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  1. Dave-ee Jones

    Wifi Recon Log Stroage

    Might have to run a script to manually backup the scan files before rebooting, or after every scan.
  2. Dave-ee Jones

    Little question about Ethernet attack mode principally works

    The Bash Bunny is basically a Linux box with a USB-end as it's main source of power and data. The ATTACKMODE module that the Bash Bunny has is essentially a Linux gadget module. Examples are: ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET # Windows network adapter ATTACKMODE ECM_ETHERNET # Linux/MAC network adapter ATTACKMODE STORAGE # USB Storage device (just like any other USB) ATTACKMODE SERIAL # Serial adapter ATTACKMODE HID # HID device (keyboard) You can, theoretically, have up to 3 of those at any time (I think - it may be 2). You cannot use both ETHERNET adapters at once though, I believe. Examples are: # USB storage, keyboard emulation and ethernet adapter ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET HID STORAGE # USB storage, serial (just like arming mode) ATTACKMODE STORAGE SERIAL # Windows network - sets speed to 10Mbps ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET RNDIS_SPEED_10000 If you wanted to port a network scan on a Linux machine to a network scan on a Windows machine, you would just need to change the ATTACKMODE, assuming that the BB wasn't trying to use any commands in a shell on the victim PC. For example, if you wanted to try running "ifconfig" on the Linux machine via HID then you would need to change that to something else (e.g. "ipconfig") for the Windows machine. # Linux ATTACKMODE ECM_ETHERNET # Windows ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET Hope this helps!
  3. Dave-ee Jones


    What happens if you don't set ATTACKMODE to nothing and don't try and get the SWITCH_POSITION variable (hardcode the directory)?
  4. Dave-ee Jones

    Embarrassing Client Speeds

    The TETRA is 802.11a/b/g/n, getting speeds of up to 300 Mbps over WiFi. When you say 5/5 are you sure you didn't misread for 5 MBps, not 5 Mbps? You can calculate MBps by doing Mbps / 8. E.g. 300 Mbps (megabits per second) / 8 = 37.5 MBps (megabytes per second) It's also possible that the Pineapple has locked itself down in a specific 802.11 mode (maybe you can do this via the GUI?), like 802.11a/b/g and not 802.11n, meaning your caps are probably around 11-54 Mbps, and spread out over a few clients you could easily be looking at 5Mbps, or less. Sorry, I can't be much more help as I don't actually own a Pineapple, just throwing ideas out there 😛
  5. Dave-ee Jones

    First time settings

    +1. I do this a lot when I'm developing a payload. Helps alot.
  6. Dave-ee Jones

    TETRA Tactical on the go help

    Probably the cable being dodgy - the one I got with my BB was the same. My phone did it with it's cable as well (just got another cable, works fine).
  7. Dave-ee Jones

    Hacker EDC? defcon EDC? every day carry?

    🤣 "Honey, wanna go for a drive with the kids?" *You look at the back of your car..* "Can't, got no room." "Why not?!" "Well, if I removed it all and we went for a drive what happens if we find ourselves facing a dud network cable? Or an open WiFi? OR A PC WITH MILLIONS OF DOLLARS' WORTH OF BITCOIN ON IT? WHAT THEN?" "...Just get the stuff out of the car!" "Fooooiiiiiine. But we all know who to blame if we meet someone with a network issue and I don't have any tools for it."
  8. Dave-ee Jones

    Pi Zero w Bash Bunny

    Going to do something similar to this with my own pi0w soon, hopefully turns out well 😄 Basically it will be a pi0w with soldered USB end, maybe some payload switches too. Power button just for a little bit of extra fun. And LEDs, probably. Everyone loves those. Unless they're on a USB plugged into your computer and they're flashing a lot. That usually tells you something's going on..
  9. Dave-ee Jones

    Wifi pineapple test

    Where did you put your PineAP? Cafe/restaurant? Yeah, 4G networks are pretty fast these days and I've got a decent data plan so I never need to connect to anything if I'm out and about - never did it before that either, for obvious reasons. If I'm out at at cafe or something and glance at all the SSIDs nearby it's quite suspicious to see multiple SSIDs saying different names of the same place, like: "**** Free WiFi", "**** FREE WI-FI" etc. That's when you have a look around you, see if anyone's got a box hiding near their bag or on the desk or somewhere. Or you could do a cheeky deauth and troll him.
  10. Dave-ee Jones

    Hacker EDC? defcon EDC? every day carry?

    Yeah, I know my bag is getting a bit too full. It's a this-would-be-really-useful-but-the-scenario-that-it's-useful-in-only-happens-twice-in-a-lifetime scenario, but I don't want to remove them from my bag 😞
  11. Dave-ee Jones

    Hacker EDC? defcon EDC? every day carry?

    I was referring to the adapter he had with the NanoPi. I originally thought it was on the NanoPi board, but he says it's an external one.
  12. Dave-ee Jones

    Hacker EDC? defcon EDC? every day carry?

    No, no, I was just making a general comment about the device. Since it's an 8812au you might have some issues with drivers and monitor mode.. Anyway, I'm thinking of buying a pi0w and converting it to a USB stick with some external buttons/switch and maybe even LCD display on it. Could be used for just about anything - portable VPN, HID injector, key logger, portable router, WiFi AP that gets it's power over USB, packet injector, key/network sniffer etc. etc. Switch 1/Button 1 causes it to boot into OpenWRT (or other router/AP software) so you can do a portable router/AP Switch 2/Button 2 causes it to boot into a HID injection machine with remote access (SSH into it or whatever from your phone and inject away) Switch 3/Button 3 causes it to be a dummy USB storage device Switch 4/Button 4 causes it to be a PC with network and stuff (just as a second machine separated from your host) Switch 5/Button 5 causes it to act as a quick plug-and-play VPN And whatever else..
  13. Dave-ee Jones

    Hacker EDC? defcon EDC? every day carry?

    Chipset's an RTL8812au, same as the AWUS036ACH. Incompatible with Kali? 🤔
  14. Dave-ee Jones

    About drone control

    Debatable. Most people like ham. But then again, a lot of people prefer bacon so that may be the better option. Have to be a lot of bacon. A-lot of bacon. Just as a side note - you're Wigle widget is really bugging me. Shouldn't it say "SSIDs found: 434,812", not "WiFi Found: 434,812"? Seems English dodgy..
  15. Dave-ee Jones

    Share internet connection to bunny

    I am so confused. You could make a ducky script to enable internet sharing with the BB but then..why not just buy a LAN Turtle or PS...