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  1. I have the PacketSquirrel and i love getting Hak5 Products and tools and supporting them. This does look very cool, and I like that is has a USB-C, but I feel it does the same thing as my packet squirrel. Am I wrong or this or?
  2. Directory - Which I AM able to download modules now(Wasn't able to before) Delete - Which I am able to delete installed modules(Wasn't able to before) Update - Seems to work Back So it seems everything is fine now. I don't know why I was trying to start it. xD That doesn't even make sense.
  3. I did the firmware recovery. When I go to Modules > modulemanager > Bootup Status is Enabled, current status is Stopped, when I attempt to start it, it says 'Press OK or CTRL+C to exit, then nothing more and it kinda hangs there.
  4. I...did not think of that. I feel silly xD. I just tried that and sadly that did not work.
  5. I just tried it and making sure I'm doing this right. I copy the script, paste it into a new file(I called mine mminstaller), then run './mminstaller install', correct? If so I did that, remove, install, enable, start, and status, and still nothing. BUT I was able to install modules with it, which was the main issue. So essentially just use the script from the github to install modules since the regular manager doesn't work(At least for me)
  6. So after trying to help someone on the IRC with their Turtle I decided to get mine going to give them what they needed to know. After getting it on and connected to my ethernet and such, it can get to lanturtle.com and the rest of the internet. Did a factory reset, did a update with the .bin file, did the 'firstboot && restart' as I saw someone suggest on another thread on here. Just doesn't wanna get the module manager started at all. Anyone have any other recommendation on what to do/try?
  7. Exmix


    So me and a colleague of mine were talking earlier about various tools in the CyberSec/IT world we've found and used/tried/and other we have yet to try. So that made me wonder what some of you guys might use/recommend as tools that are lesser known/less popular. For example we were talking some Vulnerabilty Scanners(OpenVAS, Nessus, Qualys), Network Tools for monitoring traffic(Asside from the obvious NMap, Wireshark, TShark, TCPDump, etc), I had mentioned the PacketSquirrel and that was one he had heard of but never got around to gettting to try. Etc. So what do you guys recommend as some for us to add to our bag of tricks/tools?
  8. So most everyone I know uses and likes Signal for encrypted texts and such. I have no issues with Signal personally and I like it as well, but I was curious about others just because I like to have options. I found one called 'Wickr'. I'm curious as to know if anyone else has tried this one and if it has any advantages/disadvantages over Signal. It claims to have device to device encryption, it does have message expirstion and burn on read timers which seems pretty cool. Also wondering if you guys may have any other suggestions on potential options for alternatives.
  9. So I wanna see how long it takes me to crack a hash of my WiFi using PMKID and such. My desktop works fine but that's because I have an NVidia GPU and such and it see's that and runs fine. I wanna give it a shot with my laptop. Since that doesn't have a GPU i'm running into a minor snag. It DOES work if I do foce it, as it suggests below in the output. So i'm curious if anyone knows a potential solution to the error(s) below. I looked around and found some OLD posts from 2012, this post here, which I did download the intel-opencl from this link here, that was provided from the other link. Everything installed, So maybe im missing an or so, i'm just trying to get it to use CPU only since there's not really a GPU in this machine. I have tried running with '-I -D 1' and '-I -d 1' argument as well. $ hashcat -b hashcat (v4.2.1-39-ga134ea52) starting in benchmark mode... Benchmarking uses hand-optimized kernel code by default. You can use it in your cracking session by setting the -O option. Note: Using optimized kernel code limits the maximum supported password length. To disable the optimized kernel code in benchmark mode, use the -w option. clGetDeviceIDs(): CL_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND * Device #1: Intel's OpenCL runtime (GPU only) is currently broken. We are waiting for updated OpenCL drivers from Intel. You can use --force to override, but do not report related errors. clGetDeviceIDs(): CL_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND No devices found/left.
  10. When I run recon now I end up getting this error. EDIT: Fixed with the 2.3.2 Update ? Thanks guys! Keep up the awesome work.
  11. Oh awesome. That worked. Thanks. I didn't think to change that one setting to share others internet since I didn't get to choose(The way you have to on windows)
  12. I'm on Ubuntu(Kubuntu). So, I've downloaded the wp6.sh script, make it executable, etc. The wlp2s0 is my WiFi, and enx00c0ca91b867 is my Pineapple. I looked this up and found an old thread saying to disconnect from the Pineapple in the network manager then run the WP6 script(The thread I looked at was old an said WP4 script, but still trying since it's the same concept) and that didn't help. Here's my ifconfig with the pineapple plugged in.
  13. I found this the other day and thought if some of oyu haven't seen it, you might find it interesting. I have yet to test it myself but plan to soon. Hachcat PMKID
  14. Exmix

    Kali-Linux KDE

    I had this happen, I had to use alt+ctrl+FN+F2 with the keyboard I was currently using the F keys were defaulted to Media Keys. So maybe the 'media' keys or 'Function' keys are taking priority, you can try holding down the 'Command' Key and pressing F2(Alt+ctrl+Command+F2).
  15. Exmix

    Wpa2 crack

    I have a question about that. As i've use aircrack mostly but as we all know it takes FOREVER. I was working with hashcat for a bit. It was hit and miss, like I used a dictionary that I know for 100% sure had the password of the handshake in it. Sometimes it would show it, sometimes it wouldn't. Is there any reason behind that? Also, how do you 'clean' the handshake? What exactly does that do? I'm not COMPLETELY into WiFi hacking, but would like know some basics of it.
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