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  1. Heh. This is just one of my bins of adapters.
  2. Depends on what you are using it for.
  3. Not unless you can find an android device with a proprietary lightning connector.
  4. Why not just use the business's firewall? 99.99% of them have that capability.
  5. kismet drone is a good use for all those old linksys wrt-54g access points that collect dust in our closets.
  6. They would have to have the app installed on their phone, with your account, not sure how gps spoofing would do anything. I suppose they could jam the gps on your phone, but all that would do is send an alert to you asking if you made a purchase.
  7. Nope, you have it all wrong. NFC on our phones isn't long range enough to read your cards unless you physically have the card in the same case as the phone. They stop reading about 3 or 4 inches max from the phone. Here's your answer.
  8. The stock antennas are 5dbi, what are you looking for? The way you're asking makes me think you're not really sure what you want, or even know if you do.
  9. I use a couple android phones, google knows everything about me already... 😂
  10. Just switched back to Chrome. Brave sync still isn't there for android.
  11. This thread needs to die in a fire.
  12. Yumi works fine for me. You do eventually have to wipe it and start over though. It tends to leave crap when you remove old distros.
  13. Not when they part it out. They just can't reuse the motherboard. Also, I've had friends take their iPads to the police and show them where their stolen phone is at. Police just told them to have the carrier lock the imei and buy a new phone.
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