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  1. @datajumper thanks so much for taking the time, I'm going to try it out as soon as I reassemble the system. Great post really clear.
  2. pv with raspberry pi 3 how to guide???

    check dip switches I THINK THEY ARE: default configuration up, up, up, up, up (from left to right) make sure you are flashing the unit properly BUT here is a prior thread that seems similar to yours https://www.wifipineapple.com/bugs/161
  3. Hi there I have an awus036nh and I wanted to change the country code on it. Is there some reason why the newer ones ( I bought it about 1 year ago, cannot have the country code changes in Parrot OS or Kali? I "thought" I used to be able to set the country code to GY or BO but it doesn't seem to work anymore. thanks for any help at all
  4. pv with raspberry pi 3 how to guide???

    my suggestion go back to first principals. Solid Blue light means the unit is ready, it flashes for Wlan0 when traffic goes through it, green light is just to show power and the Red light is for Wlan1 Red - WLAN1 (RTL8187) (Antenna by dip switches) so check dip switches
  5. tethering advice

    thanks bON3z didn't even know that some plans don't allow tethering. Learning a lot these days. thanks for taking the time
  6. tethering advice

    GREAT point sorry. I am in the USA. to be honest I didn't even know you could get non sim card phones. Either is fine by me. cheapest possible as this is just a test scenario thing. I don't want to sign any contracts. I figured that this would be so common for the group that there would be some kind of consensus as to a cheap 4g disposable phone that can be easily tethered to a linux pc and thus to a pineappleV to provide the net connectivity. I see you are in Ireland. In the states we can buy all sorts of cheap 4g phones with pre paid plans. I was just wondering if there is a pre paid preference as to plan and phone, I don't need a top of the range smart phone as I won't be using it. All I want is something that could act as a hotspot and a little phone usage. thanks for ANY help you can offer.
  7. tethering advice

    hi all want to get a 4g phone for tethering to my Ubuntu 16.10 pc and to share the connection with my PineV. I want to get the no contract month to month paying cash. SO what is the best plan and cheapest phone that will get the job done. I don't normally carry a phone and so this will be it's only real use, I don't care about music/photos etc I live in a city so pretty much all the carriers are supported. I figure you all have a better idea than me. thanks in advance.
  8. pv with raspberry pi 3 how to guide???

    ok thanks Sebkinne just thought I'd check if there was any other hints or tips. thanks for the reply and the guidance.
  9. pv with raspberry pi 3 how to guide???

    Hey Sebkinne MY fault poorly worded question. I MEANT a cliff notes guide to using a Raspberry pi to work WITH a pineapple V. Sorry my bad I know that the pV s/w can't run on a pi.
  10. Hi all just digging out my pV again and want to hook it up to my Pi3 running raspbian. I also want to use my old awus036nha as well. To avoid asking all the usual questions is there a youtube video or how to guide lying around anywhere that can jump start me? I looked but couldn't really find anything. ANY help would be awesome thanks
  11. Bought an alfa awus036nh and loaded up ubuntu 16.04 lts on a thinkpad 420. BUT the thinkpad wireless gets me a better signal than the alfa??? I noted the power readings from fluxion using both wireless adapters in the same location. ALSO I can't seem to up the TX on the alfa at all. is there a problem with Ubuntu drivers and this usb wireless adapter? I thought it was supposed to be pretty well respected for hacking? I found a few discussions on this topic that lead me to believe that the current standard drivers in ubuntu 16.04 weren't the correct ones BUT they all seem to disagree on which to install. thanks for any pointers.
  12. [Support] tcpdump

    Active Members 36 posts Posted 7 hours ago ยท Report post Fresh install of tcpdump on beta firmware I just loaded ( version 3.0) I believe. Loaded tcpdump module and installed dependancies then this happened??? ANY help would be appreciated /pineapple/modules/tcpdump/scripts/tcpdump.sh: eval: line 1: -w: not found
  13. No one seems to want to answer my questions. They view them and no response at all. Not even "stupid question..." so what's the deal Is there a guide for the various antennas and their best use? I have 3 antennas wlan0, wlan1 and wlan2 (awus036nha usb) . I am looking for a best use guide that says which antenna is best suited for what purpose in people's experience.
  14. [BETA Release] Firmware 3.0

    I am a linux noob so please don't laugh. I have ssh'd in the PineV and want to scp the bin from the linux box ( toby) to the /tmp dir on the pV So after hunting around for how to use scp I found the following approach. login to toby getting ip address (fake ip but mean one assigned by pineV) cd / folder where bin file is ssh to pineV as root on pineV enter scp toby@ file /tmp I get permission denied on port 22 where am I going wrong?
  15. [BETA Release] Firmware 3.0

    WOW this is EXCELLENT news for me !!! I am so excited as I am going to TRY to use my PineappleV properly this time. If I reset to factory default and then run the update from the existing web interface tile will I get this release please OR do I have to do it via ssh? thanks