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  1. Wireless Access Point

    Ahh! I see what you're saying.
  2. Wireless Access Point

    Heh, I have a client that has a internal subnet. Their old "IT Guy" got tired of changing everything when they ran out of ip addresses. I thought that was a little strange and found the dhcp server was set to never expire! It is a church, and had free wifi for the congregation. Changed the setting to 8 hours, but didn't change the subnet, didn't feel like fixing the printers. Anyway your idea of being outside managed ip space won't work. The router will treat any traffic as managed traffic.
  3. Hosting a VPN server for the PS

    That's how I do it too.
  4. Help identify this graphics card

    In that case, you're probably screwed.
  5. New Laptop bag looking fresh :)

    I do like the pineapple sticker on the bottom though. None of my gear came with them, even the bash bunny didn't have one.
  6. Open VPN Issue

    https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-an-openvpn-server-on-ubuntu-16-04 Scroll down to step 8.
  7. New Laptop bag looking fresh :)

    Nothing says "shut off your wifi" like seeing the pineapple patch out in the wild!
  8. Open VPN Issue

    Can you ping over the connection? If so, it's a DNS issue. If you can't, it's a routing issue.
  9. Help identify this graphics card

    Throw it in a windows box and let nvidia's site tell you.
  10. Kali linux

    Good timing!
  11. WPA3

    I still have clients using wep... Handheld barcode scanners. They get their own network.
  12. VPN's

    It's the school's network, their rules. Here in the US schools are mandated to filter K-12 school internet. We're also blocking anything that can harm the local network, or computers. So, your vpn is blocked. Go watch netflix or download your torrents at home. Hacking the school's wifi is illegal, you won't find any help here. Crap like that at my schools would have gotten you either suspended or permanently banned from school computer resources.
  13. Kali linux

    Well. Sombitch! https://www.kali.org/tutorials/kali-on-the-windows-subsystem-for-linux/
  14. You have to reinstall windows in English. The only version that I know of that can flip between languages is the Ultimate versions. Even then, it's limited languages.
  15. Funny story. I was washing the car and decided to use the pressure washer to wash the grates in our smoker, so I laid them out on the concrete porch to clean. After I finished I had to clean the whole porch because I made shadows of the grates with the washer... You don't realize how dirty the concrete is until you clean a spot.