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  1. Sneak peek at payload I'm working on

    Thanks for the feedback :) Glad you like it. It probably won't be up and running for a little while yet as I have to finish writing the python webserver to deal with all those forms..Shouldn't be TOO hard. Anyone know how the DNS server takes multiple entries in a file? Like this? address=/test.com/ address=/boo/ I'm not familiar with DWall so I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about. I've been displaying data "live" in a cheap way. So what I do for the command line's output is have the output written to a file and have the webpage read the file ~3s later (when the command has finished). I haven't written a web app to properly deal with this.
  2. Hoi! Here's a sneak-peek at a payload I'm currently working on. The network settings go a fair while longer down the page so don't despair when you only see the first bit - it's only a sneak-peek! It's lookin' pretty snazzy, and the rest of this 'form' looks really good and quite powerful. Think of it as a WRT configuration portal. Yeah, now you understand, right? So far I've given it the name 'PopsWRT'. While it's not an actual WiFi router out-of-the-box you can plug a WiFi NIC in and it will technically be correct. Pops is a play on pocket packet squirrel, and WRT means WiFi router. The reason I added WRT in the name is because it's based on the web-based configuration that most routers have these days. If you haven't realised already, this payload is based off of WabbitWeb, so feel free to go check that out - link's in my signature. FYI I am planning on adding support to setup configuration for a WiFi network in the website too. However, I'm not sure of the extent it will go in terms of what you can configure yet. I hope you like what you see, and feel free to add suggestions to what I can add to the network configuration page, or the whole website in general! The Network Settings page is already quite full but if I get more suggestions I'll split the modules over separate pages and turn the 'Configuration' entry in the menu into an accordion or menu in itself.
  3. [RELEASE] Bash Bunny Firmware v1.5

    I apologise - I wasn't being clear. I meant it is most effective on unlocked machines. There's a limited amount of things you can do with a locked machine.
  4. Using the Packet Squirrel as hardware firewall

    Maybe you need to iptables -a PREROUTING just to make sure it drops it before it passes it through?
  5. Another quick payload idea

    Hoi! So, first off we must start with the most important part of the payload: The title. What is it? PocketPacket. I'm sure that already gives you an idea of what the payload might be. Trust me, it's really simple and easy. It's exactly what the title suggests: a packet generator in your pocket. This payload could allow you to generate any kind of packet to distribute across a network. Plug, play and watch the chaos. The packets could be pretty much anything. You could potentially turn it into a WiFi killer (deauth) by plugging in a WiFi adapter and sending deauth packets everywhere. The details of the generated packets could be changed by either using: LED system: Swap which packet will be generated by pressing the button to scroll through them (each LED colour/pattern represents a different type of packet) Web server: Webpage that allows you to specify details of the packet/s I like both options but the web server one means you have to plug it in and remotely generate packets later. Could be useful, could be annoying. Anyway, this is another idea I thought I should share. Feel free to make a payload based on this. :)
  6. [RELEASE] Bash Bunny Firmware v1.5

    Strange. Are the tools still in the /tools folder or have the disappeared? If they're still there it probably didn't work - if not it probably worked. What version were you on previously?
  7. I have to vent

