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  1. Alright thanks at first but now where do I have to plug the packetsquirrel in like between printer and network or between pc and router or where does it have to be to capture printer jobs? (im a noob so don't really have a clue and documentation doesn't say anything about that)
  2. So it says on the official website of hak5 that it is able to capture printer jobs via a payload couldn't find anything relatable to that in the documentation? Does somebody have a script or a download link, or is it possible to write that on my own? can somebody help
  3. alright now it says it doesn't have enough space again what is going on can somebody help me please
  4. this above is my second account now im back on Mac just to confirm that
  5. oh sorry I mean im on 1.3 and I did as it says it just doesn't do anything boots up has normal what should I do?and I didn't extract it as the documentation says
  6. So I want to update my keycrock but (im doing it via mac) but if I copy the tar.gz (its unzipped) to the normal root of the key crock its doesn't update it just boots up as normal current firmware im on is 1.4 can someone help?
  7. Green stable 1-2 sec then white stable 1-2 sec then it goes into blinking red blue red blue for atleast 2 at max 4 seconds then it either is going blue and enters green again or it stays red and enters green again so I would say some kind of an endless loop would fit the process. If I try entering arming mode nothing happens no Mather how long I press the button(recovery mode is accessible tho), I tried upgrading from 1.3 to 1.4 what I did to upgrade was downloading the 1.4 on my desktop then I connected the key crock in arming mode (put it in the usb port pressed the back for 2 seconds) it was all pretty normal it blinked blue like it should I was able to copy the firmware to the key crock without any issues then I unplugged it and replugged it and it startet doing red blue as it should I left it for 18 minutes or a little bit longer came back and it did this I thought This is some bug after it did this for 1 hour straight I did the recovery it startet going well I was able to enter the mode (what honestly surprised me) then I can honestly not remember I think it blinked red blue during the process I don't now how much time has passed at some point it startet going green what should mean its booting it booted and repeated green stable white stable blue red etc...
  8. I just updated the firmware or well at least I tried so It startet to blink like it should in red blue lightning so I let it do his thing and when I came back like 18 Minutes later it startet to blink red and blue then it went green and then white and it repeats it I tried to do a recovery like in the documentation it didn't work I down know what to do.
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