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  1. So I found this video here and I would like to get USB Tetherhing setup with my Nano and my phone. It DOES work from what I have followed but i'm apparently missing something. I have easytether0usb installed onto the nano on my SD card, it runs, the Easytether Pro pp says there has been a connection established. I can connect to my Nano through the management AP on my Laptop and on the GUI page it says I have internet connection, the routes show up with the 'tap-easytether' as the default, has an IP, etc, but when I SSH into the Nano I can't ping anything, or it just hangs for a while. I can a
  2. So I am trying to get my phone to be able to tether to my Pineapple and I found an old video on the Hak5 Youtube that they explain it and they mention an app 'EasyTether Pro'. I would like to give it a shot on my LG G8, but $10 just to see if something works isn't something that sits ok with me. So does anyone know if the apps works with the carrier 'Sprint'?
  3. So after messing with my BB for a while and loving it, I have been curious if there is any ideas on possibly adding a micro SD card slot to the BB like they did for the LanTurtle? It does hold a small bit of storage, but there is some minor instances where more space would be helpful. Do you guys guy think this would be a good/decent idea as well or?
  4. Ended up giving a few tethering apps a try and none of them worked for me. I got a hold of my carrier and they said that basically it doesn't work. None of their devices allow it. So i'm wondering if this is still possible or if this is basically going to be used from my laptop. I suppose I could hotspot my phone, connect my laptop to the hotspot, and setup the pineapple through the laptop and work with that.
  5. I'll have to take a look into these and give them a try. Thanks.
  6. So I made a post a while ago about me using USB Tethering, apparently that isn't really possible since my carrier doesn't support it from what I can find. So I am curious if I can add in a WiFi adapter, connect it to my phones hotspot, and share an internet connection to it that way. I can connect it to my phone as a client with wlan2 no problem, but honestly not sure the best way to get internet sharing to it.
  7. I have the PacketSquirrel and i love getting Hak5 Products and tools and supporting them. This does look very cool, and I like that is has a USB-C, but I feel it does the same thing as my packet squirrel. Am I wrong or this or?
  8. Directory - Which I AM able to download modules now(Wasn't able to before) Delete - Which I am able to delete installed modules(Wasn't able to before) Update - Seems to work Back So it seems everything is fine now. I don't know why I was trying to start it. xD That doesn't even make sense.
  9. I did the firmware recovery. When I go to Modules > modulemanager > Bootup Status is Enabled, current status is Stopped, when I attempt to start it, it says 'Press OK or CTRL+C to exit, then nothing more and it kinda hangs there.
  10. I...did not think of that. I feel silly xD. I just tried that and sadly that did not work.
  11. I just tried it and making sure I'm doing this right. I copy the script, paste it into a new file(I called mine mminstaller), then run './mminstaller install', correct? If so I did that, remove, install, enable, start, and status, and still nothing. BUT I was able to install modules with it, which was the main issue. So essentially just use the script from the github to install modules since the regular manager doesn't work(At least for me)
  12. So after trying to help someone on the IRC with their Turtle I decided to get mine going to give them what they needed to know. After getting it on and connected to my ethernet and such, it can get to lanturtle.com and the rest of the internet. Did a factory reset, did a update with the .bin file, did the 'firstboot && restart' as I saw someone suggest on another thread on here. Just doesn't wanna get the module manager started at all. Anyone have any other recommendation on what to do/try?
  13. When I run recon now I end up getting this error. EDIT: Fixed with the 2.3.2 Update ? Thanks guys! Keep up the awesome work.
  14. Oh awesome. That worked. Thanks. I didn't think to change that one setting to share others internet since I didn't get to choose(The way you have to on windows)
  15. I'm on Ubuntu(Kubuntu). So, I've downloaded the wp6.sh script, make it executable, etc. The wlp2s0 is my WiFi, and enx00c0ca91b867 is my Pineapple. I looked this up and found an old thread saying to disconnect from the Pineapple in the network manager then run the WP6 script(The thread I looked at was old an said WP4 script, but still trying since it's the same concept) and that didn't help. Here's my ifconfig with the pineapple plugged in.
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