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  1. Converting omni-directional wifi to directional

    the simplest and best performing Mod you could make is a wind surfer. a parabolic curve can focus radio waves a long distance. Andrew McNeil on youtube I suggest you watch all his videos. This is my old setup, just a example of a 3d printed wind surfer. You could use cardboard and aluminum foil and have something working in 15 minutes. My next suggestion is to not bother with 2.4ghz. packet loss is a huge factor with crowded interfering networks. with 5.8 ghz and a parabola I can achieve insane download speeds from a long distance. Typically 5.8ghz wont even reach the front yard. I'm roughly 500 feet away and streaming hd movies with out a single packet lost. My current antenna setup is 2 hand made 5.8ghz dipole antennas, both are mounted to a single 3d printed Parabolic dish. 8inch tall 10inch wide 40mm focal point.
  2. Checking if a website is malicious

    I see this kind of activity when I look at porn. ads popup telling me to install some malware.
  3. What Kali tools do you use most often?

    yah sorry lol it needs a spoiler
  4. What Kali tools do you use most often?

    every once in a while I might check the kali tools list to see what's been added or if im looking to perform a task ill check the list for tools on that subject https://tools.kali.org/tools-listing Sorry for the big paste. acccheck ace-voip Amap arp-scan Automater bing-ip2hosts braa CaseFile CDPSnarf cisco-torch Cookie Cadger copy-router-config DMitry dnmap dnsenum dnsmap DNSRecon dnstracer dnswalk DotDotPwn enum4linux enumIAX EyeWitness Faraday Fierce Firewalk fragroute fragrouter Ghost Phisher GoLismero goofile hping3 ident-user-enum InSpy InTrace iSMTP lbd Maltego Teeth masscan Metagoofil Miranda nbtscan-unixwiz Nmap ntop OSRFramework p0f Parsero Recon-ng SET SMBMap smtp-user-enum snmp-check SPARTA sslcaudit SSLsplit sslstrip SSLyze Sublist3r THC-IPV6 theHarvester TLSSLed twofi URLCrazy Wireshark WOL-E Xplico Vulnerability Analysis BBQSQL BED cisco-auditing-tool cisco-global-exploiter cisco-ocs cisco-torch copy-router-config DBPwAudit Doona DotDotPwn HexorBase Inguma jSQL Lynis Nmap ohrwurm openvas Oscanner Powerfuzzer sfuzz SidGuesser SIPArmyKnife sqlmap Sqlninja sqlsus THC-IPV6 tnscmd10g unix-privesc-check Yersinia Exploitation Tools Armitage Backdoor Factory BeEF cisco-auditing-tool cisco-global-exploiter cisco-ocs cisco-torch Commix crackle exploitdb jboss-autopwn Linux Exploit Suggester Maltego Teeth Metasploit Framework MSFPC RouterSploit SET ShellNoob sqlmap THC-IPV6 Yersinia Wireless Attacks Airbase-ng Aircrack-ng Airdecap-ng and Airdecloak-ng Aireplay-ng Airmon-ng Airodump-ng airodump-ng-oui-update Airolib-ng Airserv-ng Airtun-ng Asleap Besside-ng Bluelog BlueMaho Bluepot BlueRanger Bluesnarfer Bully coWPAtty crackle eapmd5pass Easside-ng Fern Wifi Cracker FreeRADIUS-WPE Ghost Phisher GISKismet Gqrx gr-scan hostapd-wpe ivstools kalibrate-rtl KillerBee Kismet makeivs-ng mdk3 mfcuk mfoc mfterm Multimon-NG Packetforge-ng PixieWPS Pyrit Reaver redfang RTLSDR Scanner Spooftooph Tkiptun-ng Wesside-ng Wifi Honey wifiphisher Wifitap Wifite wpaclean Forensics Tools Binwalk bulk-extractor Capstone chntpw Cuckoo dc3dd ddrescue DFF diStorm3 Dumpzilla extundelete Foremost Galleta Guymager iPhone Backup Analyzer p0f pdf-parser pdfid pdgmail peepdf RegRipper Volatility Xplico Web Applications apache-users Arachni BBQSQL BlindElephant Burp Suite CutyCapt DAVTest deblaze DIRB DirBuster fimap FunkLoad Gobuster Grabber hURL jboss-autopwn joomscan jSQL Maltego Teeth PadBuster Paros Parsero plecost Powerfuzzer ProxyStrike Recon-ng Skipfish sqlmap Sqlninja sqlsus ua-tester Uniscan Vega w3af WebScarab Webshag WebSlayer WebSploit Wfuzz WPScan XSSer zaproxy Stress Testing DHCPig FunkLoad iaxflood Inundator inviteflood ipv6-toolkit mdk3 Reaver rtpflood SlowHTTPTest t50 Termineter THC-IPV6 THC-SSL-DOS Sniffing & Spoofing Burp Suite DNSChef fiked hamster-sidejack HexInject iaxflood inviteflood iSMTP isr-evilgrade mitmproxy ohrwurm protos-sip rebind responder rtpbreak rtpinsertsound rtpmixsound sctpscan SIPArmyKnife SIPp SIPVicious SniffJoke SSLsplit sslstrip THC-IPV6 VoIPHopper WebScarab Wifi Honey Wireshark xspy Yersinia zaproxy Password Attacks acccheck BruteSpray Burp Suite CeWL chntpw cisco-auditing-tool CmosPwd creddump crowbar crunch DBPwAudit findmyhash gpp-decrypt hash-identifier Hashcat HexorBase THC-Hydra John the Ripper Johnny keimpx Maltego Teeth Maskprocessor multiforcer Ncrack oclgausscrack ophcrack PACK patator phrasendrescher polenum RainbowCrack rcracki-mt RSMangler SQLdict Statsprocessor THC-pptp-bruter TrueCrack WebScarab wordlists zaproxy Maintaining Access CryptCat Cymothoa dbd dns2tcp http-tunnel HTTPTunnel Intersect Nishang polenum PowerSploit pwnat RidEnum sbd shellter U3-Pwn Webshells Weevely Winexe Hardware Hacking android-sdk apktool Arduino dex2jar Sakis3G smali Reverse Engineering apktool dex2jar diStorm3 edb-debugger jad javasnoop JD-GUI OllyDbg smali Valgrind YARA Reporting Tools CaseFile cherrytree CutyCapt dos2unix Dradis KeepNote MagicTree Metagoofil Nipper-ng pipal RDPY
  5. I'm excited to see more of your work... just for fun my encryption project was more of a attempt to compress files to save hd space like tv show silicon valley. I ran into ram limitations per my coding skills I have never ran into this kind of limitation. I plan to build a machine with as much affordable ram as possible. I will eventually implement proper ram buffer size management. but my attempt deals with a large buffer to achieve maximum compression.
  6. This is the second time I seen you mention rust... I gave it a quick look at ssh examples and almost resembles ruby... As mentioned above, I would like to see gpu examples, I had a encryption project I was working on but fail with using gpu libraries... I would likw to see some example code of rust and gpu crunching.
  7. Which Language ?

