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  1. Hi skysploit, thanks for your reply! I watched the videos you said. well i thought that rubber ducky rans without showing the cmd prompt... there is no way to run the commands without popup the cmd window? in this way its impossible to deliver the ducky itself to the victim, because if the victim see any cmd windows after the insertion, he will fastly remove the usb drive thinking that the usb its infected with some kind of virus... It will be very very interesting if the ducky was able to act or emulate a usb drive so we could deliver the ducky to the victim. lets assume that was possible, i
  2. Hi guys, im really interested in buy some units of rubber ducky, but i really need to know one thing first: if i code some stealler payloads and deliver the ducky to the victim and he inserts it on his computer will the ducky have a normal behavior like an ordinary usb drive, to avoid suspicion? Or the ducky really needs the SD card to store information (visible information). I ask this because i want to code some payloads, so the ducky send me all the gathered information (like wifi/browsers/smtp passwords) to a ftp, while the victim use it like a normal usb storage. If the gathered inform
  3. Hi Mr-Protocol, yes im talking about the mark 4. And yes, if a device scans, a user can connect to it, but also my access point, since i remove the wireless password and leave anyone connect to it, them put ettercap to capture information.... what i mean is, if there is this big "issue" pineapple is useless. I can get my 3g adaptor, go to the airport wait for someone to connect and listen the packet tranfers... So, tell me whats the big deal with pineapple? maybe this was a great tool in the past, but now with windows 7 in the majority of laptops i dont see great utility... correct me if I'm
  4. So its time to close the pineapple project :( its really frustrating to buy something useless and if i knew this a month ago, i wouldnt buy thi pineapple. I spent 200$ on the elite bundle plus 60$ to ship to Portugal (btw the expensive shippment i ever paid on internet). I really like the hak5 guys, but i think this sittuation must be warned on hak5 website. I waste 1 whole month trying to get my pinepple working, and i tought that was my fault... finally we now know the issue, the big "failure" in this project. At least i hope that someone could give us a list with the devices/OS that will f
  5. Hi guys i was thinking to my self now and... i dont get it... If the pineapple dont auto-connect to the devices this is no minor issue, its a huge issue. Whats the meaning of this little black box if this dont auto-connect? Im a little mad with this because i get the pineapple last month and im no expert-hacker, just an apprentice trying to put this to work... so my question is, if the bad boys (real hackers) cant give a correct aswer to this, who can? Really, i was happy to put my device to auto-connect with pineapple, but "wait a second, if i saved pineapple as my network before, its supp
  6. Hi guys, i just dowgraded to 2.7.7 and now the device can connect automatically to the pineapple, but only if pineapple was previouslly saved on networks list. But for me its already an improvement, since with the 2.8.0 my device didnt connect even if pineapple was in the wireless list. Now i have to wait for you to test it and get some conclusion...
  7. Yes same issue here, i got my pineapple 1 month ago with the 2.7.0 firmware and now i remember that all my devices connected automatically... them i updated to the 2.8.0 and now i have that issue, i will try to downgrade my firmware tonight just to make sure... but i think thats it guys...
  8. Thanks for reply Lordx18, i was thinking about something like that, but didnt tried yet... but i will ;)
  9. Thanks for your reply Legomaniac, in fact i do have open networks saved on my iphone, actually even my pineapple was saved on my iphone and still dont connect to it. Its always connecting to the encrypted AP... may the devices prefer to connect to a encrypted network first? Big Hug
  10. i would pay someone who could code a ducky to catch wireless keys and microssoft outlook passwords and send them to an email account... its that possible?
  11. ohhhh man, I was not thinking this way.... so the pineapple is useless if the client dont access open networks? assuming my last sentence its true, its possible to airodump the device and see if the client have some kind of open network on its probe and rename the pineapple SSID with the same name so the client connects to the pineapple?
  12. But if my device (iphone or pc) its not connected to anything, its not supposed to connect to pineapple?! thanks for the reply Foxtrot ;)
  13. Hi guys, My pineapple mk4 are not responding to probe requests automatically :( I have karma enabled and i can sniff for url's from my devices but only if i force connection to the wifi pineapple or if i had previously added the pineapple to my device... Anyone can give me a clue on this?
  14. lololol thanks, yes i know that each one have a title but never saw the title "zombie" lolololol... thank for the warning ;)
  15. Thanks for the tip ;) will try it tonight... but i already had that configuration and it worked anyway i will try!
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