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  1. Can I live capture from another host?

    Probably need a usb to ethernet adapter, and a second ethernet port. Trying to packet capture over the wan side will severely cut into the available bandwidth.
  2. OpenVPN with user/pass?

    Mine is set so I have access to both networks, so I don't get a new ip address, but your login.txt file is right.
  3. Serious Problem with Packet Squirrel

    Get ahold of the shop, sounds dead to me.
  4. date and time

    Just guessing here; Since there's no real time clock, it gets the time from the network. For a few minutes at least, the time is going to be wrong. Though thinking about it, if it's in packet capture mode, it's going to be completely silent on the network, so it might not get any time updates.
  5. Serious Problem with Packet Squirrel

    https://www.hak5.org/gear/packet-squirrel/docs Down in the FAQ, first line.
  6. Interesting postage routes..

    I'm on the other side of the US from them. Yea, if you're in another country I could see it getting routed weird. My crap used to get routed weird when I lived in Alaska.
  7. OpenVPN with user/pass?

    My bad, it does work. Getting 6mbps down and 8mbps up with the squirrel. 19mbps up and down directly connected.
  8. Interesting postage routes..

    Nope. Mine went Richmond, Oakland, Cincinnati, Greenville. Took 3 days.
  9. OpenVPN with user/pass?

    Didn't work. I'll have to figure a way to test it from home so I can watch the logs on the firewall.
  10. Nano Antenna upgrade

    You know you're replying to a year old post right? The reason his antenna didn't work as well is the four foot piece of shitty coax permanently attached to it.
  11. OpenVPN with user/pass?

    Cool. I'll give that a shot later today. Hanging a couple TVs at a client site, I can borrow their network for testing.
  12. OpenVPN with user/pass?

    Any idea how I'd go about setting up the payload to work with a user/pass with openvpn? My pfsense firewall already has it set up that way.
  13. WiFi Pineapple Generation 6 User Manual Draft

    I just downloaded it. Not sure why you can't. Not sure why they made it publicly editable though. If you click on the green suggesting button on the top right and change it to viewing it shows it correctly. After that you should be able to save it to pdf.
  14. Why no power over ethernet ?

    Yea, that works, for yourself. You'd need access to the wiring closet on "location", which you probably aren't going to have.
  15. Kinda like a clipboard and a hard hat. Walk onto a jobsite with those and no one will talk to you all day.