    maybe 6 ysars ago I chose ruby. I was interested in writing metasploit modules. Pthon has less limitations. I wouldn't bother with c++ until you figure out a years worth of python or ruby
  8. Web Filter or Proxy?

    I'm not doubting the idea here just pointing out the configuration I have explained with the use of a kid-safe-wifi-access point... All devices associated will be effected by the iptable rules with out the need to configure proxy settings on each machine or each application... You can forward the traffic to pi-hole or squid... the access point running iptable rules is simply a control point... full control of traffic is full control.
  9. Web Filter or Proxy?

    If the traffic is controlled at the router then it would take more skill to bypass this filtering... open source router OS that includes iptables really can be powerful. The simplest method might simply be to redirect all the kids traffic to your squid machine. http://www.penguintutor.com/kidsafe.php http://www.pihomeserver.fr/en/2015/09/01/un-controle-parental-grace-au-raspberry-pi-squid-et-squidguard/ I like how the squid config looks at this last weblink... If you get your self a propper setup please share the configuration files. Installing certificates on the kids devices also brings the ability to log the traffic. iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -s ! squid-box -p tcp --dport 80 -j DNAT --to squid-box:3128 iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -s local-network -d squid-box -j SNAT --to iptables-box iptables -A FORWARD -s local-network -d squid-box -i eth0 -o eth0 -p tcp --dport 3128 -j ACCEPT
  10. Web Filter or Proxy?

    get a cheap router from goodwill. Make sure you check the model number before purchase for dd-wrt compatibility... If it has wireless n or 5.8 ghz speeds then that's a SCORE... flash with new open source firmware, configure the device as a kids wifi repeater... Now you can setup custom iptable rules. I'm sure there are already documented iptable configs online for kid safe surfing...
  11. Locking a folder with a batch file

    That is not entirely true, there are a few if expression's followed by a proper Echo.
  12. post your command that generates the payload... confirm you used the correct ip address amd port... what operating system is your machine running the payload. here is a test you can check port 4444 is open... launch the exploit multi handler, then from your victim machine or any other machine do a port scan... Nmap -p 4444
  13. It can be extremely frustrating when you spend 30 minutes writing content then its all lost once you click submit. It can be difficult to copy/paste information and organizing from my android, I do most of everything from my phone. it happen again lastnight from my labtop. Extremely frustrating... I think it can be triggered when you don't use (code) tabs (quote) tabs. The captcha seems to be effective enough. Disable the tarded filter. I doubt code injection will be successful from posting content... may sound ironic but if anything this content filtering has made hak5 more vulnerable. This could be the downfall of hak5. fresh content is important. This has prevent me from posting content several times.
  14. Metasploit. Help modify ssh_login.rb

    My struggle is getting my hands on response data to check if 'Please login' exist if there are any metasploit gurus around here i could use some help... i can get close but only when i dig deep into the libs...