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Found 6 results

  1. According to an article on Forbes the information loaded into the FAA drone registry database will be searchable by the public. Yet another reason to not register your multirotor with the FAA. As many have pointed out, even Darren on Threatwire, if anyone has your registration number they can simply affix it to their multirotor and perform nefarious acts leading the authorities straight to you. It's becoming more obvious by the day just how little thought was put into this program.
  2. You may remember my last project where I upgraded a few components on my DJI FlameWheel F450. I didn't really know a whole lot about multirotors then as I simply bought pieces to a very common build and followed a video to put them together. Now, after much research, I have a little more knowledge about how all of the components work. For my next build I've decided to go with the HK Alien 560 frame as I want something I can fold up and easily place in a bag. The components I will use are: APM 2.6+ Autopilot 3DR uBlox GPS with Compass RX701 7CH Receiver HK Alien 560 Carbon Fiber Folding Afro ESC 30A x4 Turnigy Multistar 2814-700kV motors x4 I still don't know which props I will use. I was hoping to use my extra set of Graupner 10x5 eprops but this frame requires 11"-12" props. So far I have purchased the frame, ESCs, and 7CH receiver. Since I have no use for the receiver yet I figured I would use it in another project. One of my buddies recently bought a small chassis and SainSmart motor shield to build a car that could be controlled through his Arduino Uno. All of my Arduino experience in the past has been on the networking and LED side as you guys may remember this messaging project. So I figured I could learn something about controlling motors with Arduino and helped him build it. After seeing how simple it was I bought my own kit and figured I would try to get it to work with my DEVO7 and the new receiver for my HK Alien 560. This morning I got it to work but it can only use one channel from the transmitter because the motor shield uses digital pin 3 for motor 2. Digital pins 2 and 3 are the only hardware interrupts on the Uno which are used for receiving signals from different channels. I used the following library to receive input from the TX/RX (https://github.com/helscream/RC_Rx_Arduino_Mega/tree/master/RC_Rx_header_example). This library was developed for the Mega which has 6 hardware interrupt pins. I've been thinking about building an incredibly crude quadcopter with an Arduino and now I realize the Mega is the only way to do this properly because you need at least 4 channels for full control (pitch, roll, yaw, throttle). Oh yeah, for power I'm using my Pineapple Juice 6800, lol. The kit came with a 4 AA battery holder but that only provides 6V causing the car to move way too slow. Once I added the 12V Pineapple Juice pack it started running a lot faster. Anyway here is my code using the rc_rx and AFMotor libraries: And here is a video: I'll make sure to keep this thread updated as I move forward with my HK Alien 560 build.
  3. I am new to quadcopters and found Hak5 on YouTube but I don't see a quadcopter section. I came here to learn about the hackable Turnigy 9x transmitter. I been flying the EOX, the same quadcopter as the host and ready to move up so I am looking into transmitters. Can anybody guide to in the right proper topic thread. Thank you.
  4. Hey Hak5 community, I am selling a DJI S900 Hexacopter with most of the equipment needed to do professional aerial photography or just to fly for fun. Comes with a Pelican 0370 case with foam and a bunch of extras Setup with a Zenmuse Gimbal for the Sony Nex5 Has FPV Equipment and ready to fly with two 16,000mah batteries. This would make a monster pentesting platform to carry lots of hacker gear Let me know if your interested.
  5. Hey everyone! I want to upgrade my current quad as it is very stock right now but I need some advice. First here is a picture of my FlameWheel F450. It is the first quad I've ever built which is why it has a lot of stock parts. (I wanted to make sure I could get it flying before trying anything else) As you can see I have the standard DJI plastic props on it. I would like to move to carbon fiber but don't know exactly what to get. I see the name Graupner everywhere and have looked into their e-props. Does anyone have experience with them or prefer some other props over them? I also want to start using some 4S batteries. I currently use two 3S batteries, one at 4000mAh and another at 5000mAh. They give me great flight times but even in atti mode I don't get as much speed as I would like (this is with the pitch gain set to 400%). I have read that you can only use a 4S battery with 8" props on the F450 otherwise the motors will burn up. I've also read on some other forums that some people have had success with a 4S 10" prop setup. So, will moving down to 8" props with a 4S battery give me more power? One last question. I also want to upgrade from a 2.4 GHz setup to a 5.8 GHz setup. This should obviously give me a longer range with the quad (I've flown out of range with my 2.4 setup but luckily the NAZA-M V2 brought it back within range). Does anyone have any recommendations for a 5.8 GHz setup? Thanks.
  6. Hey I wanted to share this. I am printing out quadcopter and hexacopter frames for those who would like one. I can also build a complete kit for you even with FPV. I just got done adding a micro FPV camera to my setup the other day. Most of all the builds will have auto level features which makes flying much easier and enjoyable. PM if interested The majority of the frames that will be printed will be under 250mm due to printer build plate restrictions. I can print in black and red for the time being until I can purchase some different colors. Micro FPV Camera FatShark Teleporter V4 Goggles
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