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  1. could you give me a link beacause i cant find it? Would appreciate it!
  2. i mean or a alteast a german one like the DUCKY_LANG us just with maybe DUCKY_LANG de or something?
  3. Thats the funny thing the language file doesnt contain anything
  4. Yes iu fixed it just had to much portals file on the root of the pineapple tried it before thats why thanks tho!
  5. What is the shortcut for the swiss german layout is there sopmewhere i can find it looked onoline didnt found it!
  6. the kleo ones im using the google one at the moment
  7. Everything seems to be fine as soon as i log into my fake free wifi the google login shows up as soon as i type my fake credetials in i am able to cclick enter but i cant see the logfin in the web ui of the pineapple markVII can someone help?
  8. Ive tried between targetPC and networkrouter but it doesnt show any documents captured if you go onto the usb directory /printer there is notrhing there
  9. Yes i appreciate youre help i really do but now i want to talk to them personnaly because i think i deserve atleast my money back i wish you a nice Day Sir. Maybe well met again
  10. if it wouldhave happend to me only once yes then its problably my fault but twice nah a not this time
  11. Because this was youre answer bvack then==The only problem is i didnt wright hack 5 back then now i did because i dont pay this much money twice and it breaks again Difficult to say. It sounds like the boot loop the Bunny was affected by way back, but it's not possible to use the same procedure to try to get the Croc out of any loop (if it's really a boot loop). Could be that the firmware/update file is stuck on the udisk for some reason and therefore the Croc tries to update every single time it's booting up. A factory reset/recovery won't help, most likely, since the udisk is left untouched (at least the majority of it) after an update or factory reset, so any "garbage" firmware file will still be there. I'd suggest submitting a support ticket.
  12. and its not the exact same bahovior thats what makesme worried because it doesnt stay like the other one it just goes aorund and aorund the other one took some breaks
  13. i bought a new keycrock cause its unsolvebable
  14. it does red blue for about 5-6 six minutes then the same thing happens again green white red blue red blue(3-4sec) repeat
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