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Found 8 results

  1. More and more routers are becoming resistant to the Reaver magic. That's a good thing, because we all want easy and secure working hardware in our (grand-)parents' homes. But are they really secure? Today I had an encounter with a stubborn fellow that tried to stop me from brutally forcing myself into his backdoor. Good job boy, you kept me out, you're safe! Yeah right... So I fired up another command: mdk3 mon0 a -a [MAC] -m Let that rip for a minute, tried reaver again, bingo! It accepted my brute force methods again. But after a few minutes it locked up again. Time for some more of that mdk3 vaseline, let it rip again, and after reavering it accepted my crowbar. Now my question is, can someone explain to me or show me how to write some kind of script that does this automatically? So it should do this on it's own: reaver -i mon0 -b [MAC] -vv -S When it hits the AP rate limiter: ctrl-C mdk3 mon0 a -a [MAC] -m Run that for a minute or something and then again from the top: reaver -i mon0 -b [MAC] -vv -S When it hits the AP rate limiter: ctrl-C mdk3 mon0 a -a [MAC] -m And so on and so on and so on...
  2. Hi, so i louched an mdk3 after having created the blacklist file with echo and of course having placed the wlan0 in monitor mode (wlan0mon). However there is no output after: mdk3 wlan0mon d -b blacklist -c 1 I have to cancel eventually with control + c. Can somebody help? Thanks P.S using ALFA wireless card and injection works fine, tested with aireplay, also airodump, reaver etc. just MDK3 gives me issues.
  3. I want to limit the pin try so mdk3 save that session show me the time and continue. When mdk3 start its trying pin after 5 pin try it show time and estimated time i want to make mdk3 tell me time after two 2 try how i can do that?
  4. Hi all, I am working on a project that spoofs the geolocation of devices by faking MAC addresses from another place through wifi signals (somewhat similar to this). I have a Raspberry B+, connected to an Alfa AWUS036NH running in monitor mode, connected through ETHERNET with an MBP sharing Internet connection. I am currently able to use Aircrack + mdk3 to create multiple (encrypted) AP within a list of fake MAC addresses, using: sudo mdk3 wlan0mon b -v LIST.txt -g -t And this works perfectly. However I also want, at the same time, to use the same wireless adapter to create an AP (with a hand-assigned MAC address) that shares the internet connection the Raspberry shares via ethernet. Thus, both as a router, and as a "fake AP generator". Is this possible? If not, any ideas of what would be the best workaround? I am doing this for test purposes. The spoofing did not work well only faking unconnectable signals, but my theory is that by also creating an actual access point with a fake mac address, the setup will work better. Thanks in advance. LG.
  5. I have set a dip switch to run mdk3 beacon flooding. I'm unable to get it working. My switches are as follows: 110: mdk3 wlan1 b -f /root/list.txt 111: airmon-ng start wlan1; mdk3 mon0 b -f /root/list.txt I have also tried putting a sleep 15 in 111 and it doesn't work either. When I ssh in, I can see that mon0 is up but mdk3/beacons are not running/being displayed.
  6. For testing I have a Zyxel Router with an AP (SSID - FUSION) and a laptop connected via wifi to it. The router has no internet just the wifi's AP running. I also have my MKV setup with Karma and Jammer - at this point the Zyxel router is further away from the laptop than the Pineapple. And the Pineapples signal is stronger. When I enable Jammer it doesn't jam/deauth the laptop from Fusion although the jammer's logs says it has sent deauth packets. Tried this many times using different Interfaces and Modes etc. Not sure if im doing something wrong, could someone be kind enough just to put some instructions on how to use Jammer - Do I need to run Monitor Mode!!?? and what Interface should I use wlan0 or wlan1. Many Thanks
  7. Hi Folks, Created a dummy AP via beacon flood attack as such: mdk3 wlan0mon b -n Testing123 While I see "Testing123" when I scan for wireless networks using my phone or another machine, I don't see any output in Terminal when I run the command above. Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong? Thanks btw, I'm using pentoo
  8. Hey, first post here and I hope I am on the right thread. I am trying to send a single deauth frame. Normally I can send those with aireplay-ng but the -0 1 option actually sends a bach of 128 not 1. This might not be the best idea if the admin is running an IDS for example. I've been trying to find alternative tools for the job with not much luck. Does anyone know if there is a tool or a way with the aircrack-ng suite to do that? Thanks people.
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