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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Novice Nano User. Pineapple Mark VII (on order but not yet arrived), Synology DS-218 NAS. If Ubuntu is a requirement, the Synology Package Center does not list Ubuntu as available for download. Where can I find a tutorial, video, or step by step instructions explaining how to establish C2 on a Synology? Many Thanks, Mongoose
  2. What’s your preferred NAS or DAS setup?
  3. Hi Guys, (please excuse the noob if this is in the wrong place ) Just watched Hak5 episode 1820, Great show (as always)... I have a quick question (or two or three). I have a x16 Node Xen Cluster I am playing around with, I would like to use pooled storage to enable HA (high avialability). My setup has x2 SAS HDD on each node (non RAID), x1 for the Xen hypervisor (72GB) and x1 for storage (120GB) but without adding a SAN\NAS I can't figure out how I can setup HA, I would like to pool the second HDD but can't find a solution. I wondered if I could install a Linux based BLOCK level storage solution (like GlusterFS) on the Xen HDD and then add the second HDDs as storage bricks. Would this work and how would I do it or is there a better solution??? ...Any suggestions greatly appreciated Simon London UK
  4. Well with the latest news floating about, I have to wonder if I should look at reworking my home network plans or just keep moving foward as is. So for my own little setup, I am behind a Linux hardware firewall, and have two Seagate Cloud NAS boxes, along with a 2.4/5Ghz Wifi Router and a Gigibit switch on my network, all the computers I have connected over lan are gigibit, I'll explan why soon. What has me trubbled, is this whole cloud thing. My Seagate NAS boxes are the GoFlex Home, my problem is they require access to the web, to get the bloody things up and running. Well I have done that and then in my (Hardware) Firewall blocked them. Now seagate has this whole access your files anywhere app for the iOS and Android devices, which sadly dosn't work for me, even when I am at home. Why, because it still requires the internet to connect, even when the NAS's are local. I was able to get around this with a 3th party app that is able to access SMB network shares. These NAS boxes are for holding all my data, so that I can access any of my files from the network drive, without having to use a USB flash drive or what not to use them on a second computer, because I also use my NAS for backup, its nice to have the extrea speed when coping large files or even accessing large files accross my network. (Like streaming hak5 from my NAS) --- Sadly I still want to have WIndows on one computer, mostly to jump on Second Life and play Left for Dead 1/2. But I am taking a wild guess that someone will tell me that both are on Linux and now are far easer to setup now. I'm wanting to slowly draw myself into a place where on my local network, I have access to my all my data from a NAS and run OSX, Windows and Linux. Also in time, run both iOS and Windows Phone/Tablet (But with what is comming out, o hell no) Or if I should start a freash Firewall, redo my network, with a FreeNAS (I did have a freeNAS setup a long time ago, but I had issues with useing only HDDs and the OS wasn't realy stable, this is before it was handed over to the new guys. The Seagate NAS'sI have, well two have a 3TB SATA drive each) system linked with my iMac running OSX any my main PC rinning Mint. Get an iPhone 5 or one of the new iPhones, so I can access the 5GHz Wifi, my iPhone 4s well can't. And turn off my 2.4 Ghz network. And go back to scanning my http logs and block any URL's that I am connecting to that I do not know of or don't want to have access too. (ATM I just look at the ads that are loaded and block them as they come up) And two laptops as backup systems, and one as a server. (I have picked up a number of thrown out laptops, moslty banged up, but nothing really wrong with them) --- Urg I never should have started backing up too DVD and bluray, I have fallen behind. (Update) Sorry I forgot to add, that I am using both a software firewall and an Antvirus on my windows system.
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