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  1. barry99705

    How To Decode My Mifi

    Decode what?
  2. barry99705

    Flashing rubber ducky pros and cons

    Probably should ask in the rubber ducky section.
  3. barry99705

    Using Kali linux with Nanostation

    Don't steal wifi.
  4. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201252
  5. Fun fact, fuel level sensors in jet aircraft are capacitive sensors. It's a tube with a metal rod down the middle, runs a current through the jp-8 to determine the level.
  6. barry99705


    If the ports your fiber links are on support snmp, you can monitor them on the dude. I have a couple clients we monitor fiber links between switches on the dude. Though honestly, this is the wrong forum be be asking these kinds of questions on.
  7. barry99705


    Shannon was in the background.
  8. barry99705

    Long rang hacking

    There you go! Here's a real world example. I'm using Ubiquiti equipment in my house. I can connect to my wifi anywhere on my 3 acre property, including inside the barn about 100 feet from the house, 150 feet from the ap, two walls in the way, one house wall, one barn wall. Occasionally my phone will connect to the wifi when I'm driving down the street coming home, maybe 200 meters from the house. There's nothing in the way, but a tree, and a wall. I stop seeing my wifi at the end of the street, about 300 meters or so. This is rural, no other buildings in the way, I can only see maybe a half dozen APs in the area. In a city, you're going to have all kinds of interference from other wifi, and other 2.4ghz radios. Signals can, and do bounce off walls, causing even more issues. You're basically going to have to get within sight of the building you're trying to monitor, and still might have issues.
  9. barry99705

    Long rang hacking

    Not going to happen.
  10. barry99705

    router haks

    Pretty sure those exploits stopped working four or five years ago.
  11. barry99705

    Long rang hacking

    The record shot was from a mountain top, my backhaul shots were on top of 150 foot radio towers. Like haze said, you're not going to get anything like that in a portable device. Well actually that's not true, we all carry around portable wireless devices that give us global network range...
  12. barry99705

    Long rang hacking

    Wow, I thought out 12 and 14 mile shots were long!
  13. barry99705

    Is it possible to hack an elevator?

    Just don't pee on the buttons...
  14. barry99705

    WiFi signal

    I use that one too, but it doesn't do heat maps.
  15. barry99705

    Kali in XPS15 black screen after login

    Probably needs the nvidia drivers.