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  1. Dave-ee Jones

    Injection of malicious code in a webpage

    ..."Theoretically"? You can't edit your posts as a new user. You have to have a certain amount of posts before given that privilege. It can be annoying, but if you don't rush your post it's not a problem. Change his DNS servers to a replica page you created based on the real site. Make the changes you want. That's what everyone else does, unfortunately. No-lifers preying on people who don't know how dangerous the internet can be. You would know how to do this by simply having general knowledge about DNS servers, HTTP ports and web servers. Maybe JS/PHP, depending on the type of payload. Information you could get anywhere. But you know, of course you wouldn't ever be immediately malicious to someone because you obviously sound like you have tonnes of experience and are definitely not asking very to-the-point questions. 😞
  2. Dave-ee Jones

    Problems with a Passive Network Tap on Gigabit PoE

    I mean plug a non-PoE switch into the first switch, and then plug the laptop into the second switch (daisy-chaining is just linking lots of the same thing, basically). You could still see if it does anything - only if you've got another switch lying around. The aim is to reduce the immediate load on the first switch and see if it helps. If so, there's probably an issue with that switch. It may not help, though.
  3. Dave-ee Jones

    Problems with a Passive Network Tap on Gigabit PoE

    The laptop shouldn't be taking any power from the PoE switch, so not sure what's really going on there. You could try daisy-chaining a second switch (non-PoE), plug the laptop into that and see if you get similar results. If you do get the same results it's not the laptop.
  4. Dave-ee Jones

    WRT Front-end Design

    So you wrote a Monokai-styled theme for CodeMirror that's hosted on your home PC or phone? Nice. CodeMirror does look pretty good. Not a bad idea having a portable code editor that requires no software hosted either on the internet or your phone. I host a web server on my phone running 'webdj', a web application I wrote. Because of the large amount of storage my phone has I decided to turn it into a pocket NAS so people can download/upload files, watch videos, listen to music, browse images etc. I can just hotspot anywhere and people can watch videos and stuff easily. I might run a DHCP/DNS server on my phone so people can just browse to 'webdj.com' or something and it goes to my phone's webserver when I'm hotspotting, as when I do hotspot I'll have data off so that clients can't reach the internet. Make it easier for those who aren't familiar with browsing to IPs.
  5. Dave-ee Jones

    Is there a Dark theme for the web interface?

    What I would do is this: Find an element with the colour you want to change on a page. As an example I'll use an orange button. Right click on the element with the colour and select "Inspect Element", then find the background colour of the object (I'll use the classic orange #FFA500 as orange). Go to the unminified CSS file and do a 'Find and Replace' using Notepad++ or something and put #FFA500 as the 'Find' and 'Replace' it with whatever hex you would like. I think you wanted #306EFF, so use that. Save the file and it should be good to go. If you find there are variations of the colour you replaced (e.g. a darker orange for highlights or something) then just repeat the above process. That's what I would do. It's quite time consuming sometimes, though.
  6. Dave-ee Jones

    WRT Front-end Design

    Tell me about it ? Setting up a camera system the other day it said I needed to install some obscure flash plugin that doesn't exist on Windows (Mac only), however if I launched it in IE it would work fine. PHP/JS are my go-tos for handling applications - just not a good idea using PHP when there's metric tonnes of clients with their own sessions. In this case I'm expecting a maximum of 2. If I integrate my NAS web server then I would probably make it handle 4-6 at a time for a LAN accessible via WAN.
  7. Dave-ee Jones

    WRT Front-end Design

    I've migrated the login page to HTML. Looks okay, still haven't added any PHP yet. Also forgot the font I used in the OP so it doesn't look quite as good yet, sadly. The font is Segoe UI Semibold, for anyone interested. One of my favourite fonts - it's very clean and looks nice. Unfortunately it's not on all systems so to make the site reliable I have to store the font files on the web server. Works, though.
  8. Dave-ee Jones

