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Found 6 results

  1. Hi. I'm trying to devise a means to quite literally find a phone - perhaps in a field etc. I can see with various tools some makes of phones and even detect how far away they are by seeing the signal strength. However, some phones appear to be silent or perhaps are using random MACs? In my use case I wont know the MAC address of the phone so all I need is to know there is one and how far away it is. I appreciate the range is limited, but thats fine. I've seen old and newish Samsung phones get detected while out of range from their APs. Equally, I've seen Huawei not. What happens for the one
  2. Hi All, I have a question regarding the pineapple but a bit of background would probably be helpful. On a daily basis my job is to hunt down and remove unauthorized WiFi devices people accidentally bring into a very large building. My management has decided they don't want any outside WiFi devices and have put money into technical solutions. I have an enterprise solution that can put me to within 20 meters of the target device. This system will provide me with the MAC address of the offending WiFi device. Once I am in the area, I have a WiFi sniffer that will give me a MAC address readout wi
  3. Hello, If I use the SDR to listen in on airplane communications, can I be tracked and located? The reason I'm asking is because if I can be located, and it is easy to tell I am listening to such communications, this could be a big safety hazard for me (more than what curiosity is worth) in the part of the world I'm living in. Should I be worried? In case it makes a difference, I will interchangeably be using two antennas, the ANT500 Telescopic Antenna and the GSM 900 - 1800 MHz Antenna. Thanks.
  4. Is it possible to integrate snoopy by gleen at sensepost with the Mark V https://github.com/sensepost/Snoopy http://money.cnn.com/2014/03/20/technology/security/drone-phone/ On a side note i have tried installing this W/O the pineapple and havn't been successful on using ubuntu server.
  5. I want to use the pineapple to bridge clients to a MiFi unit. As my cellular traffic has a monthly limit, I would like to track the monthly usage of each client on the network. I would like the be able to determine which of my clients is excessively using the bandwidth. I am less concerned about a per-protocol breakdown, and more concerned about over all per client traffic. Is there an infusion that would be able to track this? Per hostname would be best as the IP address could change.
  6. I have been having this problem with Google, It ALWAYS knows my location. Even under the most strict conditions I cannot seem to hide from them. Here are my current settings: VPN enabled - AirVpn Amsterdam OpenDNS configured Cookies and cache cleared Location awareness disabled in Firefox and OSX* Wired ethernet connection, wifi disabled Flash disabled Javascript disabled Cookies disabled Java Disabled Furthermore, if I use Tor Browser but disable Tor using Torbutton Google knows my location. Only Tor has the ability to block them it seems. I have tested for DNS leaks and find none. I find t
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