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  1. browserData Max lenght ?

    Try posting questions and things in the Bash Bunny section, not the Payloads section. In regards to your qurestion, no, it should input everything in a "Q STRING ..." line.
  2. Interesting sector with iffy response to secuirty...

    So buy a few packs (2-3) and charge them while your on the move?
  3. Bash Bunny v3.1 Possible LED Bug

    I got really excited when I saw v3.1 but it only lasted like 0.1 seconds, when I realised that he actually meant v1.3..
  4. Interesting sector with iffy response to secuirty...

    Ah so it's only meant for it to be easier to control while getting it off a trailer or something like that, not necessarily moving it around from shore...
  5. Does the Bash Bunny have wifi?

    It doesn't have the hardware to support WiFi (no WiFi card), but you could potentially WiFi boost it by plugging it into a router (ethernet to USB adapter, Bunny plugged in and the router could WiFi boost the Bunny? - just a theory, not been tested by anyone I know of). Basically even if you install a WiFi package it still wouldn't work because it doesn't have a WiFi card or any other WiFi hardware. It only supports LAN. Sorry, no taking over a WiFi network with payloads today :( If you want to do some WiFi pentesting I would recommend the Pineapple range. However they aren't like the Bash Bunny, as they are made to be pentesting routers, whereas the Bunny is a HID/Network/USB Storage device known as a Linux Gadget.
  6. Interesting sector with iffy response to secuirty...

    How does bluetooth extend to that range? Or are you on the boat while you're controlling it with your phone? Surely you would need a longer range thing..and there are a few issues I can think of in regards to a 3G/4G solution.. What if you drive your boat into a 'no-service' zone? You have to get another boat to go and fish it out of the water (catch ma drift..). There's also the problem of running out of data on your phone and having your eyes twitch in frustration as you watch your boat drift away... And the other problem of having to get 2 3G/4G SIMs, one for your boat and one for your phone. WiFi solution is just asking to be hacked..
  7. Notepad from Locked PC? Possible?

    The best you can do is a network attack and try using Responder or something similar to do a network attack as network administrator.
  8. Solar Eclipse 2017

    That's assuming that it blocks out the ENTIRE sun, but most eclipses leave an outline which in some cases is worse than looking directly at the sun (which is why people had invented special glasses - the slits - to block some of it out so they could see some of the eclipse).
  9. Notepad from Locked PC? Possible?

    From what I know of locked Windows machines is that you can't run Notepad (or any program) from the logon screen. There is, however, the known "Sticky Keys backdoor" which allows you to replace the Sticky Keys program with CMD, Notepad or whatever so that when you trigger Sticky Keys (press Shift 5 times) it opens a CMD prompt, Notepad or whatever on the logon screen allowing you to do all kinds of things, all malicious of course. Other than that I know of no way of running a program from the logon screen without first doing some stuff to it while it's unlocked (of course, there are other interesting ways like booting to a Linux iso, HBCD etc.).
  10. How to Share internet in Windows?need help···

    Payloads are what the Bash Bunny is for. If you don't know anything about them you probably should have done some research before buying a Bash Bunny. A 'payload.txt' is a file that is run when the Bash Bunny is plugged in a specific switch mode. E.g. If I put a 'payload.txt' file in the 'switch1' folder, then unplug/replug the Bunny back in with the switch in the first position (furthest away from USB end) it will run the 'payload.txt' file. When it says "configure a payload.txt for ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET" it means the 'payload.txt' file you placed in one of the switch folders should look like this: ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET RNDIS_SPEED_10000 RNDIS_SPEED_10000 limits the speed of the adapter to 10Mbps, allowing your PC to still use your internet connection and share it with the Bunny. From here you can keep following the tutorial.
  11. No payloads are working

    Including the latest firmware? Should be 1.3.
  12. Source for kernel module?

    Here's some stuff that you should look at, I believe the Bunny uses this kind of thing for its 'gadgeting'. I believe you can make a Raspberry Pi Zero (maybe even W) with this kind of setup. http://www.linux-usb.org/gadget/ http://linux-sunxi.org/USB_Gadget https://www.kernel.org/doc/htmldocs/gadget/index.html https://events.linuxfoundation.org/sites/events/files/slides/LinuxConNA-Make-your-own-USB-gadget-Andrzej.Pietrasiewicz.pdf That should be enough to get you started on your knowledge of Linux Gadgets. Have fun :)
  13. Bash Bunny SHA256 Checksums are not matching

    They are good for me...Maybe your downloader is broken?
  14. Solar Eclipse 2017

    Well, you can't really...see...it, otherwise it hurt yer eyes. I'm assuming you meant not with the naked eye?

    My respect for your jokes went down a few notches (didn't actually think there were any beneath the one it was at anyway, but you know, there apparently was).