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  1. Oh nice ! Never heared about it, I'm gonna check it ! Thanks !!
  2. My name is Pierre Favourite game: Not Favourite OS: Linux or Mac Favourite console: I don't play a lot, so my Mac Nationality: French. Favourite Book: Game of Thrones, no, I never read or watch an episode of it ! True story Other hobbies: History
  3. Hi I'm a web dev (Front-end) and as I am a friend of mine told me an amazing story that happened to him and ask me if I could help him to see more clearly. I used to go on adult dating websites and become the confidant of a married woman let's called her Tiphanny (I named I invent), he never sees her... . they start to chat by mail in October 2016 (but used to chat with on dating websites since 2014, but not frequently. She disappeared from those websites in 2015). Before that, he found pictures of her on reddit, he chats with the guy who claimed to be the husband and give him the personal mail of Tiphanny She tells her a lot of details about her and her relation and even some picture, she even give him his personal mail address that has his name/surname... So, one thing leading to another, he discovered somewhere a couple who know the girl and give the first name/surname to prove it. Almost 6 months, the woman said to my friends that everything she said about her was fake (including her name). So he realised the couple who said to know her must be lying and must be complicit. He never heard about her, she never replied... And he sees the couple of Tiphanny coming back on an adult website and he know that it's the same person, not someone who has stolen the data and create a fake account. It's the husband who was talking to him (and give some information that only the person who created first the account can know) and the husband said he came to thank to a couple, the very same other couple I mentioned... I gathered all the information he got: Pictures, discussions, some email: Email A: a general email of the couple of Tiphanny (the name of the email makes refer to) Email B: the personal email of Tiphanny Email 😄 The email of the other couple All are Gmail address When you said lost the email to find if there's an email attached to recover, email B and C have for recovery email A and email A got for recovery another email only got the first three letters and what is after the AT. I wish I could know the other address, it would be so useful ! All the pictures of Tiphanny that have data are from 2007 to 2010 (some I don't have data). I used exifdata to scan the photos. She said that she was French, my friend (like me) is French and the picture seems to prove that's it's true, some are pictures from a travelling in the USA (Washington, Florida). Strange nothing after 2010... The photo of the other couple are 2014 to 2016 (I'm gonna have more soon of them) I search on Google each pseudo if I can find some info, just some empty page on erotic website What can I do to know more to solve the mystery ? I'm sure that there are some more legal things/hacks I can do to know more and help him. I can provide some details if you need Thanks for reading me !
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