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  1. Group to build programs, tools and payloads.

    I was aware of where the links went - just not sure of his intents considering they were whited out, all put on one line and, if I remember them correctly, had nothing to do with what even he was saying, which again had nothing to do with what the OP was saying. It was just strange in general. :P
  2. Group to build programs, tools and payloads.

    There's multiple links there, buddy.. What are you trying to do..?
  3. Require admin login and password - IP Camera

    He might not be able to send it back - buying it from an online auction. They might pull the "well we don't know what the guy before you did with it - you bought it, you should check it" card. Which, in my opinion, is perfectly valid - unless the auction is some official one where things are bought as new, not "as is". Unless, of course, it is still under warranty. Would the IP camera's MAC address be in the range 4C:B0:08:xx:xx:xx? The name "Shenzhen Gwelltimes Technology Co., Ltd" would have probably been retrieved from that. Chinese MAC matching a Chinese camera.
  4. Shipping to India

  5. Non-Malicious Botnet?

    That sounds all well and good, and quite ideal, but what kind of tasks would they be doing? I'm just thinking in terms of a practical situation. It'd be nice to play around with but what tasks would you push out? How would they share all the information into one "database"?
  6. Lol. Just get the BB to open a browser page to "fakeupdate.net", or even an offline version of it hosted on the BB itself, and fullscreen the page with F11.
  7. Non-Malicious Botnet?

    What intentions are you intending the botnet's intentions to be?
  8. Android home cloud/ftp backup

    I use FX File Explorer (paid version supports FTP/SMB). ES File Explorer should work fine as well but I believe you also need the paid version to use FTP services as well.
  9. I will probably get banned for asking this but......

    $500?! Sounds like a rip off from your description of the laptop..
  10. PineAP clients cannot get access to the internet

    Is the Android phone your using to connect to the PineAP also the Android phone your using to host a hotspot over data (3G/4G or whatever)? If so, the Android phone was probably just using it's data to browse Google, while WiFi was connected to the PineAP but wasn't using it because it detected it didn't have network over WiFi. How are you sharing your Android phone's data with the PineAP? Check here: https://wifipineapple.github.io/wifipineapple-wiki//#!./connectivity.md#USB_Tethering_(Android) NOTE: There's also an app that does this for you here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.hak5.pineappleconnector Also, just as a side note, the PineAP was built for people who already knew a lot about WiFi and networking, and by the sounds of your post you don't know an overly large amount about either of those (not to mention Android phones and browsers..). I'm not saying this to be mean or take jabs at you or anything like that, I'm just saying that you're putting yourself in the deep end.
  11. Replacement for Pineapple Tetra

    Does the Tetra/Nano use .11ac? If not he might have meant that, I don't know. Anyway, it makes sense to replace both devices as they are quite old and there are a lot of problems with them (from what I've seen on the forums - I don't actually own either of them), it would also kick the WiFi Pineapple section of the forums into action again, as they've been quite quiet lately - especially if you added a modular feature for people to create their own modules with. Better hardware would be nice, hopefully supporting .11ac and maybe even .11ax? 5GHz and 2.4GHz would be ideal. With all this in mind it would be better to take your time and get it done well, rather than rush out an .11ac Pineapple that will be outdated in a year or 2. :)
  12. how to open folder on target as decoy then script?

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking of, and I was reminded of a rumour about this previously but I'm not sure where from.
  13. Long Range USB WiFi Adapter

    It sounds stupid - until you realise that these channels are used by the military, police and government to communicate, and if you interfere (accidentally or not) who knows what will happen? You could accidentally send a radio signal that was meant to explode a bomb (highly improbable but not the only scenario) on the channel meant for military-only. You could accidentally scramble a radio signal containing messages for National Security. Dangerous stuff.
  14. I know, but I'm saying that it wouldn't hurt others if someone managed to plant JS into your website when it's disabled on your own website. It doesn't matter - I was just making a random comment from another POV.
  15. My network was brute forced... I let them in lol

    Is the actual IP? If so, it probably means the hacker bought a server off of Worldstream (owner of IP) and is using it to hack your network.