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  1. Real cool project. Can't wait until it's up and running full steam!
  2. Did the update a few times. Intalling modules works sometimes other times it will not load installable module list. Attempted factory reset from gui. Would not load page. So I reflashed from command. Now I just have a solid red and green light. No way to connect via wifi. Radios not active maybe? Doing this from mobile. EDIT: I'm obviously doing something wrong. Tried reformatting the sd card and loading 2.4 firmware on it but i still just get the solid red and green light. Where is the info for recovering from a bad flash without serial? It seems the MK5 has no support left on the wiki or wifipineapple.com
  3. As the tittle says i am curious as to the answer, since the hardware is designed for openwrt i would think the regulations wouldn't apply. Also if anyone needs to get around this lockout, start here: https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=63123 and here: http://www.shadowandy.net/2015/03/flashing-tp-link-tl-wr703n-v1-7-to-openwrt.htm
  4. A good way to check what infusions / modules are avalible for the nano is my looking here https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/forum/90-nano-tetra-modules/
  5. bytedeez

    USB Phishing

    Concerning you signature, i believe his name is "Groot" my good friend.
  6. bytedeez

    USB Phishing

    Cooper is always the man but he really nailed it on this one! I have a friend who would you the macro exploit and place flies on a usb drive named "exam" / "mid term key" / answers" , then he would go place them around the all girls college campus. Do not underestimate the power of SE.
  7. Due to not wanting to spoil it, i will pm you (if that's cool with you), i already tried using a configuration that was compatible with openssh and in returned I was locked out via ssh.
  8. After many years I finally have an idea that i am capable of executing for the community. I do not want to spoil this so i will not release the details unless it is the only way to get the answers i am looking for. 1. What does the pineapple use for ssh? (DropBear?, openssh?) 2. Can someone point me in the right direction for information on KexAlgorithms for the pineapple?
  9. No Body knows or can point in the direction to figure this out?
  10. For whatever reason i can't figure out when trying to connect any device to my mobile hotspot I have to set DNS to use How do i do this on the Mark V? I can't provide service through my mobile or download any infusions without setting the MKV to use a different dns. I figured it was under /etc/config/network but i know it is better to ask before i get in there and start breaking things. Also If i do set this manually will it affect the DNS spoofing capabilities? I know if i have my laptop is set to manually use i can't access my piratebox since the piratebox uses DNS spoof (at least that's my conclusion), i figured it would be different for the MKV since it would be the host not the client. And if anyone has had this issue with their carrier / hotspot and know a solution that would be awesome, the geniuses over at AT&T pretend that I am speaking a different language when i spoke to their "tech support" about this issue. It has not always had this issue, but one day, it just started. EDIT: I figured i might need to add, the DNS Changer infusion did not and caused me to do a hard reset in order for me to gain access to my Mark V.
  11. Well even though i am disappointed, I do understand that the Mark V was Hak5's first major release that was built from the ground up in the Wifi Pineapple series and that it was a learning experience for you guys as well as us. I just don't feel that i got as much use out of it as expected due to changes in wifi security and other factors that your aware of as well as my learning curve and when purchased i was hoping it would be a solid platform that could be upgraded and built upon on a user level. As i am sure you are aware i know several people complained that due to changes in the wifi security landscape that the mark V just didn't have the same spark as the Mark IV. Has Hak5 considered hiring freelance developers to help? (Seb does a great job and is a mad genius but sometimes it takes a few extra head with different experience to really get the juices flowing.) Also since i mentioned learning curve and i know i am not the only person who has one. I know you guys are doing the Red Team training, but it been mentioned by me and others about offering something online as well. Although i am not sure about prices but Udemy makes a great platform for this and since most all your students will be directly refereed to by Hak5 they would only take a 15% cut for sue of their platform. Just a thought. Anyway i look forward to seeing what these knew products and software brings to the field and Thank you for your fast response.
  12. I generally try not to be that guy but this time i must. When the Mark V was released one of the points you, Darren, sold us on was the expansion bay and "future pineapple slices". So far this makes at least 3 major products released by Hak5 and not a single "Pineapple Slice".
  13. besides the obvious stuff such as Form factor, mobility and ports. Are there any solid performance advantages in using the Nano vs the mark V? Are there features exclusively to the software of the Nano not available on the Mark 5?
  14. you obviously missed the keywords in my reply:
  15. In my expeirence getting the iso straight from the server was going to take about 3 hours. While obtaining via torrent is only taking about 1hour and 20 mins.
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