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  1. first, thank you so much for taking the time. second, YEP that's the install I am trying to do as I don't have a reliable wireless signal right now and I seem to remember that the PV can't pick up the xfinitywifi anyway. I might have misremembered that bit but I'm taking no chances 🙂 I did read the docs but it doesn't tell me if the firmware upgrade light sequence is the same. I "think" it should be as it's all done from rom on the PV but I don't want to brick this. thanks again but If someone could confirm the light sequence is the same??
  2. Hi all formatted a usb 3 stick to ext4 and put latest update bin file in root, also created a config.txt file and put it in root as well. BUT I am stuck!!! I don't want to brick this thing but I can't find the process to update it using a usb???? what is the light sequence to tell me what is going on? Do I just put the USB stick in the USB port and power up? any help would be appreciated
  3. Hi all this is NOT my skillset by any means but hopefully someone can help. I was going to hook my brand new pineapple VII to my new netgear ac2300 to take it for a spin BUT I ran an mtr test and got these results. My concern is what is happening between and 174.xx.xxx.xx I have NO idea how to diagnose this. The layout is RCN cable to Arris SB8200 modem cat5e ( from netgear box) to netgear ac2300. All factory reset, no QOS or monitoring enabled. Strange thing is that if I turn OFF the vpn the block goes away and all is normal. not sure it's the ISP Rcn doing this. .|--
  4. now THAT is great thinking @Rkiver !!! I do wish I had even a single neuron 🙂 thanks so much GREAT help.
  5. Hi there I'm a hardwired advocate for some time now BUT am considering getting a boat, stop giggling!!! I have NO clue about hotspot tech and would like some ideas as to what other hak5 er's use in their day to day. Specifically what phones, what data plans and what mobile hotspot pucks are worth thinking about. Right now I'm looking at tmobile with a Nighthawk M1 hotspot hooked up to a netgear ac2300. ANY help would be appreciated.
  6. will do BUT the Ipad is gen 1 so... Right now NOTHING is working at all regarding xfinityWIFI hotspot. That's a HUGE problem for me as I refuse to have a home wifi set up, I only have wired to DHCP 192.168.1.nnn router. I can't hook this thing up to the internets so right now it's a $100 paperweight 🙂
  7. Hi @Hike thanks for the reply. I didn't think of that. Makes a LOT of sense that xfinity would pull a stunt like that. I'll do some sniffing around as well later on. Thanks for the link
  8. thank you so much @Foxtrot I'm having some difficulty with my new P7 set up and ANY help is very welcome.
  9. Hi again exec4 I'm getting WORSE. I am so sorry NOT to have done this analysis before. I have attached the basic output of dmesg ( USB ONLY) and ifconfig with before and after runs. I can't see it if it is there. thanks for the interest and if you have any other things I can try please advise. p7 ether.txt
  10. Hi all so I plugged my amazon basic usb ethernet into the P7 usb port and it's detected but not working? I plugged it into my router ( assigning dhcp 192.168.1.n range) BUT no lights. If I look in SETTINGS usb I see bus 001 device 005 vid/pid 0b95:1790 asix electronic corp AX88179 gigabit ethernet There are NO lights lit on the USB ethernet on the P7 BUT it works fine on my Lenovo X1 carbon. What am I missing here?
  11. Having all sorts of issues with setting up the p7 BUT this one is REALLY bugging me. Here's the situation 1 I start the P7 and log into the management page using a Pi3b+ wifi. 2 I scan for wifi's using the default wlan2 antenna and do NOT see the xfinity hotspot on the results list. 3 on the same table ( about 6 feet apart) is an IPAD which not only can SEE the xfinitywifi ap but can log into it and gets 10mbs download. So what is going on? why can't the P7 see the xfinitywifi when the IPAD can?
  12. Worked out GREAT, so far so good 🙂 your idea was really helpful. Thanks so much
  13. Hi exec4 GREAT idea and I completely missed that! thanks. Makes a LOT of sense and I should have spotted it. Tried hooking it to the POWERED hub and right now the blue light stays ON , thanks again for the assist. Odeon.
  14. HI there, I want to connect my new P7 to a WIRED lan but can't figure out how to do it. The setup is as follow: P7 usbC connected to powered hub for POWER p7 USB connected to AMAZON BASICS USB 3.0 gigabit ethernet adapter plugged into switch to router. Pi3 model 3 b+ ethernet port plugged into switch to router. I have successfully connected to the P7 from the pi via the web browser and updated the firmware by downloading via the ethernet on the Pi and UPloading to the P7 as per the EXCELLENT videos ( thanks Darren). I have set up the P7 with the ssid's password an
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