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  1. dustbyter

    [RELEASE] WiFi Pineapple Firmware v2.0.2

    Finally got my nano up to the newest FW. As discussed above, my nano is not linking all the already installed modules that are on the sd given that mount -a doesn't work. Is there a fix for this or an alternate way to accomplish this now?
  2. dustbyter

    [Official] Get

    Correct, get is not an ipk. It updates the contents of the www directory to inject javascript and collect information and then uses the redirect. From an installation perspective, I don't know what happens behind the scenes on Tetra as I don't have one, maybe Seb can chime in? All I can test on is a Nano unfortunately :(
  3. dustbyter

    [Official] Get

    Hi guys - I do not have access to a Tetra. I can't comment on how to debug the plugin on that device. Any logs you have can help.
  4. dustbyter

    [Official] Get

    Hi Guys, Unfortunately, I do not own a Tetra, thus I cannot test this to understand what the issue is. Do you have any logs you can share? Maybe that can help.
  5. dustbyter

    Payload capture- deeper Pcaps

    Sounds like a fun project!
  6. dustbyter

    [Official] Get

    Hi Jasper, Are you still getting this error? Without additional information its hard to say why you are getting this error. Thanks!
  7. dustbyter

    I may killed it

    Those instructions are nice to have! thanks!
  8. dustbyter

    The Bash Bunny is coming

    Let's see... Let's see!!!
  9. dustbyter

    Estimated location

    Look at my past posts. I wrote most of this but never finished it. I provided code for the python scripts... Just set up the dependecies. had it names wigleAgent
  10. dustbyter

    standalone nano

    Are you talking about doing wardriving with the nano? It would be that with out the GPS component.
  11. dustbyter

    [Official] Get

    Sorry guys, I have not been around lately. McFly, sounds like the issue is resolved. Can you confirm this? Thanks!
  12. Is there any way to query the information stored within the interface of the nano from a 3rd party application using an API? I saw the API Token module, but its not clear how to use that. I have an idea to use some of the information that the nano can get and display it in an interesting way. More details to come once I can confirm if it can be done.
  13. dustbyter

    Sniffing Unencrypted Traffic

    You can also route with iptables to another machine and use wireshark. Otherwise you can use tcpdump to save the pcap... and analyze it later.
  14. dustbyter

    [Official] Dwall

    Just an update from my end. The new update to the DWall module corrected any issues that I had before. Thanks!
  15. dustbyter

    IDEA: Bluetooth LE monitoring with Pineapple?

    thanks for your input guys.