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  1. You can utilized the HirenBoot drive via a USB as well. Worth a try.
  2. Depending on the drone, they may use Wifi or a proprietary protocol. You may need to do additional testing to identify the frequency the communication system. Additionally, I would be a bit wary about doing such a thing. The drones can cause physical harm if they end up crashing versus triggering a return to home event.
  3. Sorry to hear of your son's loss. Alternatively, as you have physical possession of the device, you can try utilizing an applications such as Hiren boot disk to change the Admin password, which should provide you access as well.
  4. If iTunes reads your device, then you should be ok. The broken screen is a UI issue. The rest of the phone should work just fine.
  5. Thank for the link newbi3! I've been MIA for some time. I'll take a look at how to update my modules for the new hardware.
  6. Unfortunately, I do not know which infusion is capable today to perform injection of JS.
  7. My gut feeling here is that the purposes of this request may be nefarious. Just feel their are red flags. Separately, if someone would want to help out, you need to provide more information. Additionally, the fact you did not post for a payload for a specific post or tool makes me thing you wouldnt know how to execute a "custom payload", one that would be executed on?? (That is the question, where are you executing the payload?)
  8. I think the most interesting use cases would be exploring the surface area of bluetooth. From a wifi perspective, I believe we already have existing technology that works well. Signal Owl is just another way to explore wifi, but from a BT their are not too many tools available. Unfortunately, I don't own one so I can't provide empirical information about how it works. Happy New Year to all!
  9. Yes this is possible. Please spend some time researching the already existing tutorials for this. All the information is available.
  10. First, can you provide some background on how the pineapple is connected to the PC? You may not be able to SCP because the connection is not set up correctly. Do some searching across this forum and you will find a number of resources for how to set up the network connection correctly.
  11. dustbyter


    One of the moderators should come through and update it for you.
  12. All the modules have not been ported to the newer generations of the pineapples. Many of the modules are community driven and implemented. As developers come and go, some modules may not be reworked and maintained. You are always welcome to pick up the old code and rectify it to function on the new generation of pineapples.
  13. You may need to connect to the serial port on the device to see what is actually happening. I don't have any MKV anymore to help debug.
  14. This is actually an interesting project. It uses some AI to help drive the actions that bettercap executes. Given I have some experience with testing it, it works pretty well to help capture the handshakes. It also has an API, it may be worth trying to see if any opportunities exist to integrate it with the pineapple.
  15. Exciting! I've been a way for some time, looking forward to flashing update on my pineapple and seeing the new capabilities. If my modules require updates I'll do this as well!
  16. This is an interesting idea. Not sure on the extensibility of it through scripting. I guess I don't see the purpose of this device with its limited space. How has anyone used this so far other than running nmap really easy.
  17. Awesome! I'll have to flash mine too :)
  18. Hey @canphaz, Sorry I haven't been around much lately. What's up? What issue are you having exactly? I don't own a Tetra so i won't be able to help debug against that device.
  19. Although I'm not aware of any videos, there is the book that the hak5 team has. It is pretty good for beginners, I believe its $10. They had it at Defcon at least, I imagine they would sell it as well.
  20. Looking at the IEM (inner ear monitors) that are used for wirelessly transmitting audio in concerts or other locations, they use UHF/VHF frequencies that appear to be supported by a DVB SDR. Has anyone tried to search for these frequencies and capture any audio from them? I'm just starting to look into SDR as it has not been an area of great interest thus far. Thanks!
  21. If the device is broadcasting, you can try to capture its MAC address and then cross reference it with those that pineapples use. That should get you to confirm it is really a pineapple and not another device. I've seen other devices black with 4 antennas that are not pinnaples.
  22. The site is up for me as well.
  23. Hi Tad4shi, Can you provide a bit more delays on your setup? Do you have your pineapple connected to another AP? If not, then you can only access the access point from the Pineapple. THanks!
  24. Finally got my nano up to the newest FW. As discussed above, my nano is not linking all the already installed modules that are on the sd given that mount -a doesn't work. Is there a fix for this or an alternate way to accomplish this now?
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