    Completely agree. I, however, am creating a rather large payload right now so it's not entirely dead. As the saying goes: "Nothing's over while I'm still standing!" It is a pretty serious topic, so for the people in question to be making jokes on the same topic usually means they aren't taking it seriously enough and that could be for a number of reasons (lazy, being silly, knows-that-the-person-making-the-topic-is-being-silly, ignorant etc.). ( @Darren Kitchen @Sebkinne - mentioning you guys so you can read and consider this carefully, I apologise but I feel I have to do this as it's fairly serious) I'm NOT having a go at Darren, Seb and the bois - (would never dog the bois) - I'm just saying that maybe they should take this topic a bit more seriously, especially since this isn't the first time someone's made a post like this in the past year. They're've been quite a few of them, and even random comments throughout the forums saying that the downhill trend of video frequency is a bit disappointing. I love the Hak5 stuff, love "trawling the forums" helping others with the limited knowledge that I have, and I love learning more knowledge (of which has been a huge spike of late). To see something slip through the thin grate is a bit disappointing, but I'm sure Hak5 are more than capable of keeping a techie's dream alive - as they have done so for so many years. Maybe putting a bit more effort into the community than the devices could help here.. More time spent on devices is less time spent on videos and the community. I know you guys have been really busy with upcoming devices and making the current ones better, but if they'res no community to give them to..What's the point? I'm not saying we're all threatening to pack our..(laptops?) and leave but what's the point in giving something pointless to someone who's waiting for something productive or beneficial? What if all the new devices and/or upgrades end up with as much hype as (or less than) the PS? What you could do is add more people to your arsenal, dedicated to either answering questions on the forums or providing more content for the community. That way Darren can focus more on his videos and devices, Sebkinne doesn't have as much notifications in his notifications thing on the forums (I'm sure it's reading about 50 or so by now) and has less stress while working on the devices. It also means more devices, more content and more replies to forum posts at the same time! I don't see myself leaving anytime soon so I'll still be around to trawl the forums as well as many others. (I'm sure you can imagine the time I spent writing this short essay - I just hope it's useful, constructive and encouraging and buries more than it raises)
  8. Using the Packet Squirrel as hardware firewall

    iptables -i br-lan Like-ah so.
  9. [RELEASE] Bash Bunny Firmware v1.5

    Uhm..What? Are you throwing the BB across the room hoping it will land in some random USB port, not knowing what the OS is? Since the BB only really works when a computer is logged in, you'll know which OS it is before you even put the BB in it. AUTO_ETHERNET is just so you're payload can work with other OS' rather than just 2 (or in the case of Windows, 1), saving the annoyance of having 2 payload switches for the 1 payload for 2 different OS'.
  10. Configure IP and DHCP range?

    Maybe. But it raises the obvious question: How do you do something without trying to do it first? Cheers big-ears. Well, if I change the IP of the PS to, say, I don't want it to NAT the clients in the 172.16.32.* range. Also, it's meant to be configurable - as if you were setting up a router for your own use, and it would be nice to have that option. :)
  11. NEW FIRMWARE 1.5

    Not sure, I just agreed with him. :P Joking. I think he's saying that this is available for download. :)
  12. [PAYLOAD] HoppEye - 8x Mobile Payload Chooser

    FYI WabbitWeb isn't. :) Mind you, it's not a Powershell-mastermind-of-pure-executioniness.
  13. Configure IP and DHCP range?

    Hoi! So, I want to configure the IP of the PS and configure the DHCP range when NATing. Anyone know how one would do this on the PS? Be much helpfulness. It's for a payload that basically turns the PS into a configurable remote-access tool. E.g. it has a web server that hosts a website, giving you control over the PS to remotely launch payloads, commands and access to other things like DNS, VPN, SSH and TCPDump. I've got TONNES of ideas for this payload, but unfortunately many of them, while incredible, are very hard and may not be possible for a 1-man job. It's basically entirely web-server-based (script-wise), and considering the PS has very limited processing power I'm not sure if it's going to be feasible or not. If any of you know what a Cyberoam is, you may realise what I'm trying to get at. Anyway, ENOUGH SPOILERS. Anyone know how to configure the network settings of the PS? I'm sure Seb does.. Cheers!
  14. Possible Payload of PrivateLocker on BashBunny?

    ... I think you misunderstand, he said "objuscation". I was making fun of this, knowing it was obfuscation. If you read my deliberate spelling mistakes you might realise this :P
  15. Smartphone ad banners

    Aerohive APs allow people to get notifications and be taken to certain webpages via the authentication page (shown when you join the WiFi) depending on where they are in a room, or if they just connect to a WiFi. They had an example of someone walking into a shop. What happens is they walk into a shop and connect to the WiFi - the WiFi sees them and can track their movements based on 1. what AP they're connected to and 2. their signal strength to the nearest AP (can calculate hotspots and determine where they are). This means if they walk to the clothing section of a shop it could pop up with clothing sales and specials on their phone. If they walk to the electronics area it can pop up with electronics specials and sales. That kind of thing. You could incorporate something like this here - except I wouldn't go with Aerohive. Aerohive is mainly for corporate (very large) businesses with many sites around a country or even the world and they're quite expensive. Unless you're talking about something completely different - it's hard to tell, you aren't being entirely clear here..