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  1. Strange quacking behaviour. Bug?

    Try putting them in the ' quotes, father than ". ' means that anything inside them is "escaped" as a bash character. It could be that it thinks your exiting the command, and if so putting them in the singluar quotation marks ( ' ' ) should help escape them.
  2. Unbrick BashBunny method - not guaranteed

    You don't need an account to view a public repo either, so your point is just slightly invalid. There's no harm (that I can see) from having another link to this forum post. This forum post will eventually get pushed down under newer ones anyway, so having another 'static' link may help keep it in people's line of sight a bit more, so to speak. But if you think it's a really stupid idea I won't, but I don't see any drawbacks from it.
  3. Unbrick BashBunny method - not guaranteed

    I'll put this tutorial/documentation (or at least a link to it) in my Github repo so that others can access it that way if needed. If that's okay with you guys, that is! Nice work! The amount of people with this problem was getting a bit overwhelming..
  4. VMWare Help

    VMware WS12 is free though..?
  5. [PAYLOAD] PasswordGrabber

    Maybe, depends on AV..
  6. Inline VBS scripting

    Yep, that would definitely work. I've never had to use VBS, might look into it a bit more..
  7. [PAYLOAD] PasswordGrabber

    Recurring theme here.. I answered the same way though..
  8. Inline VBS scripting

    Do you need Admin perms to be able to run an executable that I assume would be located in the system32 folder?
  9. strange email

    Well, chances of that happening is very low because the browser needs to be able to recognise and execute the code so unless someone's got some super dodgy, insecure browser then it should be fine. But better safe than sorry.
  10. strange email

    Could be that he's hoping you're using some email client like Outlook or something that has a security flaw in code-execution..Mass email to multiple people, hoping at least 1 of them has a specific program that does this might be the answer. Or maybe his email didn't completely send, cutting out a bit of it and confusing your email client. I don't really know, is basically what I'm saying. :P
  11. Get BashBunny Exfil partion

    I dunno. You can always carry around another USB and plug it in-line with the Bash Bunny, haha. Just have a payload that pushes the loot to the USB named "Bunny's Luggage" or something. You could start an SMB server to a folder on the Bash Bunny as well, making the Bash Bunny push loot to itself on the SMB server.
  12. Inline VBS scripting

    I'm confused. Isn't the whole point of getting rid of .vbs scripts to limit the amount of files needed? Adding an executable won't help if you're only using one vbscript file.. It would be potentially worse because it is an executable which Windows can block easier than vbs. Unless I'm missing a point here? Though I always do like the idea of running script via in-line functions.
  13. Introduce yourself

    Because you're talking to a bunch of geeks with hacking as a hobby and probably haven't read a good book in years. Haha. :P My favourite books to read are probably from the author Clive Cussler...(he loves ships, boats and cars)
  14. New Logos

    Sounds like they're still locally-stored images for them. I'm assuming you're talking about those cartoon-looking images for each device?
  15. Unrecoverable?

    I did a quick search of the Bash Bunny subforum. Go to the Bash Bunny subforum and type in 'hot' in the search bar. I suggest having a look through them - I think in most cases they needed to be replaced by Hak5 Support. Keep in mind they will probably be quite busy (there's only 2 people manning their whole support) with the upcoming event they're having so they may not reply for a few days (hopefully not too long). Good luck!