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  1. Agreed. It can be a bit finicky with multiple Windows installs as well.. If you pick up code quick you can edit the menu files to customise the interface too 🙂 Just keep in mind that YUMI will play around with it if you add more ISOs to the USB after configuring the menu - and you will need to play around with the menu files after adding / removing ISOs.
  2. Don't really see the difference between this and the PS (apart from USB Type C upgrade from Micro) but it sounds cool. Cringing a bit at the old hardware though..The USB Type C is a good upgrade, +1 for that but I'll have to give a -1 as well because of the lack of gigabit and no PoE (although I completely understand that PoE increases the overall size and footprint of the device). Good job on releasing a new device though. Glad to see some more hardware coming out to work with.
  3. @Dragus You can try adding a pause at the end of your Powershell command. This will keep the Powershell window open until you press Enter so you can see errors and the like. Very useful. $home points to your current Users home directory. E.g. if your name is 'User' then it will go to: C:\Users\User Not sure about $p. Old me might've known..
  4. Judging from the name - is it some kind of boot record that causes the machine to dual-boot two different OS' for backdoor purposes? Sounds very nasty indeed. Did you delete it before running another scan? Just do another full scan with Malwarebytes. If nothing pops up you're probably okay. I'd probably blow away Windows though and start it fresh to be sure, but that's up to you.
  5. Couldn't you sticky tape a RPi0w to a smaller drone? DJI Tello/Spark size? I feel like that would be a bit better and would look less like a bomb..
  6. I would run a full scan on your computer. Malwarebytes is an anti-virus I recommend. Are you typing these replies on that same computer?
  7. It's probably more likely that it blocked a browser plug-in or injected advertisement on the page, and Avast just knows that it came from the page with that URL. So when you go to that URL a plug-in might be injecting extra JavaScript into the page and Avast just sees that there is malicious malware on the page downloaded from YouTube. Are you using Chrome? If so try opening the page in Incognito mode as I'm pretty sure that stops the Chrome plug-ins. See if it happens again while in Incognito. If not then you'll probably have to do some plug-in deleting in Chrome. If so, YouTube has been hacked, or your computer has a virus (far more likely) that is messing with your browser. Strange that Avast wouldn't pick up a program though.
  8. https://www.synology.com/en-global/support/nas_selector This is the best option, in my opinion. You could even turn them into iSCSI targets to get some pretty ridiculous speeds. Also, you get a lot of other perks (multimedia server, virtual machines, web servers, desktop syncing, spreadsheet syncing and role-based access hubs, as well as most other kinds of servers you can think of). There's a nice web interface for all of that with third-party apps and there are iOS/Android apps (DS Video, DS Audio) which can make use of the multimedia server very well (say goodbye to PLEX). Depending on how much storage you need I'd recommend a DS718+ or DS918+. One downside I should point out - Mac users love them. Because they're very simple, like Macs. Let's be honest Synology is basically the Apple of NAS and router products.
  9. QNAP, because I love it when it randomly decides to scramble all the drives with it's Qnapo-jumbo so I can't use them anymore. 😅
  10. My lack-of-experience would be everyday people would be questioning you more than authorities..until you or someone else broke something, of course.
  11. I never understood why people want to setup a VPN server through their home PC..it's bad almost every way I look at it. Location, data, etc. It's all compromised if it's traced back to a home address. At least with a more public VPN it's just traced back to a company that provide the VPN service, which has no involvement with you..
  12. Of course it's possible..look at Chromecast. It'll have to act as a display adapter so the computer will communicate its display with it though, and it'll need to also act as HID input, but other than that.. The Bash Bunny may be able to achieve this even - if it had WiFi and USB 3.0-3.1.. If the USB acted as a display adapter you could control what display mode it's using too (through HID, most likely). For example you could hide the real monitor and just have the screen on your monitor, you could have a copy of their screen or you could extend, for whatever reason.. The trouble will be with the transmitter, obviously. Might be able to rig a RPi0w up.
  13. It's a big yikes from me when the Australian Government says "because we want access to anything and everything, everything is now insecure. Now give me access to your ... app, is it? I got no idea I just want access to it. Gimme!" Relevance? Encryption/SSL is now ineffective against the government if you're using a service in Australia. You'd have to tunnel a VPN through whatever you're using, even then the VPN traffic could be traced back to you through billing or whatever else.
  14. I would think you're generally pretty safe provided you've got an SSL certificate that's doing it's job. If you're doing general surfing and stuff you're pretty right, but I wouldn't put any bank details or anything like that over the WiFi, even with a 256-bit SSL certificate that Chrome says is Secure. On my phone? Tap off the WiFi, put your details in and do your thing on 4G, swap back to WiFi..In saying that I don't know how safe 4G really is. You can VPN if you want but...yeah. Some bigger VPNs (especially free ones) are probably more dangerous than they are useful.
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