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Found 12 results

  1. TLDR; I designed and 3D printed a drone from scratch. Used Phantom 3 STD motors from a crashed phantom, a Mini Pix flight controller, a 4 in 1 ESC, a generic PDB, a FlySky I6S controller and receiver, and a 4S 2000mAh 65C battery, to get the drone in the air, and strapped a WiFi Pineapple to the bottom powering it off the battery with a 5v BEC. I call it the PWN Drone, and hope to use it for pentesting engagements, and to educate the public about the attacks that are out there and how to keep themselves safe. Just sharing my experience, and ideas. Pics to come, when I have time to host them. W
  2. biob

    DJI flight logs

    Anyone been able to decode DJI Mavic air flight logs, exported using Assistant 2? Files compressed with zlib. Decompression shows some plain text, but a lot of random symbols etc
  3. I work for an insurance company that's trying to keep adjusters from falling off of buildings by looking at the feasibility of using drones to map roof claims. As a proof of concept, my boss bought a $1500 DJI Phantom 4 Pro. He's asked me to look into building drones as a feasible way to keep costs down. I've been researching it, but I keep coming against conflicting data. I was looking at using the following list as a preliminary build, and kept seeing people who have a similar build saying that everything works great and that it flies beautifully. But when I run the math (using a SWAG f
  4. According to an article on Forbes the information loaded into the FAA drone registry database will be searchable by the public. Yet another reason to not register your multirotor with the FAA. As many have pointed out, even Darren on Threatwire, if anyone has your registration number they can simply affix it to their multirotor and perform nefarious acts leading the authorities straight to you. It's becoming more obvious by the day just how little thought was put into this program.
  5. Students and researchers from Rutgers University built a quadcopter that flies and swims! This technology is pretty cool and would probably make people feel more calm when flying over water.
  6. You may remember my last project where I upgraded a few components on my DJI FlameWheel F450. I didn't really know a whole lot about multirotors then as I simply bought pieces to a very common build and followed a video to put them together. Now, after much research, I have a little more knowledge about how all of the components work. For my next build I've decided to go with the HK Alien 560 frame as I want something I can fold up and easily place in a bag. The components I will use are: APM 2.6+ Autopilot 3DR uBlox GPS with Compass RX701 7CH Receiver HK Alien 560 Carbon Fiber Folding
  7. Hey Hak5 community, I am selling a DJI S900 Hexacopter with most of the equipment needed to do professional aerial photography or just to fly for fun. Comes with a Pelican 0370 case with foam and a bunch of extras Setup with a Zenmuse Gimbal for the Sony Nex5 Has FPV Equipment and ready to fly with two 16,000mah batteries. This would make a monster pentesting platform to carry lots of hacker gear Let me know if your interested.
  8. Garda


    Hi, Does anyone have any experience with these? I have been told that it's a good idea to get a cheaper ~$50 one to practice my piloting. I expect that I will probably be terrible and crash it often. Is it as fun as I imagine it will be?
  9. Here in Balkans everything is politics, even DRONES! :) I guess stunts like this will get drones banned really soon. :( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJSQf737Agw And for some more context:
  10. Not sure how I missed this one. Looks pretty neat, and supposed to get up to 20 minutes of flight time even with a GoPro attached, but can hold other payloads. GPS waypoints, and follow me mode sounds pretty cool as well. Was a kickstarted, and they claim to have made it hackable, but does not look open source like our friends. Great ideas, even with the FAA crackdown it will be interesting to see what this all goes. https://www.thepocketdrone.com/store/checkout?cart=53fac793285fd
  11. I was looking on reddit and found little tidbit. I wonder if they head about the pineapple and got the same idea that darren and the gang did. http://money.cnn.com/2014/03/20/technology/security/drone-phone/
  12. OK, so I just found a new reason to try to unbrick my Mark IV and flash it. On another hacking website they had an article about some $350 drone with a WiFi radio. Last year someone gave me one of those little drone helicopters you can fly with your smartphone. It only cost like $79 at Radio Shack (you can probably beat this deal) and it comes with a replacement plan. I'm thinking we should strap try strapping a Mk 4+battery pack on to a drone and do some "Wi-Flying". No more walking right into the lion's den looking all awkward as you clumsily try to plug-in and/or hide your strange-looking
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