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  1. thank you for your response i will try to look into it. It is not so important after all :P
  2. Just a note about mdk3... I am now testing it and i see that if you deauthenticate e.g channel 10 without using the whitelist option aps on channel 11 and 9 will also get deauthenticate. The deauthentication affects channels near the ones that you choose EDIT: Is it possible that this is happening beacause the NHA antenna wich mdk3 use is very close to pineapples antenna (the channel 11 ap i was telling you :P ) ??
  3. Nop, that wont work work. If i try "test test test" the result is "test".
  4. Only the one for windows works (nsci.txt). The one for apples devices is not. The success.html file must be in /www/library/test/success.html in order to work. Like in petertfm's scrpit. :)
  5. in 2.7.7 the script can't change the ssid if it has a space in it :P
  6. There is not a relevant topic in the new "Hak5 Forums → WiFi Pineapple / Jasager → Mark IV Infusions / Modules" so i am posting this here. I am running into some problems with the uwui infusion... 1) When i install (at Usb Storage) the infusion, beside the /usb/uwui/ folder it creates a symlink of the /usb/infusions/ in the /usb/infusions/ folder wich ends up to an endless loop. Is this normal? 2) When i try to run mitm or mitm && sslstrip script i get this error "sh: can't open ../scripts/mitm_ssl.sh". (the actuall name of the second script is mitm_sslstrip.sh) after renaming and touching them php can find them but they only create the arpspoof.log wich only contains this "sh: nohup: not found". The same output if i run the arpspoof command. Firmware version: 2.7.7
  7. There were many people having range problems (less than 5 meters) with the pineapple due to this cable. It's a simple RP-SMA to U.FL cable. Ebay is full of them. Here is the topic: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/26636-poor-wifi-signal-range/?hl=%2Bwifi+%2Brange
  8. I'm sorry if this sounds stupid and off topic but if i have my pineapple connected as a client to my Home network will the clients of this network (Home) recognize the pineapple as the Home router?
  9. But if you connect your pineapple to an already existing network as a client?
  10. Are you sure that the ping returns google's ip? Are you using wp4.sh for your to connection with ubuntu? I had some problems with that.. I was wireless connected to my home wifi and through ethernet to my pineapple. After running wp4.sh i was able to ping both pineapple and my home's router but didn't have internet connection from neither. The problem was that pineapplegw=`netstat -nr | awk 'BEGIN {while ($3!="") getline; print $2}' was returnig pineapple's gateway "" and i had to manually type my internet gateway ""
  11. Which Firmawre version are you using? The last updates have fixed issues like this. Try to upgrade your pineapple.
  12. I like the PCB antenna more also! The dimensions are perfect for a kit like this but i think if you are running a DOS attack the Amp is better. Nice work with the multi-copter by the way! I'm also working on a project right now using multicopters for GPS Jamming.
  13. Very nice work TylerCPU !!! I really liked the thing with the images at hotmail instagram and outlook! Any chance of creating the mobile versions of them? :D
  14. Very nice setup madhak!! I just have 2 questions... 1) In which scenario you would use the "32Gb USB Key device (USB SwissKnife 2.0 pictured)" ? 2) Beside the power consumption, are you satisfied with the particular 2000mW WiFi Booster ? I've read a lot about boosters having problems with noise...
  15. Try to run sslstrip through WhistelMaster's infusion.... "Iptables rules are automatically installed" http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?showtopic=26431
  16. A temporary solution could be executing the follow commands after the pineapple boots
  17. Actually my pineapple has never refreshed the page after an upgrade or a reflash. It reboots by it self and then i just have to run wp4.sh in order to get a connection and refresh the mage manualy (wich at that time is showing that the upgrade process is still running). After that everything works fine. (Using BackTrack5R3)
  18. Did you tried this before you execute it with ./ ? "chmod +x pineapple-mk4-setup-script.sh"
  19. A really big thank you to all the devs that are working on this! We are all REALLY happy to see new updates and we are all wating for more to come :)
  20. You can start by reading Pineapple's book and then the wiki but if you don't have any idea about Linux based systems try to Google something like "linux basics"... Good Luck :)
  21. How many mha can the 5v port of the battery can supply? Each device connected to the hub wil consume maximum 500mha (that's for all the USB devices) so if you want a NHA. a USB memory and a 3G modem you need 3x500=1500mha at the 5v port
  22. are u using 2 USB hubs in #1 option? the best choice is #1 but with 1 USB Powered hub!
  23. It looks ok to me but i never had to flash my pineapple. I see you are from Europe, you can searh one from there so you can have it sooner than from Hong Kong... As Mr-Protocol pointed make sure you read the wiki before you attempt a clean flash. Good Luck :)
  24. 1) Both. http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/27892-huawei-modems-with-mark-iv/?hl=huawei 2) Via the PoE port.Via ethernet cable (PoE port). You can power the pineapple throught PoE but i prefer throught the charging port (5-12V) 3) Pineapple has 18 dbi output and NHA 29 dbi. Put the stronger antenna to the pineapple. (my suggestion) 4)No. Read this... http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/wiki/doku.php?id=guidecleanflashserial
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