    WRT Front-end Design

    Hoi! So I like designing web front-ends for routers and stuff. I learn a lot from them, especially when I incorporate PHP. But anyway, here's something I drew up with good ol' MS Paint. Let me know what you think! I haven't finished the Network page (haven't started any of the others - still working on what they should look like). The Network page will probably, eventually, get an administrative services section for configuring DHCP, DNS, SSH etc. etc. As you can probably tell the design is for an 8P router. More of a corporate/business solution in most cases, but they're quite useful with their port configuration. Currently this design has very minimal port configuration. But I'm thinking about giving it NAS capabilities, so file storage, user management and role-based access etc. As you can see, there is already a bit of that in the design as it is. This is only a draw-up, none of this is put into HTML/CSS/JS yet. The colours aren't final, but it's not a bad look. Bit too Windows-tenny for my taste, really, but I might make a theme/colour section to change it up to how the user likes. © Copyright Dave-ee Jones 2018 #Copyrighted
  9. Dave-ee Jones

    Wireless hotspot or router as service? Linux

    Isn't Linux known for it's startup scripts? Surely just have a service that starts on startup..
  10. Dave-ee Jones

    cyber escape room

    Here's what I have in mind after giving it 30s of thinking time: Setup a LAN with WiFi, DNS, DHCP and web server Set WiFi SSIDs as hints to things around the room or something else Put WiFi passwords and maybe even URLs (DNS entries pointing to webpages) around the room, hidden ofc. The webpages can hide more hints, clues or provide passwords even to other things around the room Login pages with passwords lying around etc. Network traffic, they have to request a certain URL for a door to open but they don't know what it is (router goes, "oh they tried to go to www.google.com let's open the door") Other ideas that could make them cyber-aware: NFC tags (get them to clone the tag with their phone or another device hidden around the room) For example, there are 2 doors or readers that need to be activated at the same time but they only have the 1 tag Voice Control (smart home) Talk to Siri hiding behind a wall somewhere and ask her to open a door? I don't know.. Have a locked computer somewhere they need to hack into? Make it easy, obviously. Hope these spark some more ideas!
  11. Dave-ee Jones

    So I pissed off the feds ...

    Doesn't mean much - it probably makes his post more legit honestly. Think about it, you get hacked you go post on a hacking forum to figure out what's going on.
  12. Dave-ee Jones

    So I pissed off the feds ...

    Also, just FYI - If you're concerned about speaking their company name or whatever and they specialise in IP cameras why would you 1. Scan your network with Nmap/ZenMap 2. Pull out an AP to put into monitor mode 3. Pull out a Raspberry Pi All of the above is telling them "Hey, he suspects something". It's not quite as dangerous as blurting out to the world who is doing this but it's still up there. AND ANOTHER QUESTION: How did you see anything on their network with Wireshark? You have to already be on their network to see traffic on their network, don't you? So how did you see any traffic at all to be suspicious in the first place?
  13. Dave-ee Jones

    So I pissed off the feds ...

    If they aren't cabled you could just constantly spam deauth packets..that is, until they program them to ignore the packets. A life of hiding..I do not envy the person who does this daily. The thing is, the OP suggests he's currently connected to a massive WAN. We all know what we can do when we're on a network, right.. FREE INTERNET! (I knew someone was thinking it - but no). I think one of the biggest stuff-ups they could make at this point would be making every camera they have get their IP from DHCP. I mean, can you imagine plugging your own DHCP server into their network and sitting back and observing the chaos.. Side-note: What kind of feds would do something this radical? Russian feds? English feds? Chinese feds?
  14. Dave-ee Jones

    Status of the Project?

    I agree with most of what you said except what I quoted..to which I have to say: "Yerrrrrrrr keep telling yourself that" ? The amount of posts/comments says otherwise, but I agree with the fact that there are still posts/comments being made. "Dead" doesn't necessarily mean that there has to be 0 activity.
  15. Dave-ee Jones


    Make a text file for each module (developer makes the text file) that is formatted something like this: v1.0 TRUE v1.1 FALSE v1.2 NOT TESTED TRUE being it works with that version, FALSE meaning it doesn't work, and NOT TESTED means, of course, it hasn't been tested and the dev isn't sure. Then the PineAP GUI just needs to read the text file in each module directory and puts them in categories in the GUI (or just puts a coloured border or tag on them or something). Obviously, colours would more than likely be green, yellow and red.