

    Pretty sure it's just a standard usb port, but can we see a picture?
  7. barry99705

    Range - AWUSO36NH vs AWUSO36ACH ?

    You're getting interference from something if it's doing that. I have clients running point to point 2.4ghz connections a few hundred meters apart. You're right, it's not fast, but they don't need fast, they need a connection. It's still about as fast as their internet connection, so they're not too worried about it.
  8. barry99705

    Convince me why I should buy the TETRA

    Cough... 😋
  9. I still think as long as it doesn't get rained on, being outside under cover will be fine. The conformal coatings he posted will definitely help, they shouldn't hurt the boards, it's kind of what they're made to do. Just don't get any in the antenna ports, or power and network ports.
  10. Heat will be an issue. It's only rated to run to 104F.
  11. Man, that thing is huge! The conformal coating shouldn't hurt anything inside. I've not taken one of these guys apart, so if they have detachable antenna cables, mask off the connectors first. Though honestly, as long as it doesn't get rain on it, it should be fine. I have electronics in my unheated or conditioned barn that's been out there for 5 years now. I wouldn't put it in a box, it will most likely overheat. Since it's extra, I'd just mount it to the breezeway ceiling and let it go till it breaks. It might die in a year, it might make it till you move. I've been eyeing one of these to stick to the back of my house for barn wifi. Right now I have an older AP-Pro up against the wall inside, which mostly works, but it's not AC, so I have it on a seperate ssid so the devices inside the house don't connect to it.
  12. barry99705

    Kali linux 1.1.0 Slow Update

    Also not sure if those repositories have the latest updates..
  13. barry99705

    No infusions available at Pineapple Bar

    Nope, time to upgrade hardware.
  14. barry99705

    Verified B2B Portals

    Did you just throw a dart at the internet and ask this question where it landed?
  15. Do you mean actually running metasploit on the android device, or have the android device be the target?